Do you have a video marketing strategy in place?

I helped a few friends plan a little getaway to Asia recently.  These friends of mine have been all over Northern and Southern America and most of Europe, but never to Asia.  They asked for my help for two particular reasons: (1) they knew what a stickler I was for planning stuff, and (2) they knew just how much of a prolific internet researcher I am.

I was actually glad to help them out, because I know just how much of a vacation ruiner some unexpected things can be.  This is not to say that it’s even remotely possible to prepare for everything that can possibly happen, but it is definitely much, much better going out there prepared than it is going out there clueless.

And their request for help was very timely too.

I just happened to draft a short list of reasons why internet marketers should include a video marketing strategy in their efforts.  I’m always on the lookout for ways to prove just how important video can be in any marketing effort, be it mainstream or online, and here are a few important facts about marketing with video.

Looking for traffic?

You may need to set your sights on video, because a recent study indicated that a whopping 60% of all internet traffic is attributed to people who look for and watch videos on the internet.  Staggering huh?  Imagine that figure, 60%.  You definitely need to get a piece of that action, cuz.  This is real traffic, by the way, generated by natural interest, with very little, and in some cases, no SEO involved.  How can anyone not want to get some of this traffic?  Easy, real, and reliable traffic, right there, all for the taking.  Best of all, the traffic you can get from videos is one that is already mostly classified into specific markets.  People into cars will, of course be watching videos featuring cars.  People looking for health products will be watching videos that relate to health, like exercise, proper diet, and the like.  It’s already a certainty that your video will be watched by the right kind of traffic for your specific promotion.

Looking for unique visitors?

Almost everyone goes to YouTube, more than once a day, which makes the recent statistics of 100 million unique visitors each day no real surprise.  Should you happen to have some video marketing initiatives that involve YouTube, you can certainly expect a good amount of unique visitors, especially if your video is one that can draw in a good amount of views.  Even the most mundane of videos get watched on YouTube, which is a good indicator that your video is sure to get views too.  If your video also happens to be one really worth watching, then the chances of it getting watched are exponentially increased, as well as the chances of it getting either shared or even promoted.  Being the leading video sharing site, YouTube commands a staggering amount of documented responses and comments, made by real people who watched the videos.  At 100 million unique visitors a day, even a fraction of this that watches your video and leaves comments is already a huge deal in terms of market engagement.

Looking for immediate action from your market?

Statistics drawn from both consumers and companies conducting their own marketing through video reveal that as much as 40% to 46% of the people who watched videos perform a specific action that is favorable to the product or brand that ran the video they saw.  The viewers either did further research by visiting the product website, asked around regarding the product being promoted through the video, or even bought the product to try it out themselves.  Whichever the case may be, all of the results as encouraged by the video still turned out to be highly beneficial for whatever the video was promoting.  This also proves that in the issue of garnering trust and delivering the product message fully, like benefits and solutions, nothing beats video.  This could be attributed to the fact that video captures more than one sensory input from humans, leading viewers to pay more attention to what is being shown and said in the video, as opposed to just reading about it on print or hearing about it on audio broadcasts.

These numbers are actually expected to significantly increase as more marketing efforts get into using video more.  The great thing about this, in case you might ask why use video marketing if more and more are  getting into it, is that no matter how much of it gets into the market, it will not saturate it.  People just love watching videos.  The online behavior of people is that they will actually wait for the videos to buffer in YouTube just to watch it.  Companies all over often instruct their employees not to indulge in watching videos so much, whether from YouTube or from some other video sharing site, as it eats up a lot of the shared bandwidth in the office.  This shows that the viewing behavior of people does not really have a schedule:  they will watch whenever they can, regardless of wherever they are.  This is even proven in the technology development of portable computing devices, handheld media players, and even smart phones.  All of these gadgets have signiiant developments in their media players, since people are also watching videos on the go.

With that in mind, the answer to your question of why use video marketing in your online marketing efforts would be:  it is sheer insanity not to do so.


Andy “wizardry-in-video” Jenkins