A Viral Marketing Video that Persuades Like Crazy

The best way to hit a target is to attack it from all angles

That’s how viral video marketing works

Viral videos persuade like crazy, and have the potential to make you an instant internet celebrity

How do you make a viral video that hits targets from all angles…and persuades like crazy?

Get out of the box…it’s the only way to go, because people love to talk about something

That’s as interesting as something out of this world

Appeal to emotions because it effectively gives people a sense of ownership with the clip

Allow your video to be watched with ease or run the risk of turning your audience away

Encourage sharing by placing a like or follow button next to your video

Make it easy for people to download or embed your videos so they can be shared a lot easier

Be subtle with advertising by not being overly promotional

Your main goal is to create interest and to educate

Advertising should be your secondary goal

Create sequels to create that sense of anticipation from your audience

It will make them want some more stuff from you

Get out of the box, be creative and consistently persuade your audience with awesome viral videos.

  • http://www.toothygrinsstore.com/HydroFloss-p/hydrofloss01.htm Toothy Grins

    good points, ‘think out of the box’. always good advice.