The Winning Process: Web Video Marketing In, Quality Traffic & Links Out

I’ve come across numerous up-and-coming business people who have one common driving force about them: they are all looking for that winning process that give their efforts that big boost to the top, or whatever passes for a goal clincher in their industry.

Now this is a great way of putting it, since looking for a winning process indicates that these people want a sound, stable, orderly, and quantifiable approach to doing their business.

At the very least, it’s a great start.

Having said that, I have been espousing the use of video in online marketing efforts at every chance I can get, you all know this.  What I want you all to know now is that web video marketing is not only immensely helpful in your all of your promotional endeavors, it also happens to be a huge part of a very effective process I think you all should try out for yourselves.

For a lack of a diagram, I have simplified the process into this:

web marketing goes into your effort, quality links and traffic comes out as a result.

It’s so simple, it’s sneaky, right?

But then you have to ask, how does this sneaky process work, if it really does?

So glad you asked, cuz.

All-encompassing appeal

Getting people to actually go to your site to take a look-see is one of the most baffling things one can do today.  It seems that everyone has one or another gimmick to make people click on their link and visit the site, let alone stay there for any amount of time.  The problem here is that a lot of people have forgotten one basic thing about attracting people’s attention: give them what they want.  Like I said, so simple, it’s sneaky.  Guess what?  People like videos.  That’s why YouTube is as big as it is now.  It’s amazing how even the busiest person in the world will always find time to watch a video or two.  A very good opportunity, don’t you think?  Here’s an idea:  make a video to grab the attention of your target market.  This is sure to work, take my word for it.  How can I so sure?  How many people watch YouTube everyday again?  Ok, you might think “it’s for free, of course people will watch it”.  That’s fine, but here’s something you should know: movies make no less than several million dollars when they get shown, more so if it happens to be a blockbuster.  That’s a video you pay to see, and people still see it in droves.  Convinced yet?

Ready and willing, whenever wanted

See, as far as marketing collaterals go, be it for mainstream or online, videos make quite the efficient promotional and advertising tool.  Why?  You can watch it anywhere, especially with the rate of technology development being put into devices that play various forms of media.  Posters, brochures, and other printed collaterals catch your attention and get you to read them — for a while.  Being static, it kind of gets old and boring quite quick.  Watching videos, especially engaging ones, never seems to get boring, even when you’ve seen it more than a few times.  Online videos are there for as long as the site is up and no one removes the video itself, meaning people can watch it whenever they want to, as often as they want to.  That’s already a sweet, sweet way to earning recall right there, cuz.

Equalizes the playing field

I’m sure a lot of up-and-comers are more than a little intimidated when they get to see the playing field as it is today.  Competition is there left and right, and some of these competitors happens to huge, monster conglomerates with all the resources in the world backing them up.  What chance would a start-up or a little online business stand against them, right?  Wrong.  Video can practically give you a fighting chance against these giants of the industry.  I’ve seen a lot of excellent marketing videos myself that really surprised me, because I only expected that kind of quality and value from large companies, but it turns out these were from relatively small but highly creative businesses.  The great thing about this is that large and established companies are often quite careful about their marketing strategies, because having built a reputation for themselves already, they are quite careful about how they do or say things.  Smaller companies ar more willing to push the envelope, to become edgier, more creative, sometimes even quite controversial in their videos.

Insanely effective and legal

I mentioned that a lot of online marketers will resort to pretty much any gimmick they can think of to get traffic and links.  This desperate act also pretty much cost them much, much more in the end, as Google put it’s giant foot down and pulled out the rug from those using strategies and techniques deemed unethical and unnatural, thus prohibited.  Web video marketing will never get you in trouble this way, that is, so long as your content is not something disturbing, scandalous, or downright not fit for viewing.  You are merely providing something that people like, and you leave it completely up to them if they want to watch it or not, which is why it is not prohibited.  Another great thing about videos is that you can be creatively suggestive in them without actually putting in content that is illegal.  How cool is that?

So there you go, cuz.  Just a few reasons why a web video is so sneakily simple in getting you traffic and links.  Now you know why there is a growing interest in finding out the best video marketing tips around, which is probably also a pretty good reason for you to get in on the action as well, don’t you think?


Andy “sneaky and simple” Jenkins

  • Phil Ammendolia

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the post. You’re input has helped a lot in my decision to use video. You give me confidence. I appreciate it.

  • Jeffrey Meier

    Andy should the videos have a talking character or animated with music only?