The All-Encompassing Power of Video

Got a rather candid and straightforward question from a gent and a similarly-themed query from a student who happened to be following the blog.

The candid gent said he followed my advice to make a squeeze page for his small business that he was also marketing online, but so far, it did nothing for his interests.

The student, probably researching on the topic of making  videos, asked why a lot of her online research pointed to my posts when they were clearly not about film or documentary-making (which gave me the impression that this students was doing a paper or a project on film making).

Two seemingly disparate topics but in truth, all boils down to one very effective practice I have been urging most people to try: the squeeze page video.

I’d like to point a few things out while I’m on the topic.

First, a squeeze page is a vehicle designed to strongly impress upon a person a particular message intended specifically to market something, and as a result, entice the person to an action favorable to the marketer’s efforts.

Having a squeeze page that doesn’t do this is basically like having a weird-looking page with a lot of pushy words all seemingly dedicated to doing hard-sell.

My second point has something to do with the research the student is doing that keeps pointing to my posts.  A lot of searches done on videos and video making does point to my posts because I give out valid, value-laden information and techniques (not just tips) on proper and effective ways of making a video, albeit purpose-driven videos.

Now, to answer a few concerns of our straightforward gent:

Did you have a clear and strong headline?

People have to know what your squeeze page is all about.  The moment their eyes land on your page, you have to start delivering the message you want to deliver.  There really is no time for dilly-dallying here.  You have to capitalize on that immensely brief window of opportunity to catch the attention and interest of the reader so that they continue to stay and read the content of your squeeze page.  For this aspect, your headline is the key.  You have to craft it in such a way that it reads well and easily enough, and that is already speaks about something that would make the reader want to know more about what you have on your squeeze page.  In many cases, one shot is all you have, and that’s your headline.  If this fails, there’s a large chance the reader won’t bother to go through the rest of what you have on your squeeze page, and you’ve lost right there, cuz.

Did your headline have a “backup”?

Sometimes the best you can expect from a headline is the slightest bit of interest from people.  That’s ok, the slightest bit is still way better than zero interest.  All you need now is something effective to back up your headline.  In this instance, nothing could be more effective than a squeeze page video.  In your video, you put throw in a lot of very important things delivered in a fast and interesting manner.  A video can deliver in less than 5 minutes any content that would normally take significantly longer if read.  By having a well made and convincing squeeze page video to complement your headline, you dramatically increase the chances that people will actually read all the way through your squeeze page and even respond favorably to your efforts.

Is your squeeze page designed optimally?

I once asked a few friends about their thoughts on the general design of some squeeze pages they see online.  Comments were anything from mildly confusing to “big hot mess”.  The design of your squeeze page also has a lot to do with it’s overall performance and effectiveness.  If it happens to be clean, organized, and delivers the message of you want to deliver, then well and good, you should have no problems there.  A squeeze page doesn’t really need to be designed lavishly or extravagantly, mainly because it should only be just a transitional phase of your marketing efforts, delivering the readers to the section where you hope to achieve your pre-set marketing goals.

Making a squeeze page effective doesn’t really involve rocket science, so I’ll keep it simple and limit the suggestions to these three important points.  These should be enough to get anyone started to creating a more effective squeeze page for their purposes.

Now as for the student’s concerns:

Short, sweet, and sharp is the key

To make an effective video, regardless of your purpose, it must be something that is short enough to sustain interest, sweetened with interesting sections, elements, and other key items that deliver whatever message or thought you want the video to deliver, and sharp in detail and imagery, since a video that’s rough on the eyes is definitely not something a person would want to watch again, or maybe even finish the first time around.

Choose an appropriate delivery

Should you happen to be making a decoumentary type video, or something that is similarly informative and laden with facts, it should be treated as such.  Use clear narration, and angle shots so that they focus on and highlight on the spcific item, situation, or topic that you are going on about in the video.  For the more artistically inclined video, you can make use of the various lighting effects  available on the settings of whatever camera you are using.  You may even use light filters or angling of the light to dramatic effect.  You can also use transitions to good effect, particularly in highlighting a specific scene, signifying an important part of the video, and so forth.

These basic techniques are things any videographer should commit to heart, since they do go a long way to improving and perfecting the craft.

In both cases, I would like to emphasize that the use of video in any instance really is powerful stuff, so try to make the most use of it in all of your endeavors whenever possible.


Andy ‘Video is everything’ Jenkins

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