4 Free Video Editing Software for Your Marketing Videos

You know what’s as funny as North Korea’s (yet again) failed rocket launch? Making incorrect assumptions about creating cool stuff for your online business.

You know, in my 12-year career as an Internet marketer, I’ve spent time with lots of online entrepreneurs coming from all levels of expertise who bare their souls about how ridiculously difficult it is to create marketing videos.

Making marketing videos intimidates even some of the most seasoned marketers. Can you believe that? Yep, it’s true. Some people who have a bit of old school flava in them perceive online video as some strange witchbrew of creativity, marketing savvy, and technical skills that they can never put together.

But, perhaps the biggest deterrent towards using video in marketing is the perception that it’s expensive to produce. Just because video looks way better than plain text and images doesn’t mean that it costs more. Actually, creating web videos can be absolutely FREE if you know which tools to use and you have some basic skills to use them.

Granted, Adobe Premiere doesn’t exactly come cheap. However, there’s a bevy of other high-quality, cost-free video editing programs out there that you can use to create some competent and effective videos that can take your online business to the next level. I decided to write this post to show you I’m for real and I’m giving you my take on four of my favorite free video editing programs.

Ready for some money-saving information? Here we go:

Microsoft Movie Maker

If your PC is running with at least Windows XP, chances are, it’s got a Movie Maker installed. Microsoft Movie Maker is so simple and easy to use that it takes no effort. Even a seven-year-old can figure it out.

I swear.

It has the distinction of being widely considered as the best free video editing software out there for a reason. All you have to do is drag and drop video clips, audio sound bites and images for you to start creating your own video. With enough practice, you can put together clips that can look professionally made. Don’t think for one second that a video made in Movie Maker is inferior to anything else out there. It’s the content of your video that counts, not what you used to make it.

Apple iMovie

Yes, iMovie is free, but only if you’re using a Mac. It’s comparable to Microsoft Movie Maker. But, in some ways, Apple iMovie has a little more oomph.

Its features can turn mediocrity into sophistication with a few clicks of a mouse. The end results can be downright stunning at the hands of someone who’s invested time into practicing its use. While iMovie’s tech chops may be simple compared to full-blown video editing suites, it’s still a solid app that can always get the job done.


Wax may sound like a strange name to call a piece of software, but with its ability to transform amateur clips into finely polished works of art, I can see where it got its name.

This program started out as a college project, but ended up as one of the most used video editing applications out there with its great flexibility and performance. If you’re one who loves incorporating special effects on the fly, you might want to take Wax for a spin.

Wax can be used as a stand alone program or as a plugin to other video editors to give your virtual video editing workspace some extra kick.

Avid FreeDV

Out of these four free video editors, Avid FreeDV is probably the most powerful from a technical standpoint. It can run two streams of video effects at once, allowing you to come up with some very interesting visuals when you’re done with your clip. My only gripe is that its interface takes a little bit of getting used to. But, after a few hours with it, everything becomes a downhill ride.

There’s a bunch of other free video editors out there that you can use, but this small group right here takes the cake as far as I’m concerned. Choose one and invest in some practice time – your business is sure to grow along with your video editing skills.

And before we end this post, I want you to see this cool video I did in the past. Here, I’ll give you a Motherload of kick-ass video marketing knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy!