A Simple Video Creation Lesson From a Webby Winner

We’ve all heard of it before: creating a viral video that people go crazy over can do wonders for you if you leverage it correctly. Branding, marketing and search engine optimization efforts can really get a big boost from a video that goes berserk on the Web.

And then some.

Sometimes, a viral video can get so popular that it takes its creator from cult sensation status to legitimate global recognition. The other day, the annual Webby awards dropped and one particular award caught my eye.

That award is for the Best Mash-up video category where DJ Steve Porter took home the trophy for his video titled “All He Does Is Win.” The clip features a hodgepodge of references to New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow who has become one of the most popular and polarizing figures in American sports in just his rookie year. DJ Steve’s work is presented in a music video that features cuts from sports media members and NFL personalities that are edited in such a way to make it look like they’re rapping.

Check it out and be amazed:

I love how Skip Bayless became an instant hip-hop gangsta in this one.

In any case, this video is yet another piece of proof that some of the best videos on the Web don’t even require Hollywood talent and resources to put together. DJ Steve didn’t need good looks, high-end gear or even a camera to create a video that summoned 3.6 million viewers from all over the planet. All he needed was a good idea, some catchy tunes and a little bit of editing skills and now we’ve got this little gem that keeps playing in my head. It only shows that there’s room for all sorts of talent on the Web and you can display a lot of those talents on video to make some noise. It’s all about getting started and having the passion to put translate your ideas into things that your target audience can see and hear. Do that and you’ve already taken your first big step towards successful video marketing. I know because I’ve been there.



  • Mike Taylor

    Check again, Cuzzin. It has 4,049,997 views. Was it something you said?

  • Mike Taylor

    Check again, Cuzzin. It has 4,049,997 views. Was it something you said?