Headlines and Bogus Data

Both marketing gurus and content experts will agree that when crafting content aimed at drawing more readers, who will then be turned into customers, the most important thing to consider is the attention-grabbing headline.  The more enticing the headline, the greater the chance that you can capture the attention and preference of your target market.

What most of these gurus and experts forgot to include in their teachings, however, is that those who produce and use amazingly catchy headlines should follow it through with equally amazing and catchy content.  The problem here is that headlines, even the images that help grab the attention of readers, may not have any connection with the main content.  In many cases, the content itself may not even be anything useful or worth reading.

“As perfect proof of its point, a link to an article titled A Catchy Headline The Biggest Draw For News Article Readers induced me to click and read it. The article noted that a new study by Harris Interactive showed that catchy headlines topped interesting visuals as a reason to read an article.

This sounds like great news for headline writers. And the male vs. female divide is great, actionable information for content publishers aiming at a particular demographic, right? Well, maybe not.”