Highly recommended: ClickTale

Knowing how your prospects think and act is one of the most valuable assets you can have for any business. If you’re running a brick and mortar shop, your staff and your in-store cameras can help you monitor how your customers behave. In Internet marketing, visitor behavior is usually tracked using numbers and graphs provided by analytics tools. For savvy marketers who want to be more in-depth and visual, there’s this nifty little toy called ClickTale that’ll blow your mind.

ClickTale is an analytics tool suite with a twist. The coolest thing about it is that it enables users to view the activity of visitors within their website. That’s right, people: VIEW. T takes videos of the browsing activity of users so you can gain better insights on which parts of your sales funnels are silky smooth and which ones need tweaking.

Obviously, one post won’t do justice to everything ClickTale can do, but I’d like to give you an idea of what it does in a nutshell. Here goes:


What I liked about it

Easy to use. All you have to do is insert some Javascript into your website and you’re done. It might take a little longer than the 5 minutes they’ve been advertising but it is definitely much easier to set up than most other software I’ve tried.

Real-time reporting. Being able to quickly react to your data is the difference between scoring a dozen conversions and a thousand conversions. ClickTale provides real-time information and statistics so you can move as soon as something such as a massive traffic spike or downturn happens. Broken links, missing images and weak calls to action can also be addressed immediately.

Clear and accurate reports. One of the biggest advantages of ClickTale is how it presents its data to the user. You can get heatmaps, graphs, and videos so you don’t really have to wade through numbers if you don’t want to. However, more advanced marketers who want to drill down all the way to individual users will find that this option is open to them as well.

30-day money back guarantee. While this is a subscription site, it offers the standard 30-day money back guarantee which will let you try out their service and see if it’s for you. Nothing shows you that a company is confident in its product than having them take on all the risks so you can experience what you’re getting before you actually pay for it.

Minimal website impact. One concern a lot of people will have about integrating a full featured data gather suite such as ClickTale is how it will affect the speed people can access their websites. Well, no worries because only about 5K of highly compressed data is sent back per recording which means that there will be no noticeable impact on site performance. Site speed mavens can relax – this won’t affect your Google rankings and internal usability.

Built in bug-finder.  ClickTale provides a “most errored page” report to help find which pages are generating the most JavaScript errors. In addition, ClickTale can show you when a visitor encounters an error and which line of your site code is generating the error. This is great news for people who are obsessed about keeping their site’s HTML clean.

Flexible payment plans. With multiple payment plans depending on the features, you can find one that fits your budget and needs.  You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at anytime as well so you can adjust your payments based on your site’s income. This is great for marketers who want to be as efficient as possible with their expenditures.

All in all, this is a solid addition any Internet marketer’s arsenal of tools and one that you should consider if you want to optimize your conversion rate. I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again: you can’t improve what you can’t measure. Analytics is the way to do it, so get started with it if you haven’t already.