Pinterest: Your Sales Copy Without Words

I’m a huge fan of the iconic Time magazine photographs, which I believe are the best examples of a picture being worth a thousand words.
Being a guy largely into movie making, and a consequnce, a guy really into the power of both moving images and stills, I know first hand just how powerful the right image, used in the right context, could be.
In fact, would you believe cuz, if I told you that you could practically use images, or even video as your entire sales copy?
Come on now, have I ever steered you wrong?
Let me give a concrete example: Pinterest.
And let me also set some basic examples of proof that imagery and videos, used correctly, can be effective: links and traffic.
With me so far?  Great.
Let me delve into this deeper by sharing with you a few points I have come across on the net proving that Pinterest is indeed immensely effective in bagging you tons of links and traffic, and by traffic I mean the type that matters.
Here we go!
Traffic magnet
Promotions done on Facebook to get traffic lately has become quite dicey.  This is mainly because a lot of the promotions are done with very little effort put into hiding the fact that they are shameless promotions.  Even worse is the fact that people you don’t even know tag you just to get your attention to the promotion they’re doing.  Annoying, if anything else.
Pinterest, on the other hand, works much better than this because you don’t really have to get bent trying to figure out how to create an effective marketing hook for a post.  Your post on Pinteret IS the marketing hook.  Designed to really feature images, and now video, more than words, Pinterest maximizes on whatever posts you make, so you might as well also maximize on your posts by using the best imagery you can use for posts.  A beauty shot of something you are promoting will speak more than any copy you can ever make for it, and if it happens to fall under that much desired “eye-candy” qualification, you can pretty much expect a good amount of traffic from people simply wanting to see and appreciate the image you posted.
Pre-organized traffic and links
One of the issues of trying to get traffic and links is that most time, while you do get the amount and mileage you would like to see, they are not exactly the best for your purposes.  I have always espoused the practice of marketing the right product to the right market, but in many cases, some are not always allowed this privilege.
Pinterest, on the other hand, has found a crafty solution for this.  By organizing and defining your boards well, you actually get to target the people you expect to subscribe to your post even before they begin subscribing to it.  Labeling a board as “Places I’ve been to” would already appeal to those with a great interest in travel, while creating a “Books I have read or would like to read” would get you avid book lovers already into the book genre you pinned.  An organized set of boards will most likely also get you a finely targeted group of people who already have a defined interest, and all that is left to you is to feed their collective interests.
Fueling your creativity
After some time, sharing sites and social media sites have a tendency to also foster a sort of mediocrity in people because of the need for constant updates.  Not everyone is an infinite well of ideas, so mundane and often senseless posts can’t be helped, all in the name of being updated.  The beauty of post of Pinterest is that you don’t really have to update as often as you need to in other social media and sharing sites, since a very creative image or video will bag you lasting mileage and a steady stream of subscribers over time.
With this in mind, you are now obliged to sustain a certain level of creativity, the level which will definitely keep people coming back to your boards.  It’s a fact that not everyone is a writer, so you can’t expect excellent bits and pieces of prose from people as posts all the time, but it is also a fact that everyone (or at least most people) has a pair of eyes, and thereby a certain attration to images worth looking at.  You don’t have to be an expert photographer to get the best looking image for your posts; there is beauty in simplicity and minimalism.  I’ve seen entire art galleries dedicated to this form.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with your creativity on your posts.  Fuel it, try different things, see which gets the best results in terms of traffic.
Foster natural and real engagements
Another great thing about Pinterest is because of the nature of the posts you make, you are bound to get more than just simple “likes”.  Any re-pins you get would allow you the chance to reach out to the those who did it and thank them personally, which is always a fantastic way to strike a conversation.
Human nature being what it is, the simple act of thanking them would necessarily entice a response from them,effectively creating a natural and real engagement.  Unless the imagery you use as posts happen to be quite offensive or controversial, there is also a slim chance of getting negative engagements, by this I mean that of an argumentative nature, since the trend in Pinterest is more of appreciation rather than criticism.  When deciding on images to use on Pinterest, consider using images that are not overly political or have any derogatory inferences in them, just to make sure you get the best engagements possible, and garner a good amount of traffic, and as a consequence, links as well.
So if you happen to have trouble coming with with a catchy sales copy for any promotion you would want to make on a social media site or sharing site, considering making the most out of Pinterest, since your imagery tends to make the most of the talking here.
Andy “pin it” Jenkins
  • Phil Ammendolia

    Hi Andy,

    Great post and great tips. I’ve been stunned at how many more people follow and like Pinterest posts than the other social media channels. I hope people will take note on your tips regarding simple images. Simple, well done infographics have also been working well.

    Thanks for a great post.

  • Matthew Loop

    Crazy how much traffic Pinterest is sending to our sites lately. Nice post, AJ