How to Measure Customer Happiness for your Site

The old adage “the customer is always right” has considerably changed in both context and usage over the years.  Whereas it used to impart a bit of business wisdom to those practicing it, the saying has become the refuge for people seeking to justify the unfair treatment that most front-liners get from irate or rude customers.

Rather than dwell on this old adage, which implies a great propensity for being more reactive than proactive, the better way to go is to consider what can be done to measure the level of happiness that you can give to customers, instead of trying to fix a “problem” that causes the customers to insist they are right.

“Search marketers are all about metrics – using metrics to guide keyword selection, bidding strategy (for paid search), and to measure performance. Most commonly, online marketers look at keyword, bid price (if relevant), and conversion rate. In fact, SEO professionals are justifiably urged to use SEM metrics on keywords to value them and identify more.

This type of analysis is excellent, but insufficient for a sophisticated online marketer – and even small businesses – to maximize the impact of search on their business growth. By correlating additional metrics to conversion, marketers can refine their content and bidding strategies to get the biggest bang for each word.”

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    I really appreciate all the great tips and ways to measure customer happiness to your site. Great read.