How To Name Your Product Like A BOSS!

Do you know if your product name is killing your sales?

There has been a lot of uneducated and misguided information going around talking about the unimportance of a product name.

Some say it’s more important to focus on building something people truly want and delivering it to them in the best way possible than to get caught in a time trap obsessing over a name.


While I’ll agree that your product should give the customer the outcome they deserve in the best way you know how, I also know that unless you have a kick butt product name, that stands out from the market without confusing your customers, you’ll simply blend in and be forgotten.

So to help you fast track this process I’ve put together this fancy pants video which you can watch by clicking the play button below…

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  • jim Burrow

    Thanks Andy – I never put much thought into naming a product. I guest that is way they all sucked, at least according to my Sister. By the way, I haven’t had an email from you in a long time, I was beginning to think I was dropped from your mailing list.

  • Howard “OutSourcerer” Tiano

    I’ve always thought product titles were very important, and a great title can make or break a product.

    Love the way you broke it down in the video, Andy, the mojo is still working!

    I’ve also been collecting product title modifiers, to help kick start ideas when naming or creating products…sometimes that list can give me a great product idea just by combining a topic and a modifier.

    Sometimes this will help in between the lightening bolts of creative inspiration!

    P.S. your post-video redirect didn’t work for me.

    Take care,

  • Jesus Perez

    This video is SO necessary in today’s IM marketplace of “Killers” and “Loopholes”. Thanks for the refreshing video…it came at a great time.

  • Bill Seal

    This is so timely for me. Just finished a freemium and sent it to a small list just to see if the name would generate interest. The name is: The Frog Lickers’ Passive Income Manifesto. The response was underwhelming. Thanks for the vid.

  • Stew Kelly

    Hey Cuzin Andy, couldn’t stop laughing watching your latest fancy pants video. Not that it wasn’t great and informative, however I couldn’t help but think of all those kooky product names WSO’s have.

  • Deborah

    Great information as always, boss! Very timely too for me as I am making a new opt in report – I especially like the focus on making sure the area of the product is encapsulated within the first few words. Thanks!

  •!/pushingup pushUP

    As with the “Millennium Wheel’ in London then becoming – ‘The London Eye’

  • Gene Ort

    Andy: The content of your presentation is great. Seems like you are not just naming a product but guiding your customers to write a micro-mission statement outline. Pretty cool. Speaking of which, what program do you use for your presentation? Thanks
    PS I like the multi-function “freemium” in Bill Seal’s comment.

  • Drew Laughlin

    Wow Andy! This is a fantastic way to think about, process and create powerful product names. Several of mine fall into your model but I really couldn’t tell you why. But now I know. Thanks again!

  • Kelly Marsh

    Original idea for a blog post! I think we are all tired of the corny names for online products like sniper, blueprint, formula, fusion.

    Come up with something original and differentiate yourself

    Link Liberation and Experts Academy are good names

    … and video boss of course :)

    Oh and I’m pretty tired of the term “Ninja” also.

  • Marketing Partner

    Another process or component of naming is getting the freakin .com domain name …eh cuz?

  • Campanhas Adwords

    Very informative video with rich ideas with the quality that your productions allways have: is good to be in your mailing list…

  • Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

    Andy, I love the explanation of “the container.”

    Thanks, too, for some great examples. It took me about a month to come up with a name for my new product.

    Also, very clever way you used this video to lead people to Mike Koenig’s video. Nicely done!

  • Ryan

    What about Kajabi?

    It doesn’t use the same principles laid out in your post, but I like it a lot. I’m drawn to that much more than I’d be to something like “Membership Machine” or whatever.

    I’d like to hear your opinion on brand names like Kajabi that don’t identify the product/service being sold intrinsically and when to use those compared to the process you use above.

    Thank you

  • Dr. Michael (The D.O.C.)

    Hey Andy!

    EXCELLENT video!!!

    I thought that I might add my take on naming your “Business” not just your “product.” This is a short section from my book, “The Success Model: A Five Part Formula For Success in Any Business. Take a peek and you’ll see that it takes your idea further:-)

    Create Your Company’s Name:

    This is probably one of the most difficult things that you will ever do, for your business. I don’t say that because it’s actually “hard” to do. I say that because so many people struggle with this process, because they try to get it perfect. There is no such thing as a “perfect” business name.

    Think about it. Ten years ago, did you know what a Google was? NO! Had you ever heard of a YouTube? NO! Had you ever thought of “tweeting” someone on Twitter, or even “texting” a cute little love note to your sweetheart on your cell phone? Of course not!

    And what the heck is a Facebook, anyway? Who knew 10 years ago? By the way, did you even know what “The Internet” was 15 years ago? Of course NOT!

    The point is that you should name your business based on a few important things:

    1. Something that is Fun and will make your Company stand out from your competitors, in a positive way.

    2. It should be related to the Products or Services you’ll be providing
    (This is not a requirement. It’s just a suggestion. If you sold Kitchen Appliances would you call your company, “Swimmer’s Delight?” I don’t think so… If you were providing Adult Daycare Services, would you call your company, “The Meat House?” Probably NOT!)

    3. The Name should be something that people will remember and use, whenever they want to buy a product or service. For example, when people sneeze, they usually ask for (or are offered) a “Kleenex” to wipe their little nosy. Although “Kleenex” is only a brand of facial tissue, it’s the most recognized brand that people ask for… They’re brand has become synonymous with facial tissue, and that’s HUGE!

    With intelligent, provocative marketing, you can make your advertising campaigns shape your company’s identity. Hopefully people will flock to your products and services because they really appreciate the value that you provide, and they feel loyal to you because you solve their problems, and fill their needs.

    Question: Should I name my business after myself, or a family member?

    Answer: Well, there are advantages and disadvantages for doing that.

    Possible Advantage:
    If you owned “Harris Donblosky’s Steak House” and you provided Steak so tasty that your Steak House was named winner of “The Mid-West Steak Broil Championship” for 11 years in a row, people would remember you because of the awards, and also because of the delicious steak that you served.

    They would also remember your likeness, if it were displayed on your signage, as well as in newspaper and television ads, etc. It would be kind of like Colonel Sanders, for Kentucky Fried Chicken…

    Your Company Name would be fresh in the minds of people throughout the Steak House industry, and with people who really enjoyed a goooood steak! Some folks might even say that whenever they saw you on a television commercial or newspaper ad, or heard your voice in a radio ad, they generally wanted to eat one of YOUR delicious steaks… Now that would be a good thing… RIGHT?

    Possible Disadvantage #1:
    If you decide to sell “Harris Donblosky’s Steak House” a savvy new buyer would make sure that the purchase of your “Business” would not only include the Business Name, facilities, accounts, etc., he/she would also make sure that the happy, chubby face that soooo many people loved, and associated with the “Harris Donblosky’s Steak House” was also part of the deal…

    You see, since “your likeness” (in any form, i.e., photographs, drawings, paintings, etc.) was used to promote your Steak House and was therefore a part of the business, you could lose the use of it, if you signed a “non-compete agreement’ but you wanted to open another Steak House, or related business!

    For example, do you remember the story about Famous Amos Cookies? Well, if you go into Kmart, Walmart and most supermarkets, you’ll find “Famous Amos Cookies” along with other snack goods, bearing the name and likeness of the creator/founder, and former owner, Mr. Wally Amos.

    Well, on occasion, I buy “Famous Amos Cookies” and they are tasty. But they tasted better when he made them, as opposed to the corporate recipe. I’ve actually been eating them for more than 20 years. Wally Amos made a heck of a tasty treat!

    Anyway, back to the problem… In 1984, when he sold the company that bore his “name and likeness,” he reportedly signed a “quit claim” relieving him of the right to use his name or likeness with any enterprise that had food in its business.

    Although it is also reported that he later regained the right to use his name, “Uncle Wally’s” in an agreement with new owner Keebler, to sell his great tasting cookies, that’s a whole lot of mess to have to deal with, when it all could have been avoided, in the first place…

    What Wally didn’t know at the time was that he could have “licensed the use of his name and likeness” to the new owner of the company, for a specified amount of time (e.g.,1-3 years, etc.) and a great sum of money, while retaining the right to use them, himself…

    Furthermore, had he licensed his name and likeness instead of selling them, he could have repeated that process, over, and over, and over again, with several businesses, simultaneously…

    He could still be cashing in on the popularity of his “Famous Amos Brand” by selling “Licensing Agreements” to anyone else wanting to use his name and likeness. Now, ain’t that a kick in the butt!

    Wally Amos is still one of my Entrepreneurial Heroes, and a very decent man, who has always shared his time, talent, and knowledge with young people. Don’t ever count Wally out, because he’s a serial entrepreneur and American Success Story.

    As a matter of fact, he’s got a new company called, “Chip & Cookie” based in Hawaii. Do yourself a favor, and check him out at” I wish him nothing but the very best in all the good things that he does…

    What do Big George Foreman, Michael Jordan, Celine Dion, Muhammad Ali, Elizabeth Taylor, Tiger Woods, The Beatles, and thousands of other entertainers, athletes, writers, and other “so called” famous folks have in common?

    Answer: They all sell licenses to individuals and businesses wanting to use their likeness and/or name(s) to promote and sell products, and services. It’s a VERY, VERY lucrative industry…

    Possible Disadvantage #2

    If the new owner of the business (that uses YOUR name and likeness) does something illegal, unethical, or darn right stupid, this could play a major role in your attempts to do something great, with YOUR NAME, in a totally unrelated industry! The bottom line, here folks, is that once your “Brand” gets a bad reputation, it’s very difficult to re-build it.

    Okay, back to the main point of what you should name your business… You can be as clever as you like and as specific or as general as you like, when you name your business. However, don’t get yourself tied up, or sidetracked, by trying to get the “perfect” name.

    There’s no such thing…

    So Cusin Andy, what do you think?

    Dr. Michael (The D.O.C.)
    “Keep On, Keeping On…”

  • Fabiola Martinez

    Thank you!! it’s an excellent idea, on March I create my first product so this got to me in the perfect timing. Regards from Mexico.

  • Sokun

    I believe that descriptive title that show readers’ core benefit really grasp their attention .

    Tell you the truth, I like the video because you broke the concept down very well.

    When I come across good product titles, I always copy and paste in my title collection folder. I think they will help me get ideas for my own products.

    In shorty, this video is very informative video that helps me a lot. Now I think that I’d love to be in your mailing list :-)