Why Video Marketing Should Be on Your Internet Marketing Plate Now

Got a huge thank you email recently from a friend who tried his hand at internet marketing a few years back, but didn’t really get anywhere.

He said he tried everything, bought books, attended seminars, even tried emulating what he could read online, but he said the results weren’t anywhere near what was promised at the beginning of each program or training module he undertook.

Then he said he stumbled onto some web video marketing stuff I had, and he said it like (his words) “finally finding the red button that activates the nitrous in his internet marketing efforts”.

Color me bashful.

I am sincerely glad that he finally found the boost that he was looking for, and I am equally glad that it was from the stuff I took pains to create for all internet marketers out there.  I’m not really in the habit of using testimonials for something as candid as my blog here, but I really felt just how relieved the guys was to finally find a solution for his troubles.  I just felt that I owed him for the huge and carefully detailed email he sent just to thank me.

He actually detailed the increase in figures he got from simply including the video element to his internet marketing campaigns.  I won’t go into the detail of those figures here, but I will go on about some general facts I came across when I looked around on the internet for actual information pointing to how much “ooomph” adding video could to to your internet marketing efforts.

Increases likelihood of conversion

A study done by the Forrester Research group indicates that adding a decently-made video to your campaigns is six times more likely to turn a simple visitor or casual browser, into someone who would register to get more info or even do an outright purchase.  This is because a detailed video explaining all the info potential customers need builds trust almost immediately.  Your video presents some unique insights that could also be conveyed through written copy, but will not have as much impact.  By being implicitly detailed, your video could influence faster, or even immediate conversions because the viewers won’t have to do further research or study into whatever it is that you are marketing, it’s all there in the video for everyone to watch.

Optimized video content is the best optimized content

 The same study from the Forrester group also revealed that video content optimized for search engines is 53 times more likely to come out on the first page, compared to other optimized content.  This points to the fact that more people really watch videos more than they read written articles or content.  This may also be due to the fact that most people who do optimized content still crank out more written content or images than they do optimized videos.  While this trend may change sometime soon in the face of the burgeoning benefits of video content, the fact remains that the sooner you get into web video marketing, the sooner you may be seeing significant improvements in your results.

Reputation management achieved in just a few minutes

An independent study found out that a detailed video, clearly stating the facts that people want to know, or answering some very basic topics usually found in the Q and A setion of websites, is highly likely to generate more trust from the market.  This is especially true if the video happened to be crafted with a human element in it, whether direclty present as with a company representative in the video, or implied through the imagery narrating the video content.  One of the drawbacks of the internet is that the same privacy enjoyed by most people there also creates unsettling anonymity among corporations that have no mainstream image to speak of, but instead established itself through the website.  Having a video eliminates most of this unsettling anonymity and establishes a “face” to the company, which people could then relate to.

Dramatically improved engagement

Having a video that allows responses goes a long way to encouraging people to build an engagement with your brand or company.  Sharing this video over social media sites or video sharing sites known to have a huge following increases this engagement dramatically.  Don’t be discouraged if you happen you happen to get less than sterling comments, this only gives you a chance to respond with a detailed answer detailing the best qualities of whatever it is you are marketing.  This also goes a long way to establishin a personality to your brand, rather than just portraying your site as a faceless, automated promotional service cranking out empty ads and not caring what the market has to say about you.

Spread faster than wildfire and a virus put together

Another independent study found ou that almost 68% of people who watch online videos, whether intended for marketing or whatever purpose, passed the link to the video or information about the video to their friends and close associates.  The great thing about this is regardless if the video is of stellar quality or just so-so, it will still get passed, since this appears to be a building trend among people over the internet lately.  For a lack of better things to say, people will instead pass on the links or information about things they saw, or heard, or read, just to be able to “update” their online presence.  This works well for you should you have something worthy of being shared online for whatever it is you are marketing, and in this sense, a video is almost always worth sharing.  There are even videos that are just so bad or of poor quality that get still get shared anyway, what more if your video happens to be something that you put a lot of work into?

There are many, many more reasons why video marketing should be in your interternet marketing plate right baout now.  If you happen to have been surfing around the internet lately, you must have noticed the proliferation of videos on almost every site you see, be it social media sites, brand or business sites, or even personal websites of people just wanting to share their thoughts online.  More and more people are getting the message that video does go the distance in delivering whatever ideas need to be delivered, and in a manner that appeals to a great many people.  I ask you now cuz, shouldn’t you also be among these people?  Just asking.  I’m sure you know the right thing to do.


Andy “Mr Factual” Jenkins

  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.jacques.5 Jason Jacques

    great blog…..why was it not a video?…given the topic

  • Christine

    Andi, Thanks for your article, and the content you have been sending me for some time. I will pass it on to my business associate to encourage him to work with me in promoting his product.

    I would love to see you have a video style blog with text transcripts for additional SEO rather than just text for your content. It would have even more impact, I’m sure you would agree. ;O)