When is Blogging not Blogging?

While mulling over the deeper nuances of life and trying to figure how I can help all my cuzins out there seeking to make a better go at online marketing, I pondered upon a kind of open-ended question:  when is a blog not a blog?

I mean, think about it, anyone can have a blog, and anyone can write something about anything on their blog.  So how do you classify written content on the internet as to whether it’s really a blog or not?

If you’re gonna say “if it brings news or gives educational value then it’s not a blog,” I think I could stop you right there because a lot of blogs right now even get the drop on established news sites when it comes to breaking events.

As for the giving educational value thing, (cough) what’s the name of this site you’re on again, where you get to learn new and exciting and useful things all the time? (cough)

I’m saying this in connection with a post from Gabriel Gervelis that I came across that asks the indirect question of To Blog or Not to Blog:


I believe that in today’s inbound marketing world, delivering quality blog content to your target market needs to be a top priority. Connecting with your target market through content will lead to more website traffic, a larger social following, in bound links to your site, long tail keyword traffic, and in the long run – more conversions/customers.


Yes, I believe that delivering good quality blog content must be a top priority, period.  It doesn’t matter who you’re targeting, I just don’t see the point in maintaining a blog that has absolutely no value at all.  I say this in the context that even blogs that focus on tacky and icky stuff no one wants to know about have value, they tell us about the stuff we don’t like and whatever else is related to these things we don’t like, which could be good to know, because now you can also avoid them.

I have always believed in delivering and sharing quality that is nothing short of great and helpful to others.  Why?  Because I believe that if you can afford to help others, there isn’t any reason not to.  This has always been one of the driving forces of this blog of mine.

But going back to the post by Gabriel, which goes on to share two points on some popular marketing strategies to help boost your blog, as well as some tools to help create content for your blog, in case you don’t have time to create content but still want to maintain a blog.

This is all well and good, but isn’t really something I would suggest myself.  Why?  Because I don’t do it myself.  Why?  Because I want to deliver good quality content that when people read it, they actually come away with actionable things that they can do themselves to make their online marketing efforts better, that’s why.

Notice that I don’t prattle on endlessly and needlessly about stuff that doesn’t help anybody, that I even take the time to include short videos when it is needed to further help people understand what I want them to understand.

Notice that I tailor the content to be things easy enough to understand, simple enough to follow, and even cite actual examples to help people along.  If you’re making content for your blog, I don’t expect you to know everything needed by people, and of course it’s ok to include research material and sourced information from other sites, but what I do encourage you to do is develop the “personality” of your blog to a point that people will not only go to your site because it is helpful, but because they can relate with it in one way or another.

I may be wrong, but I figure people relate with my blog from a point of view that I am out there actually practicing what I preach, that the stuff I encourage people to do are things that I myself have tried and share only because I know they work.

Write for people cuz,  writing for solely for search engines should not be something you adhere to.  If you write for people, and people like what you put in your blog, your blog is sure to rise up the ranks because more and more people will be following it.  Before you know it, BANG, you’re also sharing the secrets of your success, so to speak.

So, when is blogging not blogging?  For me, at least, the answer is, when you stop caring.




Andy “do the right thing” Jenkins

  • http://webdealswatch.com/ Ron Coachman

    What would you say your #1 priority is when you started your blog, to get people to read your blog Andy?

  • http://www.semidoppel.com/ Semidoppel

    I agree! I like your point about “I believe that if you can afford to help others, there isn’t any reason not to”. I have a personal blog and I can say that this is one of my goals with my site. I’m a FIlipino and just last year, I focused more on anything about Filipinos/Philippines, either bad or good. I want to share, inform and be one of the eye-openers in our local blogosphere, that’s blogging for me.

  • http://tatess.blogspot.com/ tess

    I have lots in my mind and blogging is like a diary to me. i say what I want to say .I help others thru my tips and tutorial posts and of course blogging keeps me busy while in the house.

  • Hagar Kelly

    yay for you!
    and blog isn’t about writing for the search engines; blogging is about being more person than a passive-voice lecture from a article directiory, or a ptichfest from some made-to-pimp-something web page claiming to BE a blog.

    The essential ingredient of a “real blog” is you see the person behind it. So you’re okay, Andy – this IS a real blog.

    And that’s as serious as I plan on being today- I used up the whole week’s quota here…