2012s Top 10 WordPress Plugins

WordPress is, without a doubt, one of the best things to ever be developed for the internet, next to search engines, because it makes the lives of site owners infinitely easier with the features and functions it comes with. It’s all designed to allow a site owner to maximize on content crafting, rather than fuss over imagery, layout, and other such concerns.

As if it weren’t already an absolute boon in itself, this content management system periodically comes up with plugins all designed to make specific tasks easier.  Some plugins, properly utilized and capitalized upon, can even be the unfair advantage that most site owners are looking for to get head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to ranking.

“Plugins all add different features so it’s hard to compare them objectively. For some projects one feature may be more important than another. Sometimes a specific feature may not even be wanted or needed on a project.

Therefore this list is simply the plugins that I like personally and found to be the most useful in my client projects over the last year. That leaves tons of room for debate. So if your favorite plugin isn’t in this list, leave a comment. Make your case why I should have included it.

Some of these plugins are pretty popular and you’ll be familiar with them. There may be one or two that are new to you. Most are freely available in the Plugin Directory. But I’m including a couple premium only plugins too.”


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