Overcoming Limiting Beliefs – Solve this Equation

Courtesy Warning: This post is not only long, it’s also Touchy-Feelie. :-)

Be on any internet marketers email list long enough, and it’s almost assured you’ll eventually get one of these kinds of emails:

“The #1 Mistake that’s holding you back…”

Sometimes it’s lack of Traffic
Sometimes it’s lack of Conversions
Sometimes it’s lack of Copy Writing Skills
Sometimes it’s lack of Technology
Sometimes it’s lack of Knowledge

I’d like to submit to you that the reason Entrepreneurs fail is not always because of what they LACK.

It’s often because of what they ALREADY HAVE.

LB + Fe + Fr + E(P)P = 0

In over a decade or working on my own stuff while also working with thousands of other Entrepreneurs, it’s almost haunting how often smart people are ruled by this Equation.


LB = Limiting Beliefs
Fe = Fear
Fr = Friction
E(P)P = External (peer) pressure

= 0 (That’s ZERO)

Let us examine these variables – see how many influence your daily…

Limiting Beliefs – LB:
What are they:  They are filters of your reality.  They exist because we form them to simplify our lives. 
What do they do: LB’s allow us to make sense of complex and especially disappointing  situations.

Life is [Blank]
I can’t do this because [Blank]
I can’t succeed until I have [Blank]
All men/woman are [Blank]
[Blank] is just the way things are.


Where do they come from? They are learned  from interactions in our past. We can identify with them.  We agree with them.  We are afraid to argue with them because we are arguing with ourselves.

Example: Did you ever hear your parents say “Money doesn’t grow on Trees!“?
Or, did you ever watch them struggle with finances…?

Short, true story…

I remember being in Las Vegas, shopping with Janeen – it was when we first started seeing each other.  We were strolling through the shops at the forum inside of Caesar’s when we walked into a designer hand bag shop.  She gingerly picked up a dark green ostrich leather hand bag just as a sales woman walked over.  I asked “How much” and the sales woman said “$2,800″

What happened next was priceless.  Janeen FROZE.  Her face became a mask of terror.  Then, every-so-slowly, she gently set the hand bag back into it’s display case.

She was a hardworking Seminar and Event Producer. That was 1.5 weeks worth of gross salary for her. There was no way in HELL she was buying that bag. “I’ll never own one of those.”

I had 7 figures in the bank. My perspective was a bit different. So I “shared it” with her.  Heh.

Years later, after she has successfully produced dozens of huge live seminars and Boss-A-Thon style webcasts (and has been paid very handsomely for it), her perspective has changed, too.  No, she doesn’t own that $2,800 green ostrich hand bag.  She owns about a dozen slightly less expensive ones in all shapes and materials.

I, on the other hand,  remain a shoe-whore. Anyway…

After we define the next few variables, I’ll tell you how to get rid of your LB’s.

What is it: Emotional distress.

What does it do?  Fear causes Intellectual Paralysis.  Fear prevents you from engaging your problem-solving intellect and applying your related skills and experiences to just about any new situation.

Where do they come from?  Most fears come from considering new perspectives where you feel that you have incomplete information on how to deal with a new or unfamiliar situation.


  • Am I targeting the right keyword in my advertising? Should I do some more research? How much will be enough to be sure?
  • Is my headline going to convert? Should I re-write it? How will I know when it’s right?
  • Is this the right product to be creating or selling?  What if it doesn’t sell?  How can I find out before I start trying?

My Take:
I think entrepreneurs two most paralyzing fears are:

You have to innovate to be successful.” (And they do NOT think they can be innovative.  HINT: You do NOT have to innovate anything to be successful…)

What others do to succeed will not (for some inexplicable reason) work for me“. (BTW: Notice how LB’s are often the root source of your FEARS)

Again, I’ll tell you how to get rid of those two fears after we finish defining the rest of the variables.

What is it: A negative evaluation of environmental variables that you think will retard progress.

What does it do? Friction makes any action you undertake more difficult than it should be.

Where does it come from? Over-analysis of or Over-Importance given to a decision or process. Also, thinking that you have to do everything yourself in order for it to be meaningful.


  • You’d rather spend 8 hours learning how to install Word Press, plus a few weeks figuring out how to customize a Theme instead of paying an expert $100 to do both.  Because you think you’ll need blog installation and customization skills to be a REAL online marketer.
  • You’d rather be absolutely certain that your landing page has the absolute best headline and offer before you start running traffic to it, instead of learning how to A/B split test a few versions because you think learning A/B split testing software and spending some money to be TEST takes too much effort.  Because you think you should be able to create a landing page that always works, ALL the timme.
  • It’s hard to get Search Engine Back Links, so you’re going to spend your time measuring keyword density, adding alt-text, and H1, H2, and H3 tags to your body copy, and study other competitors On-Page Optimization.  Because that’s easy.  Even though you know that On-Page SEO is not really that important – it’s really about Links, Engagement, and Authority. But On-Page has GOT to be worth my time, right?

My Take:
I think Entrepreneurs feel that they will somehow reach their OWN idea of a perfect solution if they are present or in 100% control to every part of the process.

Good LORD!  That creates SO much pressure!  If you think that you’ve got to be HANDS-ON for every aspect of your business, because you think that’s the only way to get it right, that means that you have to be GREAT (Or even PERFECT) at everything.



And it doesn’t NEED to.  In fact, I will submit to you that there will ALWAYS be someone that’s better than you at one aspect of your business – whether it’s traffic-getting, conversion testing, copy, design, blogging – whatever.  

I know this is true.  And I have a very measured value of my time – and the minute that measurement says to me “This is good enough for now”, or “I can get it better by getting it from somewhere else”, I end the decision making process and start the deployment process.

For 18 months, I had the STOCK Blog theme, with the STOCK Image Rotator from Thesis at AndyJenkinsBlog.com.  It was GOOD ENOUGH.
When I wanted to make a better looking blog, I paid $60 for a new Theme from Elegant Themes and paid about $40 to have it installed.  And while that was happening, I wrote an offer to my email list of 9,000 that paid me about $8,100 over the next week in commissions.


$100 getting something done better than I could do vs. $8,100 doing something that I know would get measurable (I.e Count Da Money) results.

NO.  You will NOT always be able to afford a fiction-less solution.  But you can ALWAYS improve a solution (LATER) that is GOOD ENOUGH for now – because GOOD ENOUGH for now will get you 90% of your results.


Let me just say that again:

GOOD ENOUGH for now will get you 90% of your results.


External (Peer) Pressure – E(P)P
What is it:  The consideration of how those immediately around you (Friends, Family, etc.) will react to what you do.

What does it do? Allows other’s (usually uninformed or lightly considered) OPINIONS to corrupt our own values about what we are spending our time, effort, and money on.

Where does it come from? Our innate and sometimes learned desire to BELONG and be accepted by everyone else.

My Take:
This is a CONSUMER trait.  What I mean is, when a consumer is deciding whether or not to make a purchase, they place no small amount of their decision-making on what others will think when they show up with their new purchase.

What will their coworkers say about their new car, or new jacket.  What will their spouse or domestic partner say about the new art, sofa or Flat Screen?  What will their friends say about the restaurant you picked for dinner, or about the movie you rented, or about the vacation you went on.


CONSUMER BEHAVIOR – it influences BUYING decisions.

You, on the other hand (in this situation) are a BUSINESS OWNER.

You’re the SELLER.
By your very nature, you’re a risk-taker.  You’ve decided to live life on your own terms, in a less than an ordinary capacity.


You will be mocked.  You will be shunned.  You will be criticized.  You will be misunderstood….

…MOSTLY by people that are living paycheck to paycheck, dreading every minute they spend working for someone else.


Let me ask you a question:  WHY do you let a friend, coworker, or family member who has NEVER started, run, or grown their own business give you any advice or guff about YOURS?

If you’re related to or hang out with someone who HAS DONE IT SUCCESSFULLY, they GET IT. And they might be worth listening to especially because they’ll NEVER grief on you – because they’ve been through it themselves.


It reminds me of that famous direct mail advertisement by John Caples,

“They laughed when I sat down at the Piano, but when I started to Play! ~”
Yeah, I remember.  I remember you ‘Connie’.  I remember you calling my “Geeky Hobby” selling swords and armor from a Yahoo Store an “Adolescent Waste of Time and MONEY.”


…How you like me now, Connie?  :-)

SOLVING this Equation!
This all falls into the category of Mindset.  And sadly, most tend to think that their fortunes will be delivered to them when they have cracked the PPC code, or mastered the Art of Copy, or tripped into the Search Engine Loophole of Loopholes.

First - before you can be ready to do ANY of that – you have to prepare your mind to do what will ultimately be the most demanding, most challenging, but possibly the most rewarding experience of your life – the experience of CALLING your own SHOTS.  The experience of WRITING your OWN TICKET.

To do those things – to have what you want, you need a mindset that lets YOU define your own reality.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs:
Step – 1: You have to identify your Limiting Beliefs.

What are you insecure about?  What is the worst scenario that could possibly happen if you set out to do something, but fail? Write them down, say them aloud.

Then ask yourself – WHAT PROOF do you have that any of those things are true?

That’s right – almost ALL limiting beliefs come you brain, not real-world experiences.

Check out this very elegant statement from D.H. Lawrence:

“The mind can assert anything and PRETEND it has proved it”


Meaning, most of the time, what you believe to be the worst case scenario has NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED to you.  Especially when you consider that you want to start, grow, and run you own business – and that you’ve never done that before.

Step 2Know THIS to be absolutely TRUE:
The reason you have beliefs at all is because they serve some sort of purpose in your life.

Now, ask yourself this question:  Does this belief that is limiting me serve any positive purpose in my life?  


Step 3 – Give yourself permission to do WHATEVER you want with ANY of the beliefs you have – including playing opposite day with them.

Meaning, if one of your beliefs is “I won’t be able to be successful at business because it requires too much time and knowledge” (BTW, how do you know that unless you’ve been successful…?  Hmmm?)…

…then play opposite day with it – “I will be successful at business because I very much value my limited time and I’m going to make every single minute working on my business count 10 times more than normal time”


Check it out, cuzin…

…You are a child of freewill.  What has come before you, the path that others have followed, and all the beliefs that others have championed – they belong to THEM. They OWN them.

Your beliefs are defined very simply and very elegantly by what you WANT.  Believe in WHAT YOU WANT.


What’s stopping you is just a THING.  Put it in a box, call it what it is (A stupid thing in a box), put the box in a place you don’t have to look at it – and move to the next item on your to do list.

Overcoming FEAR:
Step 1Repeat after me:  ”Innovation Sucks”.  

Step 2Know THIS to be absolutely TRUE:

95% of everything you need to do in order for your business to be successful has already been figured out, documented, process-mapped, and published somewhere that you can have, buy, or model.


You do NOT need to Innovate ANYTHING to achieve results.  

What you need to know, understand, and in some cases even DO has already been discovered, innovated, or revealed by someone on the bleeding edge.  They’ve already made the mistakes for you.  

The problem is, you think your needs are special – that you’re a “unique and beautiful snow flake” (Fight Club™).


Yes, as a person, you are truly unique and special.

As a business owner – you have almost exactly the same needs as other business owners, and there is a vast and mature market of goods, products, information, and services in all forms of media and price points from free to HOLY GOD THAT’S EXPENSIVE that will satisfy those needs.

You might know that I just finished a survey of my entire list of newsletter subscribers.  Based on that data, here’s what I have to say to the people that have reported “I have spent all kinds of money on courses and products and am no closer now to being successful than I was when I started to buy them”.


According to the data, they are no closer to success because all they do is BUY courses – they don’t EXECUTE on anything – period.  Most of them don’t have a SINGLE web page, add to cart button, or link to an affiliate offer ANYWHERE.  

The choice is very simple.  Do you want to know it all, or do you want da money?




I can barely spell.  But I can and do CRANK IT OUT on a DAILY.  

What do YOU do on a DAILY?


Overcoming Friction:
56 men risked their lives by signing the Declaration of Independence. At the time, it was an act of TREASON.
But it had to be done in order for their country to achieve independence.

In the grand scheme of things I do daily, none of them even comes CLOSE to presenting that kind of challenge – ever.

That puts it into perspective, doesn’t it?

Stressing over a decision?  A logo design?  A Headline?  What product to create?  What market to dive into?

Step 1Do what Thomas Jefferson would do.

“Always take hold of things by the smooth handle. ”


The smooth handle is always the decision that gets IT DONE.  Not perfectly, not without flaw or error – but ready to be used, tested, and improved.

You don’t even need to be in the same league as perfect, because, as ole Thomas Jay-Jay will further point out…

“Never trust a man who won’t accept that there is more than one way to spell a word”


or more than one way to get results.  Because as TJ often liked to say…

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”


…so what if that something you’ve never done was only doing it enough so you could see how to improve it?

You learn by doing.  You get better with practice.

Practice DOING.


Overcoming External and Peer Pressure:
Steve Jobs was known for occasionally answering emails randomly sent to his Apple email address.

When an email from a critic harshly condemned Apple for “imposing morality, about porn…” (The critic later admitted that he was TWD – Typing While Drunk), Mr. Jobs responded with the following:

“By the way, what have you done that’s so great? Do you…just criticize others work and belittle their motivations?”


I could leave it there and be pretty happy with you having just THAT perspective.

Success attracts all kinds of judgments and emotions.

Your job is to stand like a ROCK for what you have elected to do to better yourself.  It’s YOUR life – no one else’s – and as a citizen of the human race, you have earned the right to spend your time, effort, and yes, even MONEY how ever the damn well you please.


Because do you know what will happen if you don’t take a chance?



In the matter of all critics – be a Honey Badger.

Highest Use – Best Use (aka HUBU – not to be confused with the clothing line, FUBU)

There have been 3 turning points in my journey as an Entrepreneur:
1 – Discovering that I want to be an Entrepreneur.

Like most, the initial desire to start a business stems from wanting things that I didn’t have.  And my initial goals were typical – almost universal – Have more time, have more money, have more freedom.


2 – Realizing the Actual Reasons I want to be an Entrepreneur.

After getting some money but at the sacrifice of time, I realized that my definition of Freedom had been murky from the start.  Having Freedom wasn’t about being free from responsibilities, or being exempt from external control.


Freedom is about having the power to determine action without restraint.

“Without Restraint”


In other words – No Fear.

3 – Applying the Actual Reasons to my daily activity.

Today, I will do what I am passionate about doing.  I will execute actions that move me closer to my aspirations.  I will conduct my activities with an audacious spirit and grateful acknowledgement.


And in every moment, I will have No Fear.

THAT is Freedom.


Special thanks to Harv Ecker – who taught me a key concept about Empowering your Mind to achieve freedom.

“First you put in wood, then you get the fire”


Harv is a master or mind management – you can learn a lot from his principals.

I’d encourage you to give yourself a moment and consider your own mindset – if you’ve not thrilled and excited to face every day of your business, there’s greater than ZERO percent chance that your own Mental Equation is what’s keeping you from realizing a tremendous upside.

“Millionaire Mindset” is one of Harv’s most famous teachings.

This video is a great place to start rewiring your mind for abundance.




  • http://www.marisarusso.com Marisa Russo

    Just love those sexy formulas Andy… almost as much as I love stripping down people of all that icky stuff. So much baggage in those closets.

    Get naked… undress those emotions and expectations. Expose the real you that’s waiting to leap out.

    Love ya Andy, you’re the best.

    • Andy Jenkins

      Awwe! Love you to Marisa! And your stuff. (wink)

  • Matt Gorsuch

    effing awesome post, Sir Jenkins. Touchie Feelie? yeah, whatever. gawdam good shit, methinks.

    thank you.

    • Andy Jenkins

      You’re welcome Boss!

  • George


    I have been teaching personal development in my field for years, you are 100% right! Every piece to the formula causes inaction, therefore, failure is the reward.

    I was preparing a training for tonight, I had a writers block, then I read your email! inspiration is coming is raining on me.

    Thanks for the post..amazing and inspirational

    George Ruiz

    • Andy Jenkins

      He gonna GET THEM, y’all!

  • http://www.visionquestvideo.com.au Paul

    Andy, this is such an awesome post. I’ve spent 4 years ‘getting rewady’ to make my first product. And the past 4 months making it…..and I’m now ‘re-making’ it to make it better. Why so long? Everything you wrote about. Thanks for the kick up the bum. OK, off to launch my product :-)

    • Andy Jenkins

      Cuzin, just get your stuff out there – the market will tell you how to take it from Good to ESSENTIAL-MUST-HAVE.

      Get em buddy!

  • http://drkisane.com Kisane

    This is one of the best damn posts I’ve ever read online! Had me captured right to the end :-)

    • Andy Jenkins

      Thanks Cuzin!

  • Robert Scanlon

    Thanks Andy!

    I went and printed me that there post (from your email) as there are some wonderful reminders and “raw stabs” … I despair sometimes at being so “good” at the details that I can’t bear to hand them over to others except when I really have to.

    Love to know more about your workflow (as you know, especially the Video Boss type workflow).

    Thanks and have a great day/week/month/year/life!


    • Andy Jenkins

      I hear ya Cuzin – giving up what you think you’re good at to make progress is one of the tough ones. And the first time you do it, you’ll be tempted to take back the reins.

      Just remember, as an Info Marketer, you only get paid when you do 2 things – Perform and Publish. If you’re not using your brain to do that, you’re waiting calories.

      Miss ya Cuz.

  • http://PTAFitClub.Com siddiq shakur

    Andy, I don’t know what your story it, but it’s all good. I look forward to you emails. I never get sick of you like I do of the others.

    • Andy Jenkins

      Thanks Boss – My story? Heh. It’s long and frightening. :)

  • http://imarketingmavens.com Jarrod Morris

    I’d love to spend twenty minutes telling you how empowering it was to read this post, and all of the “can-do” thoughts I’m having right now. But instead, I’m jumping right into some of those actions that will actually make money today, not tomorrow. I always tell my clients, “version one is better than version none,” but often times find myself not living by that counsel myself.

    Thanks for the insightful post Andy!

    Jarrod Morris
    Marketing Mavens

    • Andy Jenkins

      Hey Boss! I know exactly how you feel. Like you said, it’s all about moving the ball 4 yards at a time – it’s not about the Hail Mary Pass.

      No – you didn’t say that, but I am going to attribute it to your wisdom from now on.

      Been a while, hasn’t it?

  • http://ppcsuccessblog.com Hemal

    This was a much needed read for me, thanks for boosting my confidence!

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    You been looking over my shoulder..??

    You really jolted me into action on this one with you yellin in my ear…!!

    OK..I kicked my own arse..no more analysis paralysis…

    I am REALLY good at what I do, I know more than most and I’m off to get my BIG piece of the pie…!!

    - G

    • Andy Jenkins

      I know you’re good at your shizzle Graham! Get it out there Cuzin!

  • http://DigitalAccessPass.com Ravi Jayagopal


    I’m going to give you the greatest compliment I would personally love to get myself someday….

    You are *the* most exciting writer I have ever come across. Oh yeah, and that includes my idol Seth Godin!

    Yup, I do read a lot, follow a lot of bloggers and “gurus”. Am on the “cutting edge” of information, and am probably one of the biggest and truest “info junkies” of all time, self-proclamation notwithstanding.

    Your blog posts do the same thing to me as Frank Kern’s videos: Make me all giddy with excitement, so much that it makes me want to postpone reading it for some more time! LOL :-)

    • Andy Jenkins

      Thanks Cuz! Always nice to get a compliment for a Boss like you!

  • http://www.managedswitches.org/ Sabiha

    Hi Andy,

    Your writing always inspires me. This time too, you have shaken me and pulled me out of my (LB) make believe world.
    It’s not like I have heard these concepts for the first time but every now and then I slip into the LBs and have a hard time breaking free of them. Thanks for giving the much needed jolt into freedom.

    • Andy Jenkins

      Im very humbled that you’ve taken good things away from this post. Thanks Cuz.

  • http://www.garydum.com Gary Dum

    Andy, great post. Touchie-feely is not how I would describe it.
    This is exactly how we started our print distributorship 26 years ago. Your post also put my ugly mug in the mirror. Time to just do it! This is empowering.
    Thanks Cuz

    • Andy Jenkins

      You Get em Buddy!

  • http://localwavemaker.com George Lutz

    It’s important to remember that all beliefs – good and bad – are limiting!

  • http://www.seanbreslin.com Sean Breslin

    Thanks Andy I got a lot of food for thought from this post… LB’s are a killer of dreams for sure!

  • DedicatedManager

    Interesting stuff, but you never actually talk about the equation.

    For instance, according to the equation, if I was to squash a limiting belief (-1), I would have to gain friction, fear, or peer pressure, to keep the whole thing equal to 0.

    So what’s the purpose of the equation?!

    • Andy Jenkins

      Cuzin, that’s ALL I do is talk about the equation. The purpose of the equation is to illustrate the 4 factors that cause Entrepreneurs to execute on their business ineffectively.

      The combination of all of those elements creates ZERO results – as evidenced by the 100,000 data points that I gathered during my last survey.

      You might be thinking about the equation in terms of a Math Problem – it’s not. It’s a symptom.

      You seem pissed. Did you get no value out of the post at all?

      • http://www.dedicatedmanagers.com Dedicated Manager

        Absolutely I got some value from the post, but yes, I’m angry at the misuse of mathematics!

        From your response, it sounds like the equation should be more like:

        Results = Total Productivity – LB – Fe – Fr – E(P)P

        Now with the equation above, I can see that my results will go up, because the “Friction” I had with your equation is taking away from my total productivity and ruining my results :)

        HA. I just wasted 20 minutes attempting to make the equation more correct.

        Yep… Now I’ve learned from you that Friction is a wavy set of Samson’s hair growing on my Achilles heal! (What?!)

  • http://www.local-marketing-pro.com Mark Carver

    You know Andy, I’ve been a loyal fan of yours since taking the Video Boss course last year. I realize I’m one of many thousands and not really more real than an e-mail address to you. But I also know when you write this stuff, you’re writing it to help real people, not just because you want to impress people and stroke your ego. (If that’s not the case – leave me in my world of sweet innocence). You set the reference point for me as to whether I’m just a sheep to be sheered or someone I can trust. With 98% of the things I buy, I hear the clippers going, but I (think) I need what they have and put up with it.

    My biggest stumbling block to success is not lack of knowledge, but myself. Thanks for reminding me.

    Keep it up!

    • Andy Jenkins

      You got it. You understood exactly the point I was trying to get across. Thanks for being a Customer, Cuzin Mark.

  • Catherine Rogers

    Awesome post. Here I am fighting weariness, overwork and general overwhelm. Nothing like a shot of vision and passion to lift my sights up off the floor of daily tasks and back onto what my vision for a star ride of a life might be – and DO IT. Now there’s the rub of course – the little ‘ol DO IT bit of the equation. This is where the ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ bit comes in.

    But Andy, for lots of us part of the missing link is coming to grips with what we passionately want – never mind the LB etc fouling us up as well.

    Speaking for myself I am probably more confident about the concrete THINGS that I want (like shoes) than the more ephemeral wants / needs / desires like freedom. You talked in your post about not initially appreciating what it was about freedom that you were seeking. As you got more focused it seems you were better at getting it to happen for yourself. IE the lesson is that the clearer you can be about what you want the more likely you are to take actions that support and achieve it. I’ve always had lots of shoes (even when I was a stone broke student and painted them on my feet :) ), but the other stuff. Hmmn, trickier call. How do we discover what deeply, truly lights our fire? I suspect one of the greatest advantages in life i tapping into your deep drivers, but what if you haven’t…..

    Thanks heaps

    • Andy Jenkins

      You bring up a great question Catherine. And he’s the good news about now knowing what you desire in “the grand sense”.

      Your journey is going to be just that – traveling down a path where more of your deeper desires and aspirations are revealed to you as your business provides you with the THINGS that you want.

      Like I mentioned, I started out the same way – wanting THINGS. And as I acquired them, once that need was satisfied, other desires and aspirations were uncovered because me need for THINGS was satisfied.

      For example, I once owned a Ferrari – for about 4 months. Being able to have it satisfied something – but once I got it, i realized it was just a transitional desire not rooted in what I was really after.

      I guess Im saying that in order to arrive at what will ultimately constitute as YOUR FREEDOM, it’s absolutely okay to journey down a path that leads you to shorter term goals.

      Make sense?

  • Catherine Rogers

    Ah Hah! The old Maslow hierarchy of needs. If you are still worried about whether you will eat tonight, you’re not going to giving a flying fish about self actualising life’s grand goals. BUT if you just get going and try to achieve today’s dream – even if it’s a wardrobe of Christian Loubertains then that will ultimately free up the space for you to target the deeper, higher dream.

    I like that a lot. Makes it ok for me to to ‘settle’ for the material girl needs of today knowing the other stuff will come through.

    AND Andy, better still … it winds straight back to your message about getting out and DOING. Any DOING is better than none. Yay! You’ve hit a home run. What a great booster – thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

  • http://billhildebrand.com/blog Bill H

    That is a great bunch of truisms. Just what I needed at this time to get off of “start” and move closer to “finish”. Thanks for the prod!

  • http://www.donnamerrilltribe.com Donna Merrill

    This post is awesome. It should be a handbook. I like the equation, never thought of it that way but it makes perfect sense! What especially hit me is that instead of wasting time (which is money) on one thing, just pay someone else to do it. I have many times. I am not great at any technical aspect of the business, so I farm it out and pay people to do it for me. The benefit: I get to have more time to write and coach instead of spending hours of time to figure something out.
    So glad I met you

    • Andy Jenkins

      Nice to meet you too, Cuzin Donna!

  • http://www.peterbuick.com/thoughts/is-not-thinking-you-have-a-limiting-belief-a-limiting-belief peter buick

    Darn Andy
    now I’m going to have to resubscribe to your emails again.

    I’m interested to know how long it took you to write that?
    It doesn’t seem banged out.
    Which connects to my 2 LB’s below.

    LB 1:
    You’re correct that if we just want money (freedom and time) we can just be a business man and bang out stuff based on emulating a successful model.
    That is true!
    But that’s very like a JOB where you just happen to own the company.

    Obviously I am messed up here, and I cant; want money enough or something.

    Because I know it is true that I could earn money just by banging out a business.

    But in another part of your article you mention
    “Today, I will do what I am passionate about doing”

    This is where the LB comes in.

    How do you do what you are passionate about, if it isn’t about banging out a known business model ?
    When it feels like a JOB, it usually isn’t fun.

    So I think this is where the road block for most is.

    When you start out, you can’t afford or trust to employ staff or outsource everything that NEEDS to just be done, in order for F to happen.
    So I feel we all distract ourselves with stuff that is fun – tinkering and learning.

    I’m not sure of this is just a LB that we need to unique to have fun, I’m sure it is a LB that things need to be to a level we are unsure of, even though we see it work elsewhere. Emulating what we mock seems untrue to our selves.

    The takeaway for me is two fold.

    1) Lots of boring JOB stuff needs to be done. Just suck it up until you can afford to outsource it. (it’s hard to believe there are ANY unemployed isn’t it with so much need for outsourcing!)

    2) Personally I’m just throwing out the bath water. I’m simplifying my business (with automation) to the extent that all I need to do is the FUN stuff.

    By accepting 1 and doing 2, my LB are not applicable, because I don’t need to emulate a successful model I do not believe in.

    Find peace and be healthy Andy!

  • http://minkikimSI.com Minki Kim

    Wow! Thank you thank you! It’s interesting, and I can only speak for myself, that I need a daily reminder on to get past the hurdles of running my own practice and to realize to just DO, and not THINK and OVERANALYZE.

    Thanks for your quirky inspiration! Love the honey badger reference too.

  • http://www.upgradereality.com/kill-your-limiting-beliefs limiting beliefs

    Yup, this is tough but really excellent!

  • http://tribalstylemarketing.com/blog TribalStyleMarketing

    Wowsers! Great freakin’ post! I tried telling this to someone else (in a different way of course) & got shunned & lambasted. Maybe I will just send this link to them. Thanks Andy, you are a light warrior my friend.

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  • HomeBizMom

    Very good. Hit the mark for me cuz I like the learning part. However, I don’t always, ok rarely know how it fits into the whole picture and what to do with what I learned.
    Second, regarding fear. How do you know if you don’t do video cuz it’s annoying and it’s not your personality or if it’s really fear but you’re afraid to say that out loud?
    Third, you’re funny and could do stand up comedy but you probably make more not doing it and it may not be a passion aka fun so it’s not gonna happen. Continue to write educational and funny material then…as you were.