Hey… a little feedback (Building an Email List)

So, working with y’all (My Private Clients), I’ve been keeping a close eye on what most of you are struggling with.  Some of you are implementing advice from our sessions and crushing it – awesome!

Here’s a handy little list of things to review for each part of your Marketing Activities. We’ll start with Lead Capture and Email List Building – who knows where we’ll end up (I’m on a bit of a roll lately…).

Squeeze Pages:
Mmmkay… I’ve had a look at about a hundred squeeze pages in the last 60 days.  19 out of 20 convert less than 8% of visitors.

Below are what the 1 out of 20 consistently do.  Average conversion rates are over 30%.

Specific, Rapid, and Significant Pain-Relief.

Repeat after me… “Lack of Have, Hurts”

Simple human nature is at work here.  We don’t have what we want because there’s something that we don’t know or can’t figure out.  That’s painful.

It doesn’t matter if we slice our drive on the golf course, can’t find a low-carb recipe, want a new exercise to tighten our buttocks or want new traffic sources to advertise to…

If we don’t KNOW HOW to get what we want, it puts us in a state of anxiety, loss, longing, confusion, and frustration.  Pain.

SOLVE IT!  A message on your squeeze page that promises, and then demonstrates, relief of that visitor’s pain ACTUALLY shows a path to “Having”.  So now, you’re not only the person that offers pain-relief, you’re the person that offers Abundance, Progress, and Achievement.

i.e. No Pain PLUS More Pleasure = WIN/WIN.

You’ve got 8 seconds to keep a visitor’s attention.  You don’t have time to explain complex concepts.

Pretend you’re a Dentist. Your visitor has a toothache.  Don’t talk about Dental Health as the key to avoiding pain.  CURE the toothache!

Give the Cure a Name.

“Muscle Confusion”, “Glycemic Index”, “Retina Display”, “Silver Stone Coating”…

Make sure your visitor understands that your cure has been “Codified”.  Meaning, you’re offering a solution to their problem that contains specific steps, actions, innovations, operations, ingredients, or formulas.

Now, give that combination of Pain-Relief techniques a NAME that represents the idea.

Apple’s “Retina Display” is a great example.  All a Retina Display consists of is technology that includes more pixels per inch than a typical display.  In fact, there are now displays that are even higher resolution than Apple’s Retina Display…

Name one.


But, since we know that the Retina is part of the Human eye, and that the Human eye is the most sophisticated, high resolution optical device on the planet, we immediately associate that NAME with Human-Eye level performance.

Brilliant!   Do you know what an IEEE 1394 Protocol is?   Apple calls it “Firewire”. Which one are you likely to remember?

Your solution may consist of “an Interval Training Routine that creates HGH release by stimulating Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers”.  Fine.  But, if you called that long and complicated solution something like “Muscle Confusion”, like P90X does, now you have a simple concept that your visitor gets excited about.

In the next post, I’ll give you 4 more Squeeze Page Conversion Techniques (which are often named “Lead Magnets”… heh).

They’re called:

The Litmus Test. Which means more to you…  “Target Marketing” or “Side Door Customer Selection”

The Less Copy, the Better. How long should your squeeze video or copy be?

Monetize Momentum. How long should you wait until you make the first offer to your new subscriber?

Follow up with “A Day in the Life”. How do I sell to a subscriber if they said “No” to my first offer?

Cool? Kewl.

Gimme some feedback on my Facebook Page, too.



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  • http://www.facebook.com/amir.pozderac.3 Amir Pozderac

    My squeeze page converts at about 3% and I am just now (duh) realizing that it talks more about the positive, benefits and promises rather than avoiding PAIN! Will make changes asap and see what happens… Thanks for this useful post Andy! You’re the man!

  • http://www.facebook.com/solom.prince.5 Solom Prince

    This is good Andy
    Naming your solution is something I have been overlooking long time
    this come at the ideal time
    I am preparing now my Squeeze page and I am planning to put this in action in my page
    Thank you and looking forward to your next post

    P.S. what about video squeeze pages,any hint?

    Eslam Talaat


  • http://loopmasters.vbfpmedia.com/ John

    Thanks Andy for this great information. List building is so important when growing and maintaining a business. Can’t wait for the next post that contain the “Lead Magnets”

  • http://www.facebook.com/drpeteandersen Pete Andersen

    I’ve been working on updating my squeeze page. Now your message gives me the right approach to get people to take action and avoid drowning by teaching themselves (or their kids) how to swim starting at home without a pool!

  • http://www.facebook.com/vivian.gregory.169 Vivian Gregory

    Awesome! as usual, Andy. I’m always eager to read what you have to share. I am in the process of getting my product ready and doing what it takes to launch it properly, and your advice is more tan welcome!

  • Janeen

    Andy is the Funnel Boss. Anyone wanna know why? ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/drmag DrMary Ann Ghaffurian

    Just had to comment…watched the Video Boss vid. Now it was made a while ago, and I’d brushed by it then, but watching it through today, it is so very masterful, Andy— and funny, in fact it brings on the kind of rib-tickling chuckles throughout, most of us have forgotten! The segues in colour harmony, the framing, the info, just great, and all relevant! Essence of a true teacher, revelling in a chosen field, delivering inspiration, authority bucking, and calls-to-action.