Do You Speak Mobile Marketing? New terms You Should Know

Hey, remember how I told you guys that mobile is fast becoming the place to optimize because more people are getting into surfing and searching using mobile Internet?

Well, it just got real. Real-er. (I know it’s not a real word, but I think you know what I mean).

Been doing my usual nosing around the net for developments and aliens and whatnot, when I came across this post from Monica Ho, discussing some essential mobile targeting definitions that every marketer should know:

“A number of new terms have come to the marketplace since mobile’s explosion, such as SoLoMo, geo-fencing, UDID, the list goes on. Some of these terms will become part of popular culture, while others don’t even make sense! But the sooner we all get on board with more correct, local-mobile terminology, the better off our industry will be.

We’ll start by highlighting essential industry terms related to mobile targeting, cutting through the overused jargon to handpick and clearly define a number of mobile targeting terms that have become part of the industry landscape for veterans and newbies alike.”

It’s mostly a definition of the technical terms used in mobile technology, which also happens to be something that marketers need to know, since it directly affects the entire operations of mobile tech, the new hunting ground of Internet marketers.

To make a long story short, it has to do with demographics, audience/market targeting, and tracking applications based on apps.

Just like in traditional Internet marketing, it’s implicitly important to know your target audience. This is because marketing to the wrong audience will get you next to nothing, while marketing to right audience is the height of efficiency.

Knowing more about the apps that can help you with your mobile marketing efforts is also important, since these are your marketing tools, without which, your work will be significantly more difficult and, sometimes, even downright frustrating.

Remember that in marketing, knowledge and information is a large part of every strategy, so get yourself up to speed on these new terms so that you have a better grasp on your mobile Internet marketing strategies and efforts.

In the know is the way to go, cuz. Remember that.


Andy “mobile everyday” Jenkins