Using Pinterest to Make Your Social Media Analytics Look Good

Hey there, got your Easter bunny and egg hunt pictures up on Pinterest yet?

I think most everyone has. And why not? Have any of you noticed the amount of people on Pinterest lately? Data from social media analytics is pointing to Pinterest as taking the lion’s share of links when it comes to social media sites lately.

And as you well know, links bring lifeblood in the interwebs, so I don’t think I need to tell you that you need to get into Pinterest as soon as you can.

By now you’re thinking “but what would I post in Pinterest? I’d probably have a few relevant images, but what do I do when I have used all of them up?”

You’re in luck, cuz, because this light bulb just suddenly lit over my head, and I’m just itching to share what it brought to me.


Create pseudo-events for themes

Run out of real events and holidays to capitalize on? Why not make up one? It’s not illegal for as long you are not telling everyone that it’s a non-working holiday. Make up one that is relevant to your product or service. If you’re marketing a pen, select a color and declare a Blue Pen day, and make up beauty shots of the pen, or make fascinating art using the blue pen and post it on Pinterest, that’s sure to garner more than a few shares. Marketing soap? Why not make a Sculpt Your Soap day? It’s not just a hobby for the bored and incarcerated, you know. Figure out an interesting spin or topic to relate to your product, craft a visual example, snap a few good shots of it, then post it. Once you do, ask people to participate submit their own samples and voila! You have just created a pseudo-event!


Maximize on the “spill-over”

There’s no doubt some of your social media accounts are linked to each other, so make excellent use of these links and capitalize on them. So you have your pseudo-event on Pinterest, right? There will definitely be a spill-over of your post to Facebook, so might as well make a survey here, to coax even more participation. Make a funny survey that’s related to your post on Pinterest, where there could be one good choice while the other two could be ludicrous choices. In fact, make them so funny that others may be so amused that they will actually pick the funny choices as their answer to your survey. Trust me, this works like 8 times out of 10, as there are a lot of smart alecks out there who would definitely like to sound funny and pick the ridiculous choices. Regardless if they pick the good choice or the funny choices, you win either way, since you got them engaged, which was the point of the exercise.


Create a simple how-to video

In case you do decide to create an event like Sculpt your Soap day, you might also want to make a short instructional video of how to go about it. Don’t laugh, you will not believe just how many people will willingly watch a video on something as seemingly ridiculous as soap sculpting. Why? For a number of reasons, actually: (1) it’s soap, you can get it anywhere, and it’s probably the cheapest sculpting material you can find, unless you have a fridge the size of a warehouse and you make ice blocks on the side (2) aside from sculpting clay, soap is the softest sculpting materials around, and (3) it’s a great water cooler conversation piece! How many people do you know actually sat through a soap-sculpting training video and tried their hand at it? This is, of course, just an example, you can go crazy with whatever you’re planning, but since we’re on the topic of capitalizing on Pinterest and all sharing sites that’s linked to it, might as well make it a topic that you can share across all the other social media platforms.


Look for trends worth harping on

I will use the soap example yet again. Why? Because you have to be visual when posting something on Pinterest, and if you read my suggestions above, you will know just how magnificent a medium soap can become. Anyway, try to look at certain popular trends you can capitalize on at any given time. For now, trending seems to be leaning on the buzz created by the recently released novel-turned-movie Hunger Games, as well as great anticipation for the Avengers movie. Here’s a thought: you could shoot a few stills mimicking a scene from the movie Hunger Games, or you could dress up the soap boxes as characters of the Avengers, see how many repins that gets. I can tell you right now you can expect a lot, and why not? It’s funny, it’s timely, and if done well, it could make quite a great shot.


So you see, cuzin, capitalizing on the buzz created by social media is one thing, but using it to catapult you into viral fame is, well, really quite possible, especially if you stick with me!


And I still want to see pictures of your Easter egg hunt on Pinterest, mind you.




Andy “sir pins-a-lot” Jenkins