How to Launch a Product

This is a pretty meaty video tutorial on How to Launch a Product on the interwebz.

I cover the 7 Key Elements of a Successful Product Launch, including some recent developments in technology and strategy:

  • The Complete, 7 Step promotional Campaign
  • Common Attributes of a Launch PROSPECT
  • The Whisper Campaign
  • The Agitation Campaign
  • The Info-torial Campaign
  • The Social Engagement Campaign
  • and Educational Affiliate Support

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  • siddiq shakur

    Dude, what planet are you from…? I can honestly say that I’ve never met a person like you. Don’t want to give you a big head, but, I’m totally intrigued by you… Saving up for the next Video Boss… Got Three kids… one will have to go to market if I’m short on cash… Just an issue of which one. Just kidding. You are the Boss.

  • Simone

    Awesome stuff Andy – thanks

  • bruce jones

    excellent video to layout a basic product launch, great stuff to think about, thanks Andy

  • Greg Durocher

    Andy Thanks! This is a great video with TONS of value! What a great mind-map of how to create a SUPER successful product promotion!

  • Anthony

    Andy, that was awesome! as always:) Good luck with your presentation Boss.

  • JusticeGene

    Everything that Andy puts out is meat. He does not waste your time.

    Before I bought Video Boss, I had no intention of committing to a program like it. No time. Backed up in my reading and studying. Busy.

    However, the first marketing video for Video Boss sparked my curiosity. As I watched the rest of the launch videos, I became impressed with the most amazing sales pitch in the history of mankind.

    I studied the 20 hours of launch videos and boss-a-thons thoroughly. I was fascinated. How can this guy Jenkins risk giving away all that valuable content just for a sales pitch? How can anyone be that good of a teacher?

    Then the buying questions:

    Do I have the time for this (no)? Can I justify the payback (no)? Can Jenkins teach me this stuff – after all – the guy is a genius (no)? I decided that it wasn’t for me. Too many no’s.

    I bought Video Boss at the last minute because the sales techniques used in the marketing videos and boss-a-thon were so amazing that I could not get them out of my mind. The no’s became “Maybe I can learn this stuff”?

    I am now completing Video Boss and continue to be astonished at the polish that can be used to turn a dull campaign into one that pops.

  • Deb DiBiasie

    Hey Cuz, You rocked it again. just at the right I tried to get Jeff’s download only McAfee said danger danger… bummer. I am currently planning a business launch. After watching this, I felt pretty confident of being on track. you clearly filled some holes. Watched all live events. All your guests rock. You all teach us well. Each time i think I am absolutely out of my mind, about what i perceive to be possible- the universe and you… delivers me something that says- nope- here are the steps you need to follow in order…wow dude. Thanks again. Id love to get your perspective on a 111- 1111 job incubator launch, I am cooking up, utilizing college interns and the DAV that is 95% mapped out. You will either say I am insane or you will say oh cool, let me help. Cheers. Deb

  • Sue

    Andy, you’ver really got that authority thing down! Great content!

  • Sergio Felix

    Hey Andy,

    You’re a MACHINE man!!

    I just HAD to fave this page, simple as that.

    Take care and thanks for sharing man, really appreciate your stuff! ;-)


    PS. It IS indeed cool and educational! LOL