Affiliate Marketing

Post image for FTC Guidelines and Shennanigans

December 1st has come and gone, marking the day when the new FTC Guidelines for Affiliate Marketing Disclosure, Compliance, and Testimonial “Typicality” came into effect. If you sell or endorse ANYTHING online, these guidelines DO .....

Post image for The Silver Fox and Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody

This is pure awesome… Sometimes you get what’s coming around… And sometimes you ARE what’s coming around. ~Dunno, but I am totally adopting that saying Turn off the TV, put on your headphones, and witness .....

Post image for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Manager Course – and my bonus

  That’s initially what I thought of when I first heard it… Sometimes, I like to torture myself and go to public forums where angry people have all the answers. ‘They’ say that Product Launches .....