4 Obstacles to Creating Marketing Videos

Fact: The Internet SMILES UPON VIDEO

And the whole world welcomes video with a WARM HUG and CHOCOLATE MILK

With video, internet marketing has become more interesting…and PROFITABLE

But video marketing is not without obstacles – OBSTACLES that could spell the success or DOOM of your marketing campaigns

Here are the four most common obstacles marketers encounter when trying to create marketing videos

1 Not having an idea what to shoot is a perennial problem among video marketers

To get around this roadblock, watch some videos and get some ideas that work

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel – just add a twist to things

2 Not knowing what your market wants is tricky, but you can solve this by checking out what’s trending

And what people are talking about and passing around on Facebook and Twitter

3 Cost of equipment is also another common problem among marketers, ESPECIALLY AMONG NEWBIES

You don’t need expensive equipment. What really counts is how great the concept is

4 Wondering where to market the videos, whether on YouTube or on Amazon S3

To solve this, ask whether you want your videos to be highly accessible

Or whether you want your videos to be accessed privately

Bottom line is these obstacles can be overcome if you have the right mindset fueled by passion

And if you know where to look