Making Your Site Visitors Work for You

When social media hit the online world users gained the power to generate their own content

And in terms of SEO user-generated content does a lot of good

Google and other search engines scour the internet for user-generated content posted on social media sites

The content can be anything from user reviews to comments

That’s why you can see search results these days with links to reviews and user comments

How do you take advantage of this breakthrough as a website owner?

Start by engaging  your visitors with high quality content

Engaging content encourages visitors to leave comments which are picked up by Google

You can also ask your readers to post their opinions and reactions to your post

Or post a review about your product or services

And you can also ask other bloggers to guest write on your blog

What it does is that other bloggers’ visitors will start to notice your site and see the value you can offer

The most important part to remember is to engage your audience enough and ask them what they want

So they will willingly offer their contributions over.