SEM for Mobile: Why You Should Really Get Into It

You know, you’re certain to tell if something has indeed become a trend when you start to see it more and more in the movies.

The Matrix Trilogy practically made everyone want their own mobile phone (apart from trench coats and Raybans, that is), and as basic as the mobile phone at the time, they were all the rave.

Flash forward to a few years ago when movies also upgraded the mobile tech they use to reflect the present times, and most movie characters (except the ones who were still swinging steel swords and shooting wooden arrows) were also doing most of their computing on their mobile devices, as well as some other gadget wizardry. While movies may be considered as timeless, they must also be quite timely, especially if they happen to feature something quite akin to contemporary times.

The lesson here is quite simple. So simple, in fact, that it’s been used as a byword in a lot of movies: evolve or die.

That’s actually a premise I would much rather subscribe to than the “only the strong survive” idea. I say this because I’ve seen a lot of instances where strength also necessarily translated to being rigid, a quality not exactly associated with the ability to evolve. To evolve, one must be flexible, able to learn on their feet, and seize upon opportunities that present itself, rather than fight everything stubbornly.

Internet marketing is no exception to the idea of evolving. If anything else, Internet marketing is a testing ground of an individual’s ability to adapt and evolve, much like that in mainstream marketing. Since Internet marketing caters primarily to the human element (or at least it should), people who dabble in it must be able to see which trends are most likely to be good to capitalize on. To say that search engine marketing (SEM) for mobile is the way to go now is quite the understatement, since most mobile technology developments pretty much also provide for mobile connection to the Internet. But hey, why take my word for it? What are the most salient reasons out there today as to why Internet marketers should also take a good, hard look at the mobile playing field?

The world is mobile

Mobile phones and computing devices are no longer the exclusive luxury of the rich and famous. Sure, some are more expensive or more fancy than others, but hey, there are almost always budget models, quite affordable my most people. With this in mind, how could you not consider channeling a bit of your marketing magic to mobile users? Come on, cuz, get with the program here. Recent statistics on the sheer amount of people using mobile technology is nothing short of staggering, meaning you’re not just marketing a select few here, cuz, you are literally marketing to the world.

The mold is already there

If you’re thinking you’re going to have to craft an entire system and other major considerations just to get into the mobile niche, I have to say, you’re in the wrong now, cuz. Internet providers working with mobile services have recognized the huge amount of people using mobile devices for their Internet concerns, which is why these providers themselves have made the necessary arrangements in their systems to allow Internet marketing to be done through their service. And why not? These companies also stand to make a pretty penny from all of this clamor. For their part, these mobile service providers have heeded the saying “if you build it, they will come”.

Mobile users are more focused

Unlike the fellows who do their surfing and computing on desktops, notebooks, and tablets, people who primarily use their mobile phones and hand-helds are actually more focused. By this I mean that when they do their surfing on their mobile phones or devices, they more or less know what they want when they go online. For Internet marketers, this actually means a foot in the door already. These aren’t people who are nonchalantly going through sites one after the other, no, these are people who are looking for something and most likely came upon websites (could be yours) because their are thinking you might have what they are looking for. This means that a good portion of your job as a marketer has already been done for you. More likely than not, these are people who are ready to buy or acquire a service you may be offering on your mobile search engine marketing.

Payments made simpler

And because the mobile business already has an efficient payment system in place, money payments and transactions all rest on a system that’s already been around for some time. You may not be able to issue a check through your mobile device, but hey, it offers pretty much the same transparency in handling your finances or purchases.

Social media-ready

Thanks to the wonder of Twitter, it is just as easy to use the mobile service to post your updates or whatever else you need to do with your social media accounts. I’m sure you all know out there how effective a properly executed social media marketing initiative could be to a brand. Why marketing to people’s mobile devices would seem like these people constantly have your advertisement signs in their pocket, since people do tend to lug along their mobile devices wherever they go.

I could give you so much more salient points why SEM for mobile is good idea nowadays, cuz, but I want you to absorb these first few points should you decice to expand your business onto the mobile Internet arena. If you could already see the light from these first few points, then buckle up an Internet marketing ride like you’ve never had before.


Andy “I-am-mobile Jenkins

  • The I.M. Arsenal

    Great article Andy… cheers Boss!

  • The I.M. Arsenal

    Great article Andy… cheers Boss!