Why DIY SEO is Like Boxing

So who was your bet?

Funny thing about prize fights is, there are times that you definitely can’t be absolutely sure about the outcome.

Only thing is, like this recent and highly controversial boxing match, when the expected outcome doesn’t pan out, things could get kind of dicey.

Many people would probably say that DIY SEO is pretty much the same, that you could probably draw your own expectations of the outcome, but that you really should treat that expectation like it was something set in stone.

I disagree.

True enough, boxing matches would probably have that unexpected factor kicking in, and maybe surprising everyone with a result that wasn’t high on people’s list, but hey, that’s boxing, this is SEO, and I say if you stick to some trusted tenets, it could definitely be a bit like boxing, but with results you can be more sure of.

So what are these tenets that may be a bit like boxing?


Anybody who’s been in any sort of physical conflict will admit, it’s not always a good idea to “lead with your chin”. For those not familiar with the expression, this means not having any sort of defensive stance at all. A fight is not always about giving as good as you get, but also making sure that you fend off as much damage as you can. The greatest expression of defense in SEO is probably reputation management online. By this, of course, I mean that the probable damage would be to how your target market views you. Short of doing actual sabotage on you, shady competitors would definitely not be above resorting to petty reputation smearing. Having a solid and stable reputation online will do a lot to helping you maintain, among other things (1) the trust that people have come to invest in you, (2) the belief that you are a provider of value and good quality in whatever you do, and in case the smear campaign against you does get some headwind, reputation management will at least allow you to do some damage control.


So now that you know enough not to take too many hits, it’s time to make sure that you yourself can deliver the hits. Any marketer would know that the offensive maneuver in the world of marketing is whatever is in your arsenal that will bag you the most number of the consumers you are marketing to. Just like boxing where a fighter scores points to successful hits, so does a marketer score some hits when theire marketing efforts are rewarded with cosumers who are ready to buy into whatever it is you are marketing. Take a look at what you have in your arsenal, are these sifficient to get you the most people on board your brand? Will you get a conversion for your hits? Do you have a one-two combination in your marketing plans to help you get ahead of the competition? These are things you should include in your considerations. My suggestion? One of the best one-two combinations that I use when I plan any sort of campaign is to include a video that I am quite confident can go viral. You should really try making one of these.

Fancy footwork

I’m certain a lot of people still know the great Cassius Clay, known to most of us as the great Muhammad Ali. Ali would stun, confuse, and disorient his opponents with a combination of taunts, speedy jabs, and some very fancy footwork. The footwork allows him to seemingly be all around the opponent at once. It allowed him to be in the most optimal position to deliver his phenomenal combos. In your DIY SEO, this would be your sales letter copy. Having an excellent sales letter copy (and a valid email list) would defintely allow you to get your marketing message across to anyone and everyone anywhere, at any given time. Getting your message out in an efficient, speedy, and effective manner will give you an unfair advantage of sorts over the competition. The great thing about the fancy footwork that Muhammad Ali did was that it not only dazzled his opponents, it did the same to everyone watching his matches as well. This may be quite a good thing for you to emulate, as it is sure to deliver positive results for your efforts.


All professional fighters are known for having excellent staying power, to allow them enough stamina to see the match to a favorable outcome. Fighters who do not do much conditioning will find themselves quite winded real fast, cutting down their chances of winning drastically. Conditioning for your DIY SEO can come in the form of split testing, as this allows you to check if your efforts are indeed in top condition to achieve your marketing goals. Test all aspects of your campaign and record your findings. After some time, do this again, see if your figures indicate if you dd better, or if you need to do better. Good conditioning a fighter greater staying power, allowing the fighter to stay longer in the match. Should you be like this and yor campaigns also happen to be conditioned wuite well, then expect better, and bigger results to go your way.

Entertain the fans

Boxing matches and other prize fights find their origins back to the days when it was the primary form of entertainment. It wan’t all about the fighters participating in the match, it’s all about the glorious fight, which the crowds came to see. Pattern your campaigns and efforts to this notion, and you will find that you actually need to less exert effort to drawing any form of participation of engagement in your target market, since they will approach you themselves. The issue of engagement has never been more obvious or felt than in social media sites, where everyone can freely shar their two cents on practically anything. With this in mind, you need to seize upon this opportunity and present the people who are into social media sites with something that is sure to stir a reaction from them. Once you do get a reaction or a comment from them, you just know that you’re on the right track.

I have my own comments as to the outcome of this most latest and most controversial of boxing matches, but hey, I’m not fond of stirring up arguments between poeple (which I believe is the probably outcome of even bringing the topic up). I will say that seeing the smilarity between boxing and DIY SEO is quite apparent, once you really take a good look at it and all.


Andy “Rocky” Jenkins