Viral Video Review: Street Fighter Ultra Combos – Thousand Pound Action Company

There’s just something about action flicks that gets the blood pumping. The adrenaline and the heat of battle makes every move in a fight a spectacle you can’t seem to tear your eyes away from.

Today’s video is brought to us by the Thousand Pound Action Company, a group of martial artists who are dedicated in producing short action films and have been slowly gaining recognition for the stuff they’ve put out so far. Most of their videos can be seen on their YouTube channel and are usually live-action adaptations of popular anime and video game series.

What I have below is a video from their Ultra Combos series, which is based on Capcom’s Street Fighter video game. As expected, you can look forward to a lot of crazy fight scenes and kickass moves thrown all around. Anyway, I won’t keep everyone waiting any longer, so knock yourselves out with the video:

Now, let’s mash it up and see what makes this set of videos both worthy and unworthy of its viral title:


  • Plays on a niche’s popularity – Riding on the fame of a popular following is a great way to increase the viral potential of a video. In this case, aside from anyone searching for viral videos in general, the video will also be flagged for anyone who’s interested in Street Fighter. This is the kind of one-two combination that search engines and Internet users love, so it’s no wonder why this video reached the six digit mark in terms of views.
  • Three hit sign off combination finish – Just like the fighting game it tries to emulate, the Ultra Combos series does its own three-hit combination by linking all three videos through the sign off at the end of each one. It’s a great way to show viewers that there’s more of the same action-packed goodness and lead them into viewing the entire series in one go. I also have to give them credit for not flashing the links at the beginning or in the middle, in the same way some other videos do to get attention.
  • Each video is short, straight to the point and attention grabbing – After watching the first few seconds of each video, you know exactly what you’re getting into for the next couple of minutes. There are no introductions or descriptive captions needed for videos like these because the action speaks for itself. If you’re into action flicks or fighting games, then you’re sure to love what this video series has to offer.


  • Too niche – By my estimate, the target demographic that will most probably hit it off this video will most likely be men ranging from late teens to forties – in other words, guys who love their video games. While this is still a pretty big number, this video isn’t exactly for everyone. I guess from a from a film maker’s point of view, the shots and effects used were also pretty impressive, but I wouldn’t exactly send this video to my mother and share a high five with her on how awesome it is.
  • Each video offers nothing new –Despite the good transition in between videos, you’ll notice that each offers pretty much of the same content. This becomes evident with the amount of views for each video. You’ll notice that there’s a huge drop in the number of views between the first and the last video – with the third one not even getting a million views in total. The second video actually saw a spike in views, but I owe this to the fact that it features sexy, athletic women kicking butt.

I hope everyone was as blown away with today’s video as I was. Sometimes I wonder what kind of Street Fighter character I would be if I ever decided to take up martial arts. How about you, cuzzins? You think you have what it takes to duke it out like the Thousand Pounds Action crew?