Highly Recommended: Social Profit Formula

These days, social media is considered a very important component when conducting an Internet marketing campaign. Harnessing its power, however, is still a relatively new thing and the majority of people are still learning what works and what doesn’t.

Eager to compete in this new arena, social media expert Don Crowther threw his hat in the ring, did his research, cracked the code, and developed a consistent method for building a social media empire. He packaged his knowledge into an infoproduct called the Social Profit Formula (SPF) which has proved to be so popular and effective that he’s come out with a second iteration of it.

This course promises to teach you how to increase your social media presence by creating content that will grab your audience’s attention, drive targeted traffic to your website, and at the end of the day, increase your bottom line! It delivers on everything it promises and here’s my take on it:

What I really Like

Excellent instructional materials and course structure: Each lesson from Don is delivered using topnotch media with multiple videos, note-taking guides, workbooks, assignments, and transcripts. The course takes you gently through the intricacies of social media interactions, shows you what works and what doesn’t, and most importantly explains why things work the way they do so you can grasp key concepts and form strategies around them later on.

You make money while taking the course: The way SPF is structured, you’re taught the theory for a week, then you have the next week to actually put it into practice. This allows you to see the results of your study as you learn. This may sound trivial to some of you, but this is huge. Nothing makes work more motivating than seeing that you’re getting some traction out of your efforts. Seeing the revenue flow increase gradually as you apply new tricks that you’ve picked up isn’t only rewarding, it’s profitable too J.

It creates a solid community: This is the part where SPF really wins. It teaches you how to create engaging content that will have people regularly checking your social media profiles and website. It also encourages discussions among your community and shows you how you can maintain a steady and sustainable growth.

Weekly Q and A Webinars: No matter how good the instructional materials are, there will come a point when you’ll have some questions about gray areas and emerging trends. Don has anticipated this and he hosts weekly webinars where everyone can throw their questions out to him. He gives honest to goodness advice based on years of experience and expertise, making every session an intellectually fulfilling one.

All in all, this is the real deal and it provides you with everything you need to know about utilizing social media and then some. Perhaps the only niggle this course has is the limited slots. Now, I understand that Don can only teach so many people at one time, but still, this is knowledge that every Internet marketer needs to have.

As of the moment, registration for this Social Profit Formula 2.0 is closed with all the slots taken. However, as soon as it opens up, I would advise anyone who is into Internet marketing to seriously consider signing up. After all, developing your company’s social media presence might just be what you need to take it to the next level.