Marketing on YouTube: The Secret Method You’ve Been Looking For?

As most of you out there know, I do my best to answer any and all questions that come my way, especially when it comes to matters of internet marketing. I have to admit, one of the most popular (and kind of repetitive) questions I get is “what is my secret formula or strategy for a successful video marketing campaign?”

I’m sure those of you out there who have been following my blog for some time know I don’t really have any secrets. I say this because I readily share my tricks with anyone who cares to listen.

However, I do know that the question was asked in the context of seeing if I had any methods or techniques which (1) might prove to be more effective than what others practice, and (2) might be something that not many know of or have tried.

Thing is, I do. It (1) will prove to be quite effective, just how effective is all up to whoever is doing it, and (2) it is something that many actually know of, but may not be using it as it can be used, namely to boost your internet marketing efforts.

What is this wondrous method I am talking about, you might wonder? Why, I’m speaking of marketing on YouTube, cuz.

By now you are thinking either (1) “cuz, I’m not so sure it can be effective” or (2) “are you being serious right now?”

I actually know where this is coming from. Considering most of the content found on YouTube, you probably think that marketing in a place filled with embarrassing moments and fan-made videos isn’t the way to go. Had I not tried it myself, I might have agreed with you, but I did try it, and trust me when I say it does work. Here are just a few reasons why you should try it yourself:


Save yourself a pretty penny

Let me state first what may be the best reason to do marketing on YouTube: IT DOESN’T COST YOU ANYTHING. Why do you think so many people upload so much stuff in it? It’s for free, so why not make the best use of this immensely good thing right now? Heck, all you need is an email address and you’re good to go. How hard can that be? You might say, “it’s for free, so there has to be a catch”. Well, there is, actually, but I don’t look at it as a catch. A limitation to YouTube is that your videos cannot have a long running time to it. Trust me when I say, this is not a problem, this is actually a good thing. I will discuss why in the next point.


Automatic limitation that helps

The catch I’m talking about is the limited running time allowed for videos to be uploaded. You say this is a problem? I say it’s a great help! Why? Normally, a lot of people go overboard when they make their video in terms of running time. Sure you have a lot to say, and you’ve got great clips and a catchy soundtrack, and maybe even some fancy-schmancy editing done, so people should really see that right? Wrong. You’ve already proven how wrong you are by just stating those points. You’ve already shown that your priority was never the marketing message you had in your video, or maybe your content or message isn’t really worth knowing, so you put more effort in the editing than in the actual message of the video. Let’s get this straight: a long-running video will not really get as many viewers as you think it will, regardless of what’s in it. YouTube is doing you a favor by limiting the running time of the video, allowing you to focus on the more important things you should be highlighting in the video.


It’s owned by Google

And everyone thought that products owned by Google were expensive (except for email). Well, YouTube is owned by Google, and yet it won’t cost you anything to view or upload videos on. Did I mention it’s owned by Google? I’m repeating it in case that didn’t sink in. I’m highlighting this because being owned by the most-used search engine in the world does have its perks. How fast do you think YouTube gets crawled compared to other video-sharing sites? Apart from that, being owned by Google also comes with the promise of rare, if any at all, incidents regarding the service not functioning properly. Do you remember the last time that YouTube went screwy? Me neither. YouTube has the massive resources that Google commands, so it’s pretty much a fact it will definitely see more up-time than down-time.


Ultra share

Like I said, being owned by Google gives YouTube several a few advantages over other similar video-sharing sites. Social media practically lives off connection, and YouTube is one of the most connected sites on the internet. You can practically make a post on your social media account without having to leave YouTube. Imagine, a share of your video (with your product or service being advertised on the video) will automatically feature it on someone’s else’s social media account, until it reaches the people you want to reach out to. No more worrying how to embed any pesky codes or scripts, at the click of a button, YouTube let’s your video into all corners of the social media world. And would you happen to have an idea how far a reach YouTube allows you? The reach will definitely be insane, as YouTube can be seen practically anywhere on the planet (except for some countries run by backward thinking governments who decides what the citizens get to see and hear and read).


For the people, by the people

As a rule, large entities that can normally throw a bunch of money into paying for a professionally made video pretty much stands on equal footing with those who are on a very low budget when it comes to YouTube. Why? Because a video uploaded by someone who can hire DreamWorks to produce it can’t elbow out videos made by some aspiring internet marketing living out of his or her mom’s garage. You’re pretty much on equal footing with the big boys when it comes to uploading and having your videos watched on YouTube. Isn’t that a kicker? You get to tell some moneyed bigwig “neener-neener-neeeeeener, my video can be seen right alongside yours”. Since a lot of videos on YouTube were also made by everyday people, it does have this uncanny appeal for everyone to come see the videos there, which further increases the chances of your video getting seen not just once, but many times.


So there you have it, I told you it wasn’t a secret. What was mostly unknown is just how great an opportunity YouTube is to internet marketers, and how easy it is to do it. So don’t ask for a secret recipe or technique ask for something that has been tried and actually works pretty well. Who knows? I just might get your question, and before you know it, you’re making waves in the internet marketing world.




Andy “video-is-still-boss” Jenkins