7 Ways To Get Free Traffic Without Google

Don’t you just hate it when you get so dependent on something, only to find out that your dependence can also give you the greatest grief?

Kind of like really needing your caffeine fix, and needing more and more as the day goes on, only to find out (the hard way) that you’ve had too much and you can’t sleep?

Only sometimes it gets much worse than this.

Fortunately, there are some pretty crafty ways to get ridiculous amounts of free traffic.  The best part of it all is, what I’m about to share with you is in no way illegal and can’t be prohibited or be slapped by the big G.  How can you possibly lose?

Hey, tell you what, rather than me blabbing about how great these sources, why not just tell you what they are so you could try them yourself.

Here you go.

[kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9 size="20" color="#373737" ]1. Contests and sweepstakes[/kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9]

Hey, who doesn’t like winning?  Face it, you can’t think of a contest or a sweepstakes without the thought “hey, I could win this!” in your head, right? Absolutely. This same thought will get you a huge amount of traffic as well, because a lot of people will definitely get into it, all of whom are keen on winning.

[kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9 size="20" color="#373737" ]2. Email marketing[/kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9]

There’s an old tune that a lot of marketing gurus are playing these days called “Email Marketing is Dead”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Email marketing is still one of the best traffic-generating and best converting strategies out there. That’s why you need to build a solid list building campaign around your blog so you can have a list ripe with highly targeted subscribers to send your marketing updates to. Talking of blogging that leads me to numéro trois…

[kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9 size="20" color="#373737" ]3. Blogging[/kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9]

Here’s a surprising fact (ok, maybe not really surprising, but hey, if you really think about it, it should be), more and more blogs are achieving the rank and reputation of being authorities.  This is a fact that can be attested to by researchers and those looking for news online.  More people are getting the details and information they need not only from the usual sources, like established News sites and sites associated with education and such, but also from blogs that deliver consistent and reliable information.  In other words, huge traffic.

[kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9 size="20" color="#373737" ]4. Give Away Free software[/kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9]

I’m not suggesting you go out and start your own software company, although nothing should stop you from doing that if you have the skills and the time needed to get it off the ground. What I’m talking about here is using open source software that you can give away for free in exchange for people’s email addresses. Again, it all boils down to building your list that you can market to over and over again with products related to the software.

[kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9 size="20" color="#373737" ]5. Affiliate traffic[/kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9]

When they coined the phrase “the more, the merrier”, they must have had a vision of affiliate marketing in mind, because that’s what it is.  Affiliate traffic is quite actually, the gift that keeps on giving.  Picture this, a one-time effort, where you get to help someone in their business, and they in turn, help you, effectively doubling your expected traffic with not as much effort as you think should go into it.  This is definitely one sweet source of traffic.

[kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9 size="20" color="#373737" ]6. Article marketing and distribution[/kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9]

See, people now are more critical about the stuff they read online.  They will readily let you know what they think about what you wrote and posted online.  It stands to reason, therefore, that if they have a reaction to what you distributed or marketed in your article, whether good or bad, that means they actually read it.  Two birds with one stone right there:  attracting attention and garnering engagement.

[kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9 size="20" color="#373737" ]7. Video posts[/kc_heading_pac_14_headline_9]

Here’s someting that I will attest to myself:  the power of video.  People just love watching videos.  They really do.  More than that, they will almost always give their two cents about it, whether good or bad.  Videos are mostly the preferred “sharing post” in most social media sites.  With this much attention, you are also sure to get a phenomenal amount of traffic here.  Trust me on this one: videos get watched.  Try your hand at making one and you will see what I’m talking about.

See that right there?  Seven, count them, seven sources of traffic that do not come from Google.  All of these are also things that you yourself can do, no rocket science, no fantastic IQ required.  All you need is a little imagination, some patience, and the desire to get an unbelievable amount of traffic without having to depend on a limiting factor in your internet marketing efforts.

But I have a confession to make… I basically, stole these from someone else and to top it off this is only a handful of ways you can drive free traffic. If you want to learn a whole bunch more then click the link below.  

Click here to get MORE free traffic sources


Andy “No dependencies” Jenkins

  • http://WhosChrisHughes.com Chris Hughes

    Great sources here Andy. I find more and more that I’ve been getting away from Google because they’ve cut the traffic to all of my niche blogs by about 70-90% and cut my income with it.

    I’ve been working hard to bring these back, but I’m looking into other avenues for longer term sustainable income. Email marketing is one of these and videos (GO VIDEO BOSS) are another part.

  • Jim

    Hey Andy — Good post as always. Regarding giveaways/sweepstakes, what’ s the general rule of thumb for using other’s products (such as hardware or Blu-ray discs, etc.) where the corporate owner of said products hasn’t officially endorsed your use of them? Just a disclaimer saying they’re not affiliated with, don’t endorse, etc.?

  • http://OutsourceFactor.com/ Chris from OutsourceFactor

    Great post, Andy. For one of my businesses I have been absolutely killed by Penguin. But I have a big email list of subscribers who really REALLY love my content. Sending out emails and adding blog posts has been a huge saviour. And now that I bought myself a nice Canon T3i DSLR with 1080p, watch out YouTube!

  • The Web Traffic Reporter

    Hi Andy, I luv “how to get web traffic” articles! Can I reprint this on my blog?
    Thanks ~ Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

  • Nicole Jolie

    Hey Andy,

    Your visuals are hilarious! As always, Paying attention to your detail.

    Love the idea of video marketing, that’s my all time “fav”. I’ve been looking into alternative methods besides the emails and capture pages that people are consistently bombarded with on a daily basis. Albeit, if it converts…
    Will be taking copious notes as I read through your blawg again. Thanks!!

    Nicole Jolie

  • Sallie

    Informative, to the point- I love the no fluff aka waste my time with extra non-informative time fillers (long blawg [cute] posts are boring, make me tired looking at them, hint: unread), & as always Funny :D

  • http://twitter.com/Leadership_HQ LeadershipTrainingHQ

    Got any

  • http://twitter.com/Leadership_HQ LeadershipTrainingHQ

    Do you have any suggestions on where to promote contests to get momentum?

  • Mike Boorn Plener

    Hey Andy, I tend to get significant amounts of traffic from the social media. Twitter Facebook, Linkedin… the usual suspects, but they work both for building the list that you can then email and for direct traffic. They can be fickle, but I guess that’s why I run courses in how people should be doing it….

  • http://Internet-marketingtutorials.com/ Toby

    Hi Andy,

    One thing you didn’t mention was submitting short reports to Document sharing sites like Docstoc and Scribd. The best thing about this is if you’re writing a blog you can repackage the articles into little short reports and upload them. Each report should generate a nice little stream of traffic to your site. And who doesn’t like that!

  • Sally W.

    you MUST be kidding… Ignoring the typos and other errors, several of your line items are NOT sources of traffic at all (software, blogging) What are you thinking Jenkins? Surely you can come up with a better list after all those years at StomperNet… no?

  • http://twitter.com/IsleOfGreg Greg

    I would have to agree with the first commenter, Sally W. This list is utterly ridiculous. Here’s why:

    1. Post a contest or sweepstakes, no one will give a crap unless you already have a list big enough to be statistically relevant. E.g. if you have no traffic, this will go unnoticed and no one will care. Therefore, it is NOT a source of front end traffic, but only a way to tend to the people you already have.

    2. E-mail marketing as a FRONT END source of traffic?? Are you insane? There’s a name for that and it’s called spam. However, e-mail is great when you’ve already built a large opt-in list, which is done by getting traffic from ANOTHER SOURCE! (like paid ads from Google/Facebook)

    3. Blogging. Don’t make me laugh. Post something on a blog and the whole world comes rushing to your door, right? Ha! Unless you promote your blog with paid ads (Google/Facebook), you’ll only get random traffic from search engine spiders and the OCCASIONAL person who just happened to run a long-tail search on something your post is about.

    4. Free software – Yes, give away some useful software to get people to opt-in but here’s the kicker… HOW DID THEY HEAR ABOUT YOUR FREE SOFTWARE OFFER IN THE FIRST PLACE IF YOU AREN’T RUNNING PAID ADS??? You don’t seem to address that huge issue at all.

    5. Affiliate traffic. Ok, this is halfway decent, HOWEVER… where are the affiliates generating their traffic from? Yep, that’s right, Google and Facebook ads are the only reliable way to get streams of traffic on your own, so really you’re just passing the buck to someone else here. Also, it should be noted that 99% of affiliates DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So to rely on this small 1% who actually invest money into promotion is a bad business strategy if its all you’re hoping for.

    6. Articles? Yes, please tell me more about how great it is to waste hours writing the hundreds of articles it will take to get enough backlinks from the hordes of crappy pagerank 0 and 1 article directories buried deep within their websites along with everyone else’s crappy content that we all know no one would write if not for the backlink opportunity.

    7. Video – This is halfway decent because YouTube is still an environment where people have somewhat of a fair shot at good distribution as long as the video is funny, outrageous, or somehow novel that would make other people want to pass it around. But the downside is making a quality video like this is hard and requires a lot of work and in the end, you might only get 30 views. Whoopie-do-dah.

    Above are 7 reasons for an Andy Jenkins FAIL.

  • Mikemajor3

    hate to say it, but did a couple of Pinterest for clients…and it works, fast! someone told me yesterday there’s a video feature as well, it’s on my “gotta see that” list.
    If you TRY to sell or spam, they’ll block you, quick. But you can post half your catalog on there, and nobody minds – and it WILL send targeted traffic!
    I know, seems stooopid – but in the words of the military, “if it’s stupid, but works – it’s not stupid”.

  • http://twitter.com/DonnaGorenflo Donna Gorenflo

    Andy I have to admit…when I get your email news I actually read it and continue here to read the rest. Again, great advice as usual. I’ve been a little bumped by Penguin too but I find myself spinning in circles trying to decide which one of these suggestions you offer should I be working on first. All great ideas and I will eventually get around to them all I’m sure.

  • offpiste_man

    Penguins are birds. I use a mobile app / push notifications

  • http://twitter.com/IsleOfGreg Greg

    Don’t you just love how Andy removed all the less-than-enthusiastic comments from this blog post that were here yesterday? I wrote one that went through every point on this list and showed how they weren’t really front end traffic techniques but rather most are just ways of dealing with the people you already have in your fold. Now today it is removed, along with many others. Way to go champ.

  • ck

    indeed, great post.
    Andy, you requested a “shout-out” from those of us finding your blog helpful, so here’s the luv, man.
    One other fyi I’d share is page-load took f o r e v e r on my machine (ymmv).
    Still, appreciate all you do helping us gain altitude.

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.heydt.9 Daniel Heydt

    Andy, you always have great information. This post was really good and as a marketing newbie I need all the help I can get.
    The only thing that isn’t clear to me is how to use contests. It seems that you would need to somehow drive traffic to the contest in order to get traffic and that doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe I’m wrong but if I could drive traffic to anything I would just drive it directly to my site/offer/squeeze page etc…

  • Anindo

    You are truly an expert in this field. Do you outsource the software creation work or make it yourself? But that is a very good point that you make of give away free softwares in exchange for email addresses.

  • Anindo

    You are truly an expert in this field. Do you outsource the software creation work or make it yourself? But that is a very good point that you make of give away free softwares in exchange for email addresses.

  • Webmasters Guide

    I got smacked by google :( I’m gonna try some of this- Thank you!

  • Webmasters Guide

    I got smacked by google :( I’m gonna try some of this- Thank you!