This is NOT a Dream: I’m Giving Away Some Sweet FREE Video Boss


You’ve heard the rumblings and you’ve seen the signs. Yesterday, it all came to light: the Video Boss private coaching program is indeed back and is now accepting new students to join the elite group of next-generation Internet marketers.

Needless to say, people on my mile-long waiting list blitzed the registration page in the past 24 hours to get themselves a piece of the number one video marketing course in da Interwebs. I’ll be leaving the sign-up portal open for a VERY LIMITED TIME until the number of available slots are filled in. When that happens, I’ll have to close the Video Boss down again and wait until I feel that my new batch of students is ready to dominate the Web. Seats are being taken FAST as we speak, so do yourself a favor and save one now.

Anyway, you folks have given me such a mind-blowing response that I’ve decided to kick up the Video Boss festivities one notch higher. I understand that some of you may have time or financial constraints that are holding you back from getting into Video Boss, so I thought I could give you guys a little treat. To start off, lemme ask you what the word FREE means to you…

To celebrate the latest release of Video Boss, I’m giving away FREE 1-year subscriptions to not one, not two, but THREE of you awesome folks out there. All you have to do is join the fun and easy Video Boss Bash contest and you’re all set to go.

Here’s how it works:

1. See that video embedded up there? Watch it and follow the instructions.

2. If for some reason it’s not showing up, here’s the YouTube link:

3. Upload a video response to that clip telling me why you want and deserve a free Video Boss account.

4. The video can come in any form and style. You can record yourself talking in front of the camera, you can create a video slide show, you can use animation, or you can hire mimes for an interpretative dance. Basically, it’s a freestyle thing and you can be as creative as you want to be.

5. Upload your video responses from April 25 to April 29, 2012.

6. Entries must be 1-2 minutes long

7. Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Content (extra points to talking tapirs)
  • Creativity (contortionists encouraged)
  • Originality (the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been patented, thank you.)
  • Audiovisual Quality (it helps not to sound like an obscene phone caller)

***Entries with nudity, violence, inappropriate behavior and animal cruelty will automatically be reported to the YouTube Police.

8. Winners will be announced on April 30th in my official social media channels and in this blog. Winners will also be notified via YouTube messaging to inform them of their life-changing achievements.

Did you get all that? Cool. Get those creative gears in your heads turning and I’ll be waiting for your entries.


Andy “Free-is-Good” Jenkins




If for some reason you’re not too familiar with Video Boss, click here to get the lowdown on all the details. Enjoy!

Important: Please DO NOT submit videos in the comments below. In order for your video to be considered it MUST be posted as a Video Response to the contest announcement video. Here are instructions from Youtube about how to post a Video Response.


Hey, cuzins! I just announced the winners of the Video Boss Bash contest. Click here to view the post.

  • Contactus

    video doesn’t load as page is not mobilized. Fyi

  • Jay Treadwell

    Cuz, I gotta question. If I purchase the coaching…meaning I lay down my hard earn cash from a very tough Real Estate industry (not win it will my very limited video skills), how long will I have access to the modules, videos and bonus material? I realize you can’t coach me indefinitely, but I really don’t know if I am goingto be able to absorb it all in six months or even a year.

    • MB

      Hey Jay,

      I have a solution that may help us both. Let’s partner up & Mastermind on this. You purchase the coaching, I will study it inside & out, then, not only will you be able to study at your own pace, but you will have a partner indefinitely to work with & to help coach you even after Cuzin Andy’s personal coaching has ended. I’ll also share other information & skills that I’ve picked up over the years if you’d like. Reply to this message if it sounds like a good idea to you & I’ll send you my email address so we can discuss it further. Take care & have an Awesome day!

      To Your Succes,


  • Quantella Owens

    Can you please tell me what will happen to all this user generated (ie: free) content after the contest is over? Will you be using these submissions in some way not mentioned here?

    • J. Lamar Ferren

      Is it really that big of a deal if he does? He’s offering you a 2000+ course for free…

  • Tony Thornby

    Hi Andy,

    Great offer – but the 3 who win will be the ones who least need your coaching. I desperately need to use video the way you do to differentiate myself and give my social media connections information in the form they will love (i.e. video).

    I’m normally a very positive person, but I have to be realistic. As currently one of the least video gifted on the planet, anything I put together would stand no chance of being in the top 3. But wouldn’t I be the best person to receive your gift – just think of the case study I’d make of how you can turn a sow’s purse into a silk purse when it comes to video :-)

    Kind Regards

    • FergusVoice

      That is soooo clever and true as well! Handle that Andy :)

  • Sherry

    Hey Andy…Sherry Higdon here…just finished a little video in reponse to your contest. Posting the link to it here which is what I think we’re supposed to do. Thanks!

  • Frank Haynes

    Here’s mine. Not sure if it meets the criteria that you have in mind, but it iz what it iz. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Michelle Nash

    Hi Andy,

    I’ve submitted my video twice but for some reason, neither of the responses are showing up in the “show all” area. So I will send you this link as well, just in case you couldn’t see the other ones. I just don’t want to miss out on you actually seeing it :)

    Thank you,

    Michelle Nash
    (and Trudy the Tapir)

  • Sherry

    Hey Andy I’m trying to respond by video reponse as requested but it’s not letting me…help!!!! I need to get this video uploaded to the You Tube page what am I doing wrong?

    • Sherry

      Okay so I think I got it figured out…I did what it said to respond with a video response but now I’m not seeing mine to the right where the other ones are. I’m hoping it is just not showing me my own…I hope you can see it where the other video responses are…here’s hoping it worked!!! :)

  • Heather Bond

    Hi Andy
    Thanks for the great launch videos.
    Here’s my submission.
    Many Thanks
    Heather Bond

  • Admin

    Please do not submit videos via these comments. In order for your video to be considered it must be posted as a Video Response to the contest announcement video. Here’s instructions from Youtube about how post a Video Response:

  • Frank Koronkiewicz

    Thanks Andy for the great training. Here is our submission for the Video Boss Coaching Program


    Here is a spanish PR video I did. of myself and friends and family it was made by local TV station and myself.. it was great .. after reading a dummy book about PR I got it.. being latino it is challenging. but I have heart and desire to teach others well. without judging and here it is (the utube did okay) but I still need education..

    by the way itys in spanish– and that was a great video effect with Eben Pagan..–Is

  • JamesM

    Terrific, A chance to be trained by the best video creator on the net. Here’s my video request to help me help the 19+ million small businesses help our economy. Thanks a bunch. My Video response is at Seebtrook15 Channel as Video Boss Request. or

  • David Brier

    I wonder when the winners of this will be announced….?

  • Sherry


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  • Aaron Todd

    I think we all should get it!! lol well at least the ones who actually made videos for the bash. We all showed that we are willing to ACTUALLY WORK. This biz is a gamble, you have to put time or money into it and see what happens!

  • David

    Well, it’s May 1st. Did anyone hear about the three (3) winners? Andy Jenkins and team, would love to know who the winners were.

  • Ryan Hightower


  • Sherry

    Big congrats to the winners! :O)