On Knowing What is Marketing, and What Needs to be kept Private

Ok, I have come across another situation where it seems “are you kidding me???” is in order.

More companies, conglomerates, and corporations are seeing the benefits of integrating social media into what they do, particularly marketing and reputation management.

Agreed, this is a good thing.

But hang on a minute.

What’s this is hear that some companies are actually asking job candidates to hand over their Facebook account information and password during job interviews?

Are you kidding me???

There still is a thing called privacy in the world as we know it, right?  Or have I accidentally drifted into an alternate dimension where it’s ok for other people to poke their nose where it don’t belong?

In case you’re wondering where this came from, Aidan Hijleh shares the nitty gritty:


“According to a recent report from the Associated Press, more companies in both the public and private sectors are asking job candidates to hand over the username and password to their precious Facebook account during the interview process. While these credentials are not necessarily as sensitive as the login ID and password to a consumer’s online banking account, they are private, and the fact that employers are increasingly considering this a requirement is an alarming trend no matter how you look at it.

Spectators are not taking this matter lightly, and neither are lawmakers. In fact, a pair of U.S. Senators recently asked the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Justice to look into the issue to determine whether these appalling employer practices violate any laws on a federal level. Furthermore, lawmakers in individual states are reportedly devising bills to ensure that the same practices do not violate local laws. The fact that both federal and state government oppose to employers requesting interviewees to share their Facebook login details is encouraging, but this battle appears to be far from over.”


Oh, you bet spectators aren’t taking this lightly.  Would you cuz?  Never mind them knowing what you had for breakfast, I don’t particularly savor the knowledge that management knows where I had my last hot date, or something along those lines.

Yes, social media is all about sharing, which is why it is such an effective internet marketing tool.

But for the luvva Pete, this is WILLFULLY and VOLUNTARILY shared information, not something wrenched from you forcefully because someone else had access to your social media account.

So tell me, how different is this really from a dictatorship?  Or brainwashing?  Or the opposite of marketing?

Hey, at least the people from Facebook had the prudence to warn potential employers not to ask for such sensitive information.  I think they know that how a person behaves privately or with friends may not really affect or have any bearing on their output or deliverables at work at the end of the day.

I mean, come on man, should we really even be discussing this as a contention?  Get with the program, y’all.


Andy “freedom” Jenkins

  • Robert

    Interesting cuzin freedom , peace …..

  • Jeff Meier

    Freedom is disappearing

  • http://www.facebook.com/ellieoops Ellen Mencer

    ah yes…. Brave New World… happenin’ now. :-(