Information is Worthless

Are you “selling” Information?  Things like eBooks, or Audio and Video Training Products?  Continuity Programs?

Sigh.  The problem is – Information is Worthless.  Now, hold on – before you hit that “back” button, in this video I want to give you the cure.  And if you lather the cure all over your marketing, it’s gonna be… Party time in your shopping cart.

What 3 factors most determine the growth velocity of your business?  This high school and community college drop out now runs an 8-Figure business and figured it out.  Watch his video here.

  • Cory Boatright

    awesome Andy… love the futurepace effect too bro ;0)

    • Andy Jenkins

      Aww thanks Ole Cuzin!

  • Brad Taylor

    Another great one Andy, thank you for always providing such useful information. I can honestly say you’ve been a Mentor to our team “experienced and trusted adviser” for a long time now. Rock on!!

    • Andy Jenkins

      WIN! Thanks Brad – GET EM!

  • Bill Hanover

    Always premium content Andy! Actually, your vids are so good and you are so personable, that it’s more like you made private mentoring modules just for me. Thanks So Much!

    • Andy Jenkins

      Thanks Bill! Your kindness is… um.. too… uh… kind. :)

      • Bill Hanover

        I just callz ‘em likes I seez ‘em mate!

  • Richard Posner

    Andy, I wish you had that same logic,and material support when I bought Video Boss. Lots of information with very little detail on how it should/could/and would work for me.

  • christel arcucci

    i accept your invitation to give it a GO! although i am not sure how to use my own story since i healed my own back pain over 20 years ago…… is my meaningful marketing message using a client testimonial.

    20 years of neck pain left a 62 year old retired school principle feeling hopeless that she would ever get her pain-free life back. She worked with my Back Pain Freedom Method for 6 months and the only pain in the neck she has now is her 6 month old puppy. ;-) ok maybe leave out the puppy bit.

    • Andy Jenkins

      First of all, if you’re 62, then I’m Prime Minister of the Moon. Second, you forgot some Product Catalysts and “Oh REALLY!?” moments, i.e. WHAT was done or did she do at the suggestion of the product’s information that caused her to have Neck Relief. Sincerely, Lunar King.

  • David Hedges

    Your content is crazy good. I can’t say enough great things about the value of the goods that you deliver. You’re one generous dude!

    • Andy Jenkins

      Thanks David. It’s how all Cuzin’s roll. Dirtay.

  • Kam-B

    OK, I think I actually had an “aha moment”… here is my attempt:

    “How a frazzled bride-to-be (with a super demanding full-time
    job) pulled off a wedding worthy the front cover of a wedding magazine, without magically entering into a time warp to plan it all out, OR drain her bank account hiring a wedding planner.”

    I would luv any feedback!

    • Paul Clayton

      Sounds good Kam I think the effect this whole exercise is trying to cause is to compel the prospect to find out how in the world it can be done and then scream for more from the author and yours has got that. If I was anywhere close to getting married I’m sure I would one of the ones screaming for more lol.

    • Andy Jenkins

      It’s super good Kam. Don’t forget to toss in an “Oh, Really!?” moment so your audience has some idea about what sort of secret sauce you’re going to show them in your product or marketing.

  • Rogerio Job

    Great video Andy! You always rock! Thank you!

    • Andy Jenkins

      Super Happy you like it!

  • Kriss Bouchard

    Lookin good Andy!

    • Andy Jenkins

      Bless you Kriss!

  • bernadettejanson

    I may have left my my comment in the wrong place ( you tube) so I apologise for the repetition. My product is an online program teaching how to make money flipping houses.
    My message “I am a
    55 year old woman who was insanely worried about my retirement savings and have
    just made $172000 on a 6 month renovation without so much as swinging a hammer
    or picking up a paint brush.”
    Thanks Andy I appreciate your generosity

    • Andy Jenkins

      Cuz, no apologies necessary!

      Make sure you add a “Oh Really?!” moment that indicates a Product Catalyst you have is going to be the secret sauces that helps them achieve what you did.

  • Mike Pitt

    Hi Andy. Another great video and like you I am a ‘take action’ guy. So after watching your video I changed one of sales pages within an hour (on a Sunday). I will let you know how I get on. Keep up the great work! MP

    • Andy Jenkins

      Thats awesome Mike! Let me know how it works out!

      • Mike Pitt

        Will do. Thanks again!

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  • Rex Williams

    Good stuff, Andy. I’m trying to transform here with what you’ve given me.

    Here’s my mission: How a long term corporate revolutionary uses curiosity as a skill to unleash initiative, get involved in interesting enterprise wide projects, and be sought after for connections and assistance on many topics.

    It’s hard to get all your stuff in just one statement. Can it be more than one sentence?

    • Andy Jenkins

      Rex, it can be many sentences if that’s what it takes.

      Couple things:

      Empathy – What was difficult or crushing about being a long-term corporate revolutionary? Where’s the pain in that that for your viewer or reader?

      What’s the product catalyst? Meaning, what’s the HOW?

  • Paul Clayton

    Andy thank you so much I’ve had a tidal wave of a-ha moments! Here is my go at this. I would REALLY REALLY like your feedback thanks :-) .

    “How a 24 year old totally undisciplined junk food addict lost 4 stone without exercise and without giving up chocolate, chips and beer.” (true story it was me btw)

    I could then go on to say “I did this by using natural alternative remedies to unlock the natural powerful ability the human body already has to remove weight by itself” “as soon as I did this I was truly amazed at how as much as 1.5 stone could come off in one month”.

    “You know what the best part was? I hardly had to stress or strain to do this. I didn’t have to break myself in half doing strenuous exercise, I didn’t have to deny myself every food I enjoyed and I certainly didn’t have to worry about counting calories”

    I was focused on giving my body everything it naturally needed to perform at its best, specifically what my cells needed to perform at their best.

    The five strategies I used to do this were… (move into educator mode from now on in).

    So how was that? Any thoughts?

    Many thanks Andy and everyone else who read this!

    Paul :-)

    • Andy Jenkins

      Awesome! It’s near perfect. Now, economize the language so it says more with less words. And don’t forget to talk about the Details – meaning, yes, our hero was a junk food addict, but what does that means was BAD? High Weight? Bad Heart?

      • Paul Clayton

        Thanks Andy you’re awesome mate! This will really help :-) .

  • Victoria Rose

    THANK YOU for the AHA!” moment Andy.
    Here’s my mission statement:
    How a 63 year old introvert found the confidence to step off the treadmill of condemnation and expectation to carve out a life free of negativity and sickness and have the ability to do 63 sit-ups, easily.

    • Andy Jenkins

      Cuz, awesome!

      Make sure you’ve got a “Oh Really!?” miment in there. What is “the awesome” thing that helped all of the Victories and upsides occur?

      • Victoria Rose

        OK … I’ve decided to go back a few years … to when the ‘awesomeness’ actually started:

        How a 58 year old introvert found the confidence and the courage to step out of her dead-end job and into a life of travel, freedom and opportunity by answering this one simple question.

  • Val

    Great video – that’s why you’re the Boss Andy!

    This has been missing in my business so I have not connected with my list. What I do realize is many are not doing this so it won’t be hard to stand out!

    Watch out for the “Reinventing Val” tour ;)

    • Andy Jenkins

      She’s gonna GET THEM, everybody!

  • Robert A Costello

    Hey Andy…always great content! This one seems a bit long but figured it was all about the details. :)

    How a 52 year old x-contractor and restaurant owner creates software that generates Google, Yelp, Yellow Page & Facebook lists, sends emails, calls prospects, prints letters, posts on walls, gives driving directions, calculates routes, manages leads, organizes follow-up, communicates with outsourcers, locates suburbs, and designs QR codes…all
    in less than 30 seconds!

    Shazam! Too much?

    • Andy Jenkins

      Robert, it’s strong. Couple of suggestions:
      Need some Empathy – meaning, we need to know that you or your marketing avatar understands the pain that a current restaurant owner has. Thats the “Desk Sloth” part of my example.

      Also, you should be able to give them one strong Upside that’s completely obvious – meaning add up all the emails, letters, posts, etc. and what does that get them? Hungry guests looking for a top-shelf eatery experience…

  • Shaun Guidolin

    This squirrel is so good – that what he is teaching you – is what he’s actually using to teach you. Jedi mind stuff really.

    I’ll take your actionable, walked the walk videos any day over wacko-pedia any day, my man.

    • Andy Jenkins

      Happy, I am to teach your video I do.

      • Malcolm Ross

        Like that I do.


  • Malcolm Ross

    This ipad app does exist, I did not metion the product name here. Ok, try this one Andy:-

    “I use ..product.. every day to accept credits cards,calculate sales taxes and email receipts just using my iPad! The charge per card or swipe rate is only 2.69%. As a small business owner I thought, ‘OhYes!’ the first time I used it and you can too.”


    • Andy Jenkins

      Boss, that’s all abundance and upside, but you’re not showing that you have empathy for your markets pain. Remember, they are in a circumstance that is causing them to take action and look for a solution. You need to acknowledge that pain.

      • Malcolm Ross

        Thanks Big Boss, I’ll try again, might have too much detail here?

        “Ever wished there was an app which lets you accept credits cards? I’ve been looking for one for ages and then found this amazing service..product.. With a card swipe rate of only 2.69% it compared well with other
        services I had previously been offered for my business. It’s a free app and free credit card reader that transforms your smartphone or tablet into a mobile point-of-sale terminal. I love it!”


        • Andy Jenkins

          Mal, try starting with something along these lines “2 taps plus a swipe and I was taking credit cards”

          • Malcolm Ross

            Thanks for the helpful pointer Andy.
            I kept looking at the 5 must haves and eventually came up with this.

            “3 taps plus a swipe and I was taking credit cards on my ipad, It’s TRUE! No drawn out details to take ever again and a swipe of 2.69% per card. What more do you want? No more hassles about card payments for a business guy like me again.


        • Malcolm Ross

          Hey Andy.

          I watched this video eeer a lot.

          Written the 6 points in my work book, pocket book, note book in the car and looked at my my old stuff and think, “Yep Andy’s right on the money”.


  • Kishore

    It is a great video Andy, however I think by using curiosity you might be able to take it one notch higher. Just a thought

    • Andy Jenkins

      Please for you to explain in de english language….

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  • Guest

    Thank you for the information. I noticed the difference in you physical appearance. It thought pulling your hair back was the trick. Congratulations on the weight loss. You look good. No personal interest intended :) , just an observation.

    • Andy Jenkins

      LOL – Thank You. No Personal Interest Taken. :)

  • kenenglish

    Thank you for another insightful video. I noticed your new look and initially thought you simply pulled your hair back tighter than usual. Congratulations on the weight loss. You look good (no personal interest, just an observation).

  • Cathy Lynn

    awesome stuff andy…see, you do have the content for that $$$ book :-)

  • Gracefulone


    Your video is a perfect example of your message! I watched it several times and will be joining your blog! Don’t know what your selling, but if the info on your vid is an example, I think I want it! You do a great job with pull advertising. Intimate and seductive. Thank you!


    • Andy Jenkins

      Thanks very much! Not selling anything, just keeping in touch with my readers. :)

  • Bob McTague

    Great Stuff as Always!!!

    How a guy from Boston dominates the Syracuse NY real estate market in 3 short years by selling 150 homes per year, all without doing open houses, placing newspaper ads, or door knocking, while maintaining a family life and only working 37 hours per week!

    Comments appreciated!

    • Andy Jenkins

      Hi Bob! Couple things – first, how can we empathize with the Main Character? Second, you tell us what we don’t have to do – but give us a hint and what you teach us to do to get that result.

      • Bob McTague

        Thank You!!!!! This is what I needed… How about this..

        How a new and struggling real estate agent from Boston dominates the Syracuse NY real estate market in 3 short years by selling 150 homes per year, all without doing open houses, placing newspaper ads, or door knocking, but using a very unique Internet marketing system, all while maintaining a family life and only working 37 hours per week!


    Hi Andy
    BRILLIANT information!
    You wouldn’t happen to have a piece of software that could write this content in the proper format would you? Thanks,Cecil

    • Andy Jenkins

      Thank you Cecil! No, no software that I know of.

  • paula

    I thought I was pretty good at this already, but you opened up a new way of looking at it for me – thanks!! Here it is:

    Discover how a 40 year old, with horrible egg quality stunned her fertility doctor by getting pregnant naturally after 7 failed IVF cycles.

    • Andy Jenkins

      Paula, don’t forget to include a Product Catalyst and an Oh Really?! moment. We need to have some hit as to what we’re going to be doing to get the result of the successful person.

  • Jay

    Hey Andy,

    Great content!!! Very much inspiring.
    I love your videos!

    • Andy Jenkins

      I really appreciate that Jay!

  • tomshark

    Great stuff, had to watch it again and take notes…

    • Andy Jenkins

      Thanks Boss!

  • Vivian Gregory

    Andy: As usual, you kick-started my thinking machine, how do you like this: “How a smoker tired of smoking, having tried an failed to quit before, finally stopped smoking in 10 days without cravings and without drugs, nicotine replacement or hypnosis” ?
    Would live your feedback, THANKS
    P.S. Wonderful and fun intro!

    • Andy Jenkins

      Hey Viv! Remember to include some sort of Hint at a Product Catalyst and an “Oh Really ?!” moment. You told us what we didn’t have to do to stop, now give us a hint at what new information you have that will let us stop without all the other traditional stuff.

      • Vivian Gregory

        Thanks Andy, and you’re right, how about this: “How a smoker tired of smoking, having tried an failed to quit before, finally stopped smoking in 10 days without cravings and without drugs, nicotine replacement or hypnosis, by using ancient techniques combined with cutting edge technology”

  • Mike

    Hey Andy – I’ve got a kick arse product in this category you discuss at the end of your video – my marketing message isn’t breaking through. Please drop me a line if you’re interested in working together.

  • Elaine at Stericlean

    Hi Andy, a good friend forwarded your video- great info and you look great by the way ;-) Here’s my attempt would love some feedback.

    How a life-long sufferer of eczema, who is also allergic to ALL perfumes, chemical cleaning products and dust, cleaned houses in her cleaning business, without suffering ANY adverse effects to her health, or
    others, whilst also giving a superior clean for her customers.

    Thanks Andy

  • Tom Winand

    Andy, how about this one. How did, a frustrated 20 years real estate industry veteran, who was ready to throw in the towel, after the housing meltdown, pulverized his client’s equity in their homes, create a way to sells homes in just days and put more money in the sellers pockets at closing? Walking out of a Costco, he had an “Aha Moment,” Now he sells more clients homes with ease, in just days; the sellers get a bigger check at closing, and buyer love the below market prices, usually getting multiple buyers offers. Impossible you say! Oh Really, what if there was an over the top full service, MLS, super high tech deluxe internet real estate listing program, with a total commission of 3.5% with buyers agents beating down the door, to make full priced offers?

  • Stephen Gibson

    Absolutely brilliant content, Andy. I always come here looking for good stuff and always end up staying longer than I should taking notes.. Here’s what I came up with, your advice would be invaluable.

    “How an overworked music composer stole the Ad men’s secrets and ploughed them into his own stagnant online business to double his list size in 12 weeks and boost conversions by 44%, just by effortlessly using the right kind of music in his video marketing.”

  • Rob

    Andy, it was really a great pleasure meeting you in Austin at the ASM weekend. Your gifted form of presentation was most informative! We had some great ‘aha’ moments with super take away action items and to top it all off, you were delightfully entertaining. Thank you!

    PS …and yes I certainly agree the Capital One commercials were inspired by your Viking days. lol

  • lisalockworth

    You’re so… cutting-edge-fantastically-amazing.

  • Ryan Gromfin

    Everybody knows how busy chefs are, cooking in just ONE restaurant! So how did this one plan his wedding, get
    married, develop, design, open & operate 4 separate restaurants in less
    than a year and still have time for 2 rounds of Golf a week!

    Just found your blog and love it! Great quality with GREAT content to back it up. Would love some feedback on my mission statement for my time management program!

  • Clive Burns

    Hi Andy, I’m new to your stuff having just been introduced to VideoGenesis. I love your content and delivery. Still working on my first product and have been in the ‘vision’ stage toooooo long. Moving onto productivity (thanks to your previous vid) as soon as I’ve finished typing this:

    1st product: How a 46 year old busy Dad with a desk-job shed 21 pounds of fat and got into the best shape of his life WITHOUT giving up his favourite food and drink and by only working out 2 hours a week….from the comfort of his own home!

  • jesus

    hi andy you are the best
    one question how to sell ford 1955 f100 but not in craiglist or something like that
    thanks bro

  • dweiums

    Don’t know if you are still checking this (what with new baby-itis and all), but here’s my go at it:
    “How a menopausal, over the hill frumpasaurus on her way to major heart problems with diagnoses of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes beat it all AND lost 50 pounds without giving up hot wings, chocolate or Friday Food Truck runs.”

    Needless to say its a true story and i’m on my way for burritoes as soon as I log this. Life is soooooooooooooo good!

  • Arman Assadi

    Hey Andy,

    Fantastic video, really made me rethink a couple headlines. I haven’t been expressing my empathy in the headline, it delays until the actual video content to connect with the viewer and show empathy to the pain.

    Here’s a new sales video headline (which needs a bit of grammatical fine-tuning, but you’ll get the idea): “Learn How a Lifelong Procrastinator Drowning in Thousands of Emails Developed a Proven System (While Working at Google) to Reboot Any Inbox in Under 2 Minutes and Spend 75% Less Time on Email, to Finally Reclaim His Inbox (and Sanity) and Never Worry About Email Again.”

    Would love your feedback my man :)

  • Scott Millar

    Very nice Andy, have not watched one of your vids in a few years here is mine:

    Become an IT Rockstar

    start earning £200 a day within 60 days or your money back.

    This was me, sound familiar? Pennies to show after you’ve paid the bills? In an IT job and looking for more money? Unemployed and trying to find a job in IT? Feel under paid for the skills you have? Sign up for my free webinar and see how you can start earning and extra £200 a day with very little effort.

  • beanie72

    Needs a little more work but it’s getting close…

    How a boilermaker (who failed English and left school at the age of fifteen), managed to have his blog ranked in the top 25 finalists of the Telstra Smarter Business Blogging competition, and get hired as a marketing consultant running workshops teaching business owners how to effectively leverage social media to generate leads and sales.

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  • John

    Andy that was a great video … it has certainly made me think a lot more about what sort of message I’m putting out there.

    “See how a Primary School educated 53 year old ( with no Internet Marketing Skills ) or High School Education learned how to make a 5 figure income online with a Simple 3 Step Marketing System that anyone can do period”

    So what do you think … thanks Andy

  • Ricardo Barros

    Andy, I have a doubt…
    I bought videogenesis..But I don’t get how should I build a list…I mean..You guys were sponsored by kajabi..I meet u guys there..
    But I don’t have Kajabi’s list.

    What is a good size for a list for a 4 videos launch sequence?
    By the way, congrats for the post and business! You guys rock!

  • VinonaGroupServicesUSA LLC

    Very interesting video. Thanks for sharing this video.

  • JB Samui

    Thanks for the killer advice Andy, here’s my spin off on your headline:

    See how a 40 year old World of Warcraft nerd
    with an in game total of over 200 days, went from 191.4lbs to 175lbs
    in just 30 days while still eating and drinking until it hurt!


  • Anon

    No updates in a year coz that’s what top marketers do right? Good riddance. You guys are full of deception. I can see that now. All those things you guys are teaching are aimed at deceiving the people. So many “ninja tricks”.

    I’m removing myself from the mailing list of anyone even remotely connected to Stompernet and everyone should too.

    I should’ve known when Stompernet started bringing in Mike Filsaime. Stompernet made me think that Mike Filsaime was actually legit. Boy was I wrong.

  • Not So Bossy After All

    Andy, You’re a great marketer, but why do you allow your customer service to be so bad? WebinarJam is a total bust– a terrible product– and yet if a user doesn’t find out that some of the functionality is broken until after 30 days you won’t give a refund? Come on. That’s not good business.

  • David Robertson

    Wow, after two pages of chicken scratch and forty-five minutes… I might have something that could be something…

    “How my failed first business led me to discover a simple math formula that unlocks 68% more profit in any business, in any industry with less time and no additional expenses.”

    I’d love any feedback, but I just realized that all these comments are like four years old… haha