My Blog Fu is better than your blog fu



Just went on a martial arts movie marathon of sorts and my mind is still buzzing from all the mind-blowing stunts they did back there.

And here I am having some difficulty just taking out the trash at home.

While they take out the “trash” of their neighborhood.


Well, I may not be one of those move-faster-than-the-eye-can-follow-and-beat-you-to-a-pulp-before-you-can-say-salsa-verde type of guys, but I do know a good amount of Blog Fu!

What is that, you might ask?

Come on, really?  Blog-Fu?  Kung fu?  Blog?


Before you call this one and knock it, hear me out.  You all know that I am a person who does not waste words, and when I mention something at the beginning, there is a good chance that it leads into some deeper wisdom later on as you read.

And this is no exception.

Many may see these eastern masters of martial arts as nothing more than people who can chew bubble gum, take names, and kick everyone’s behind while chewing more gum, but these are people who actually know more than others in certain aspects of life — which is why they are able to chew as much gum as they want, take names, and kick everyone’s behind the way that they do.

So how does this all relate back to the comparatively mundane task of blogging?


Read on, young one, and be wiser for it.


Go Zen and be not belligerent

It’s no secret that there are a multitude of other blogs out there, and of this multitude, you shouldn’t really be surprised to find other blogs that practically look the same as yours.  What to do here?  Don’t go all hatin’ and stuff.  Instead go zen, let them be, and continue on posting what you need to post, as best as you can.  You REALLY don’t need to waste your time picking fights with other blog owners over petty things like who posted what first.  There’s a time stamp to posts, remember?  Let others rant their heads off claiming they posted it first when readers can actually see theirs was posted 12 hours later than yours.  So who’s the copycat now?


Offer wise pieces of advice

Kung Fu (and maybe other philosophies as well) teaches us that experiences are the best lessons you could ever get in this life.  Be it good experiences or bad, there is something to be learned from it all, so why not share it?  You’d be surprised how many people would actually appreciate you sharing this on your blog.  This is because some will reach out and comment because they went through something similar and they are comforted by the thought that someone else went through it, or they are thankful for the “early warning” of sorts, as they benefited from the lessons learned from what others went through.


Simplify your existence

A lot of people think that they stand to impress more people by using five syllable words when they write and use highly technical terms when they talk about something as mundane as a mobile phone.  Yes, this is a good way to disinterest people in your blog, and no, it does not make you sound oh-so-ingenious.  Use simple words, not over-simplified words, mind you, just words that don’t require a quick check with wikipedia to understand.


Follow the balance

This is something that probably everyone is guilty of.  People use their blogs to propagate their ideology and beliefs, without so much as considering how this would affect their readers.  Or conversely, maybe they do put it out there because they want the readers to share their outlook.  While probably not illegal, it is, definitely less than ethical, although there are those who would say that depends on what side you are looking at it from.  Having said that, a good idea would be to temper whatever you say with hard, truthful facts, so as to show your readers you respect their ability to discern right from wrong.


BE one with everything

Talking about ideologies and beliefs aside, people mostly go to blogs to know more stuff about things that are not normally shared in the more “official” sources.  This is because unlike sites that are completely dedicated to mainstream and hardcore journalism, bloggers have this habit of pushing the envelope whenever possible, sometimes even to the point where it’s uncalled for.  Envelope pushing aside, a good way to also draw in more readers is to give them balanced info from multiple sources.  This will allow them a sort of 360 degree view of issues and topics, and it also impresses upon them that you are one blogger who believes in doing his (or her) assignment.


Apart from all the butt-whupping they show in all those kung fu movies of old (and new), there are definitely lessons to be learned from these wise masters of both mind and body, and some of those that I learned, I have now just passed unto you.




Walk the rice paper, grasshopper…


Andy “blog-of-the-Dragon” Jenkins