New Ideas and New Social Pages

People who craft content for a living know that the greatest challenge they meet in their daily list of things to do is cranking out a new idea.  For the more creative types, this might not be such a big problem. But, for others, trying to discern a truly unique idea for content is a very daunting task.

This is why, rather than engaging in an exercise in futility when trying to figure out new ideas, many content crafters now resort to spinning existing content to their own purposes, trying their best to breathe a new perspective into it, just so that it doesn’t come up as old, ripped-off, or hackneyed.

“I was playing around with Pinterest at the time and reading about how much traffic the site is driving. Pinterest is an absolute monster for referring traffic, especially e-commerce traffic since so much of the site is full of products that people want to buy.

What I really like about Pinterest is the format. It’s perfect for browsing quickly, is very visual and offers continuous scrolling for new content. I think for some sites, a Pinterest style design can do a lot to increase pageview counts and time on site duration because it’s just so addictive.

For a moment I even considered changing the front page of EJ to mirror a Pinterest style design to see what it would do for my traffic statistics. I may still test it, although I have to admit I am fond of my current layout.”