Link Building Approach vs Link Building Tactic

The very human habit of forming assumptions solely based on personal experience is one of the most common practices known to most people.  Should the assumption happen to have any form of corroboration with an effective method, then there is always a good chance that it is correct and effective.

However, there are also numerous assumptions that are based on nothing more than a fluke.  These assumptions have a greater tendency to lead to error, disaster, and in some cases, ruin. These are assumptions without any basis other than personal experience and should be checked at the door, particularly if the situation calls for accurate data and information.

“Your domestic SEO program is progressing well. Your rankings are up, traffic is up, and conversions are looking good. But something is seriously amiss abroad.

Those optimizations you sent to the UK team still haven’t been implemented. Your optimizations went live in Germany and increased rankings, but conversion rates have plummeted.

What gives? You may be operating with the following seven assumptions that are ruining your enterprise international program.”


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