Viral Video Review: The Gag Quartet Internet Meme Medley

Yo, internet dawgs. The Gag Quartet herd you like memes so they put some memes in your meme so you can meme while you meme.

Today’s viral video comes from a trio of young men: Gilad Chehover on drums, Guy Bernfeld on bass and Or Paz rocking the guitar for a close to 4-minute medley of 40+ of your favorite Internet memes. Blink and you’ll miss some – even I can’t name all of them.

Critics – and by critics I mean viewers, because everyone’s a critic in their own mind these days – are calling it “the new anthem of the Internet”, seeking to take the title from Weezer’s “Pork and Beans”, a song that won them a Grammy way back in 2009. The video was uploaded to the band’s Facebook page and was easily picked up by users at Reddit before it went on to Buzzfeed, Mashable, and G4TV’s hip tech show, “Attack of the Show”. As of this writing, the quirky, catchy music video has garnered over 2 million views, clearly demonstrating that “good meme is good”, but over 40 of them are even better.

Check it out below:


And now, for the dreaded Pros/Cons list:


  • Good video is good – No matter which way you look at it, this is a slickly-made video. Any hack with a camera can make a video, but these guys mean business: they used professional equipment and even employed computer graphics to drive their point across. This is a video about the internet, made for the internet masses, always looking for the next new and hip thing.
  • Catchy song is catchy – It may just be a cleverly mixed mashup of songs we’ve all heard before – some of them several times over – but the Gag Quartet plays each section so that it blends seamlessly into the next, creating a happy, earworm-inducing cacophony. You’ll hear the song – or at least parts of it – long after you’ve closed the window.
  • Never underestimate the power of a good meme – …or 40. It’s apparent that part of this video’s charm is the fact that they’ve managed to squeeze all these Internet tropes into three minutes and fifty-three seconds. Some people click for the challenge of trying to identify all of them.
  • Make something new out of the old – What do you do if you can’t invent something? You reinvent something. It’s a bunch of memes that have made the rounds time and again, but the numbers speak for themselves – it’s gaining views and clogging up the internet tubes because it’s a new spin on an old dog. Wait, is that how it goes?


  • It’s a bunch of memes – The video literally has no educational gain – it exists purely to entertain. Its biggest strength is also its biggest weakness. Memes are mindless enough on their own, but over 40 of them in one video doesn’t exactly enrich anyone’s brain.
  • Limited audience reach – Despite the 2 million views, this video is still just one big internet in-joke – if you aren’t “in the know”, none of it would make sense to you. The fact that it went viral anyway should say something about Internet culture today, though – and how much time we’re all spending on it. If you can identify all 40+ memes, maybe you’ve got too much time on your hands.

Well, that wraps up another week of silly viral videos. Tune in next week for another set of highly informative and hip videos that have taken the Internet by storm.



Andy “Hip & Happenin’” Jenkins

  • Mark Aylward

    Nothing wrong with creation with the solitary intention of entertaining!
    Very cool. You’d have to watch it a few times to catch it all