Make the Most of Your Amazon Affiliate Links This Holiday Season

With the holiday season in full swing, everyone is in a buying mood. This usually means more affiliate link sales across the board. However, if you’re looking for that extra edge and are looking to maximize your profits, then you’re going to need some sort of plan.

Darren Rowse hit the nail on the head when he discussed 5 methods of maximizing your Amazon affiliate link sales this holiday season. In it, he discussed everything from basic tactics such as simply making sure you’re promoting the products and posting Amazon affiliate links:

Okay, this isn’t rocket science, but the best thing about promoting products on Amazon is that it’s one of the best-optimized online retail stores. Amazon are known for testing their design and sales techniques and, as a result, if you get people in the door of, you’re well on the way to getting some commissions.

The cool thing about Amazon is that anything people buy once they’re in the door from your referral link will earn you a commission. So while you might suggest a book or a camera, if they end up buying a ride-on lawn tractor you’ll take a

So drive people to Amazon and let the site do its work.

Another interesting thing he posted is a strategy that worked for him, which involved getting your audiences to visualize their purchases. A move which according to him, caused affiliate sales to spike:

This one is a little from left field, but has worked well for me on two occasions (and I’ll be running it again in the coming days). On each previous occasion I gave my readers a hypothetical sum of money to go and spend on Amazon on cameras.

The challenge was to go and research what cameras they would buy from the Amazon Camera section and then to come back and report on the products they’d buy. The links to the section I suggested they go to were affiliate links (I also made some suggestions on cameras that they might like to look at) and in the days after the post went live commissions spiked.

Readers also loved the challenge—we had hundreds of people come back and share what they’d buy with their hypothetical money!

These suggestions seem to be on the money and will definitely benefit any website looking to drive more affiliate sales. That said, there are countless of ways to grab more of the market with other things such as actively promoting certain products that you actually use (and conveniently providing links to the item after you’ve shown them how awesome it is) or even simply building yourself a top ten list of things you may want to give yourself for the holidays. So go out there and try to rack up more affiliate sales this season, the market is ready and all it’s waiting for is you.