Viral Video Review: Nigahiga’s How To Be Gangster

It’s not an uncommon sight to find people doing weird or crazy things just to get a little attention. With the advent of YouTube and other video sharing sites, getting your fifteen minutes of fame becoming an instant Internet celebrity can’t be any simpler. Case in point: homemade viral videos.

So guess what? I’m feeling a bit crazy myself today, so I’ve decided to review something equally ludicrous. Today’s video is actually an encore of one of my past reviews featuring YouTube user nigahiga. He’s had more than his share of fame after posting dozens of videos, all of which getting millions of views each.

Entitled “How to be Gangster”, this has become nigahiga’s most viewed video on his YouTube channel. It still continues to illicit a good laugh despite it being one of the older videos that nigahiga produced. If you’re in need a chuckle or two, feel free to watch the video I’ve shared below:


So what’s the secret to nigahiga’s success? Let’s break it down based on the pros and cons that I’ve noted below:


  • It’s people friendly – Why? Because it shows a video of two crazy teens just being themselves and doing crazy things. It’s something that just about everybody can do as long as you have the courage to step in front of the camera to express yourself. This keeps things real for all viewers and doesn’t make anybody think that this is a staged production that’s aimed to sell something or ask you to buy a product from their site.
  • Good sendoff at the end – This has always been a consistent quality in all of nigahiga’s videos. Each video never fails to remind its viewers who made it and what names to look for if they want more hilarious videos. This is one of the reasons why his channel always gets a lot of hits. A good viral vid will always want to leave a sendoff at the end in a simple manner without demanding too much attention from its viewers and look like some blatant advertisement, begging them to visit your channel or site.
  • Humor is always interesting – This is one of the quickest ways to get the needed attention that you want on YouTube. While you can’t exactly create a formula for good humor, sometimes all it takes is to be natural and have the courage to capture it on camera. These guys in the video certainly weren’t restraining themselves in any way when they were filming it, so why should you? J


  • Misleading enrichment factor – Okay, so despite this video’s title claiming it to be a how-to video, you’d have silly to believe that this will actually teach you the finer points of becoming a gangster. To be honest, they’re mostly an exaggeration of some of the qualities you find in most gangsters, but I wouldn’t be so quick to practice that secret handshake on the next guy from the ‘hood that you see.
  • Longer than usual – The video runs a little over 5 minutes in length and is a little longer than what you see from other viral videos these days. While you still get a good laugh watching the entire thing, it could have been streamlined by removing the blooper section at the end and putting it up as a separate supplementary video which points to the original. You see, most viral vids nowadays try to pack everything in the span of a normal TV ad while delivering the same impact to its viewers.

So I hope this review inspires people to sit in front of their webcams and make crazy videos to put up on YouTube (DISCLAIMER: Any activities you decide to partake in after reading this review is your responsibility and I will not be held liable or accountable for your actions once the cameras start rolling). In any case, kudos to nigahiga for another well made viral vid. Keep your eyes out for my next review where I will take a look at another viral video which will be markedly less crazy than this one.


Andy “The Ultimate Good Guy” Jenkins