This is how I get stuff done.

Does it work?  Here’s my reality:

This video shows how I:

  • Manage almost 40 private clients (Yes, they get one-on-one time every 2 weeks)
  • Created 3 products in the last 5 months
  • Produced, Edited, and Supervised a Feature Film
  • Consulted on 2 Product Launches
  • Started producing 1 new video (Just for grins) per week
  • Post to Facebook and Twitter multiple times per day
  • In the last Six Weeks, have spoken at 3 Seminars
  • Write at least 2 newsletters per week.

Plus, I continue to enjoy:

  • 2 Date Nights with Wifey this week
  • A Week Long Vacation in Turks & Caicos
  • Shop for and cook my own Plant-Based Food (At Whole “Paycheck”)
  • Read an average of 100 pages per day of trashy novels (e.g. Science Fiction)
  • Achieved level 61 in Skyrim logging over 200 hours since March
  • Target shoot every other week
  • Juggle 3 children (NOT literally) with #4 on the way

Please – in the comments tell me what projects you can use this process for.

This Video is for Advanced Entrepreneurs ONLY:

Click here for strategies that teach “The 3 Questions You Must Ask Before You Work With Anyone on a Project”

  • Grace

    This was really helpful Andy. I tend to be disorganised (overwhelmed) and need systems but don’t always know how to create them with any ease. I need to start outsourcing but not sure how to actually make that transition. Thanks again

    • Kim Martin

      Thanks,entertaining and informative.

  • Sean

    Spooky timing…I had just written out a task checklist for a new project 20 minutes before I opened your email…gonna go through it again with your process in mind…Great vid pal!

  • Malcolm Ross

    Great video Andy. Yep, people. Your presentation reminds me
    of doing article marketing, using outside services. “Where the heck is my
    article?” (I was plumb last in English at school). Mal.

  • PartTimeBizBuilder

    Been watching your stuff for a long time cuz. You are one of my favorite mentors and I watch all of your stuff. Congrats on your great success.

  • MsBigBrains

    Very helpful system. Brilliant, (as you know) as usual, and fun to watch, besides!
    GREAT editing. So, I’m seriously curious. Did you do it yourself, or have one of your “people” do it?

    • Andy Jenkins

      Cuzin Ms., I cut these myself and will keep doing that until I have a standard style down pat. Then I’ll create a list of best practices and start to incorporate my peoplez into the process. But since it’s still evolving, I want to be first and last hands on it for now.

  • Rosie Taylor

    So timely…funny how that works. Your Ouiji board must be on fire! Do you use any other project management tools to track what everyone’s doing? Or do you just cross it off in Evernote as each task and deliverable gets done? After hearing how you manage so many one to one clients, I think I’m over-complicating my systems.

  • Connie

    I am just finishing up a project that I sure could have used this system on. I am outsourcing more of my work now + have to put together more comprehensive checklists, to keep better track of who is doing what when. Thanks!

  • Mike Lamothe

    Merv is a tool!! Did you know that Merv shoots scalding hot baked potatoes out of his Arrss Just for fun

  • Michael Alexander Jakubowski

    As always, VALUE and FUN!!!
    You da Man.

  • Lisa Engles

    Great stuff as usual. Would love to see you do a video on the best practices for website design- ie- what are the key elements a website needs for engagement/training and lead capture. If you’re promoting a product or a program, how do you do that effectively on your home page?

    • Andy Jenkins

      Thanks for the suggestion Lisa. These videos will eventually turn into something called “Ask Andy”, where I’ll be doing shorter vids across a broader range of topics.

      • Lisa Engles

        Yay! Looking forward to it :)

    • Roy

      Very good idea linda came up with I 1+

  • Diana Gardner Robinson

    I second what Lisa suggests – website development project list. No stalling for me, and it ran well. Very, very useful. Thank you! I am now a fan.

    • Andy Jenkins


  • Kane

    Andy, love the video and your comments to the whiners.

    • Andy Jenkins

      I don’t mind a whine. But I think people should take just 5 seconds and consider the contribution they are making to a thread. At the end of the day, we are far more powerful as a community of like-minded people that are on the path or a shared goal of abundance. I simply don’t find anything redeeming about using the term “disgusting”. I’m always eager for criticism that can help me improve my overall result – but using derogatory language with me only gets snark in return. And we should ALL demand that kind of civil interaction.

      • chrismccargar

        Boss, the way you handle negativity thrown at you – you are one cool dude!…there’s no percentage in attacking them, that’s true…. I admire how you take the “high road”, but you are far too kind to those who would denigrate your words or actions!

  • joni english

    the syndicate scammer is at it again, Haleluyaaaaa!

  • Steve Berchtold

    Andy, Yeah, I know Bruce S is called the Boss, but you’re the BOSS of video buddy! How Gracious you are to the “critic commenters…”

    Or, should say, those “ultra observant” viewers…

  • Eric Bobrow

    Very clear and succinct overview of an easy do it yourself framework (aka SYSTEM) to focus projects and people working together. Thanks Andy!

    • Andy Jenkins

      You are most welcome, Eric.

  • Matt Roessler

    Great vid as usual my friend! Apart from the (as always) fantastic content, I particularly liked the answer at the end of the vid saying that you were born that way haha. How many lights are you using for that vid? Do you prefer the swivl or the lapel in terms of quality/ease of use/ease of transferring to mac? Cheers.

    • Andy Jenkins

      Matt, thanks for the kindness. I’ve got 4 lights going – Two Side Lights and 2 Key lights in front. All LED broad light panels.

      In terms of Preference, I don’t have one Yet. My iPhone 4s gets pretty hot shooting for takes longer than 10 minutes, so Im reluctant to push it much farther than that. For Ease of Use, it’s pretty great. SWIVL 2 is out in a few months, with a better wireless mic and tracking device – that’ll be interesting.

      • Brian Degn

        Hi Andy.

        thanks!!! :-)

        Say I’d be going online to purchase such lights: “LED broad light panels”, would you be so kind to be more specific as to either model, or size or type?
        Thanks in advance.

  • Jared Ball

    Help please. I am not getting the vid to show. Not even to click on. What is my problem? Where do I go to fix it? I use Safari normally, But get same problem with Firefox & Chrome. HELP?

  • Sally

    I like your breakdown list. Any suggestions for a “one man show”? That’s a lot of hats to where!

    • Sally

      I mean wear!

      • Andy Jenkins

        Same thing, Boss – in the “People” Section, replace that with yourself.

  • Bob Koby

    great stuff. hard to get much better than educational and entertaining. Thanks a lot.

    • Andy Jenkins

      Sincere thanks to you, Bob.

  • Angela

    I always love your videos. Your emails are one of the few that I consistently do not unsubscribe from. That is impressive.

    • Andy Jenkins


  • Felix

    Your videos are always really good. Please keep recording more videos with your face. I finally see you on the first video. You are a good teacher, and know your stuff, plus I find you sincere. You are sometimes sarcastic, but I can learn from you because you know your stuff. Thank you.

    • Andy Jenkins

      “Sometimes” sarcastic? Hehe. Thanks Felix!

  • Anthony

    Already used this framework on oDesk for a new project. Great breakdown Andy and I’m really into the new presentation style of these past 2 videos. Very well done.

  • Larry

    Hi Andy, I have a quick question. Do you use a teleprompter? Thanks for the great video.

    • Andy Jenkins

      Larry, no – that was off the cuff. The notations on the Whiteboard helped me keep the over all structure of the message on point – the content itself was inspired from years of painful, first-hand experience.

  • Vivian Gregory

    Good-Looking Cuz: Awesome content as usual, straight to the point and really valuable, will use this, no doubt!

  • DSLR Video Studio

    Andy Awesome Content Jenkins, Bossing it with success.

  • Lou

    One of your best videos ever- but your Frank Kern hairdo is pretty startling to those of us who haven’t seen you lately (are you trying to land a hot wife too?)

    • Andy Jenkins

      Hot Wife has been landed and is 6.5 months pregnant.


      P.S. Frank’s hair is now #2-Fade short.

  • Trisha Cornelius

    This was a fantastic video. You cheat list has made it into my notebook of secrets as an awesome way to keep myself accountable. Thank you. I also loved the YouTube trick, I did not know about it.

    • Andy Jenkins

      Im super happy that you got some good stuff from it Trisha!

  • Anthony Kleine

    Andy this is an extremely effective & Bad@#$ instructional video, great work!

    • Andy Jenkins

      Wow Anthony, much appreciated!

  • chrismccargar

    Andy… You continually provide some of the most useful information in a fun and entertaining fashion… love it, Boss!

    • Andy Jenkins

      Thanks for that kindness, Chris!

  • Jake

    You load these youtubes with too much badass and it’s bad on my computer. They won’t play and you got that gizmo on yer neck. The confrence calling never did this.

    • Andy Jenkins


      Sorry Jake, give me your home address and I’ll send you a handwritten note.

      • Jake

        I got a pretty big kick out of that part of the video
        man. I pictured that guy snacking on a can of cat food with saltines. The video stalled and the first thing he thought was…

        “it’s that fancy ass gadget around his neck!”

        It probably has something to do with that shade of green. It pissed him off. :]

  • Joe Lessen


    Very good advice, having run a couple of companies in the past, you are spot on! At the moment, my first priority will be to find a staff I can then direct again. You are always cool, and have great advice. Don’t get in trouble, if you do, at least have fun doing it…

  • Ronald Earl Wilsher

    Like your style, Mr. J.

    Thinking of trying to do MY version of your do.

    I’ll keep you posted.

    Keep the faith and keep moving forward.

    All is well in Paradise,

    Signed a fan(atic) in The Republic of Texas

  • Ms. Lynelle

    You cracked me up! Over and over… Great content. I like your hair pulled back in a ponytail best. :-)

  • Stephen Gibson

    Andy, when I first started watching this, I heard you mention staff, I skimmed it and thought- yeah well haven’t got any so no point watching it. Then I got to the part where you now use it as a personal to do list, and I went back to the beginning with my tail between my legs (that’s not a pony tail btw, not that there’s anything wrong with that of course!) and took proper notes. And I’m glad I did because I was feeling bogged down with overwhelm before I watched this. Now I’ve got a system I can work to. So to sum up – what I’m trying to say is thanks – and to anyone else DON’T Skim watch this video, it’s brilliant and relevant it’s worth 16:30 mins of your life.

  • islandmommy

    Hi Andy,
    I am so glad that I found your site today, thanks to the folks over a kajabi. Thanks for the great info especially the Evenote piece to give me a visual of exactly how to implement it fast. I will stay tuned.

  • Robert Michaelson

    Mr. Jenkins May I call you Andy? I’ve watched 2 of your videos both excellent! May I call you Andy?….oops already said that.ha ha ha!
    Seriously what is that white looking easel I see in the corner. Is it some kind of teleprompter? Do you use a teleprompter? When I send you a comment are you notified even if it’s 2 weeks later? What editing software do you like? Thank you Robert

  • Sean Fry

    Hi Andy, what software did you use to do your screencapture-zoom-rotating effect for your outro? Is that screenflow?

  • Jennifer

    I followed your suggestion to get the Free Report (100 WP Plugins) but it didn’t work. I never received the report (but I did get to the Thank You page).

  • NobbyK

    Awesome as always and good to find out how other people manage their day and their projects. Have asked my Outsource manager to watch this video and then contact you for pointers. ( ha ha)

  • chechman

    love the pretty pretty pretty – you jst an actor mr jenkins – loved the video took home some gems. keep up the sharing

  • johnny trang

    good shit andy!!!!

  • Aaron


    Top notch. I think the metrics piece is especially big for most entrepreneurs. These videos are like magical marketing tips from the bassist of night ranger!

  • FreedomFighter

    Best video marketer ever.

  • Cath Wood

    Andy you made me laugh so many times in this video! Great material, super entertaining presentation and a great response to being called disgusting! I was born that way, lol.

    I would like a similar video on how to get to execution when you’re just starting out and don’t have staff yet.

  • antoniowhite

    Thanks for this, Andy. Love it!

  • businessa2z

    If you have stumbled on this and think it is out of date think again! Andy Jenkins provides know-how that can be applied to your business that will make a positive impact.