Playing The Social Game – It’s not about the numbers

If there is one thing that I absolutely HATE it’s having to admit that I occasionally make mistakes. It doesn’t happen often…lol…but sometimes ya know you just screw up.

One of my biggest screw-ups happened a few years back when I thought social media was a HUGE waste of time and I decided it would be a good idea to shut down all my accounts. I know…I know, I’m not proud it.

Hear me out though.

In my mind I was simply being distracted from things that actually were important and I failed to realize just how big of an impact social media was having on the entire world. I was going about it all wrong and as I wasn’t seeing immediate ROI and so I decided it wasn’t worth my time. I’ll be honest after dabbling in it for just a few months I wrote it off as another big fad and predicted it would quickly disappear into the depths of the Internet abyss. I figured people would soon be bored of it and move onto the next cool thing that would come along.

Luckily, though none of my marketing buddies agreed with me and eventually they managed to convince me to give it another shot but this time I took a whole different approached. After digging around and running few experiments with some of my own products I got to see first hand just how powerful and mature social media had become when it comes to being a free marketing source.

Here’s what I discovered and what I feel is important for you to know.

Very few people use social media to make new friends.

Very few people read celebrity comments from athletes or politicians.

Even fewer people use it for finding potential romantic or dating partners.

So, the point here is, social media users are overwhelmingly focused on friendship and family, with some minor interest in hobbies.

This means that it’s not about the number of fans or followers you can gather but ultimately it’s about how connected you are to those people following you. It’s kinda like have a big email list but only getting a 5.6% open rate. It’s not about the quantity rather the quality.

Look, I agree it’s pretty cool to say I’ve got 22,766 Twitter followers or 11,330 Facebook fans, but the cold hard truth is NONE of the matters. Those number may inflate the ego and make us feel somewhat special, but it’s about what puts dollars in the bank account.

Just look at how different communication has become thanks to social media. Think back to when Twitter first came out and we were stuck with the 140 character limit? Yup, that was a pain in the butt. I remember sitting there wasting time rewriting my tweets over and over to try and make them fit the dang thing. Fast forward though a few years and now 3-5 word sentences are all that are being used as if it’s any longer than that and well you’re simply ignored.

Social media has changed and is continuing to change the way we business is played. It’s not something that is going away anytime soon. So, it’s time to start building your winning game plan.

Right now most businesses have it all wrong.

Remember, when I said most social media users are focused on friendship and family, as well as hobbies?

Well this mean folks that they are not interested in having their news feed filled with the latest greatest shiny object that has nothing to do with any of the above.

So, where is the connection between social media and money?

Well, the answer is this: You need to get a social media user out of the social media space and onto your list.

Just because people are in social media to talk to friends and family, or discuss a few of their hobbies, it doesn’t mean they don’t have an interest in what you have. It just means you’re not gonna conduct that conversation inside of a social media portal.

So, remember, social media portals are treated as gateways into the super information highway.

Your job is to create little exit ramps that get people off of the super information highway into your space, right?

Meaning, you need to let them know there’s another important and vital conversation taking place somewhere else.

And you do this by being as targeted as you possibly can and having EVERYTHING that you do inside the social media platform be designed to bond with and cause you audience to take a specific action that will eventually lead them out of the platform.

This means the design of you social media pages, the comments you post, the contests you run, the content you share, etc, etc. Are all created with the intent to create interactions with those who are MOST likely to want to consume what you have to share.

But this has a ripple effect beyond this first interaction.

First off, engagement causes buzz which is seen by friends of friends. This beings to snowball and now we are getting others who were previously beyond our reach yet are interested in what we have to say to follow us. Even more importantly though the higher your interactivity score the more likely your content will be seen on the search engines. It’s now a ranking factor and although I hate to be the bearer of bad news, the plain ugly truth is that you WILL be punished for lack of interactivity. Gotta love Google ;-)

The super cool thing is that when done correctly, combined these things will create MASSIVE amounts of traffic to your site. And that’s pretty darn exciting if you ask me!

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  • ghorrall

    I love this post Andy. Your “little exit ramps” comment hits it on the head. If we build our relationships right and we give our friends info that interests then they they will want to know more and join our list as well. Where it is appropriate to engage them with information about products and more.

  • Murphy

    Thanks for the inside scoop on this… thinking back on the posts you put on FB and twitter, they are, indeed about getting me out of my social space and into your space. With, of course, an excellent payoff for making the trip :)

  • Col. Travis

    Hey Cuz, great blog and info.
    Just one question. To be Uber successful is it required to have a White Trash pony tail…….and soft body? ;)

  • JerryDRoss

    Great post. I love the reminder that social media is really tools to help direct people back to your main areas to connect, your sites. As you said, social media is like exit ramps pointing the way.
    Good stuff.
    Jerry Ross

  • JerryDRoss

    Great post. I love the reminder that social media is really tools to help direct people back to your main areas to connect, your sites. As you said, social media is like exit ramps pointing the way.
    Good stuff.
    Jerry Ross