Uh oh… new ranking factors on GooooogleeeeYAY

The Overlords Engineers at Google have introduced maybe the most influential content-ranking algorithm yet…

“Time Watched”

(BTW, when I say Google, I’m talking specifically about YouTube.)


It means that GOOD Videos, videos that genuinely engage and benefit a viewer will become MORE visible in Google and YouTube searches.

YAY!  Suddenly it’s much harder for spammers to “Game the System” by spamming worthless links and repeating keywords.  Now, the First-Class stuff gets premium Visibility.

 It means that your reward for creating Superior CONTENT will be top-rankings.

Now – lets trick-it-out:

3 Intuitive Ways to Keep Your Viewers

GLUED to Your YouTube Video &

Earn HIGHER Rankings for MORE Free Traffic:

#3 – Cliff-Hang

After you introduce your video and yourself, drop a bomb.  Tell the viewer that later in the video, you’re going to reveal/show/disclose/announce/unveil a vital piece of information that is critical to the topic of their interest.


“Hey Y’all!  In this video I’m going to show you the 3 highest-performing yet most inexpensive video cameras you can use to make magnificent quality presentations.  Now, towards the last half of the video, I’ll demonstrate the most significant and potentially show-stopping problem with any camera, and how you can skip right past this danger – if you know what to look for.  Okay, lets start…”

#2 – Zeigarnik for Consumption

Chunk the information in your video. If you’re making 3 points, make your video have 3 clear and distinct “Chapters” or ‘Sections”.  Then, give each one of those a number and count that list down to the last section.


#1 Timed Annotations

You know those little Text Boxes that you can display on your videos in YouTube?  They’re called “Annotations”, and you can add them AFTER you’ve uploaded them right in YouTube’s Video Manager.

IMPORTANT:  Get a little traffic to your YT video BEFORE you add the Annotations!

Here’s why:  In your Video Manager on YouTube, there are Statistics that show Average View Time.

What you want to do is, find the average view time for your video, and pop up an Annotation about 10 seconds before that average view time.  :)

Use that Annotation to create awareness.  Let the viewer know that something beneficial is coming up next.

In other words, tease them to keep them.  Like a Boss.

Youtube ChecklistOther Resources for YouTube Ranking:


Download a PDF called “The 15 YouTube Ranking and Discoverability Factors Checklist”.

It’s 5 pages of Best Practices that every YouTube Video should use.

Give em’ your email address to get it, and watch the instructional video on the other side of the opt-in.

All UP in that YOUTUBE!


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