Highly Recommended: Spice up your mailing list with Send Pepper

While I’ve always stressed the importance of giving your marketing campaign that personalized touch, some things are just not humanly possible in this department. One of these herculean tasks include being able to personally respond to every subscriber included in your mailing list. Even if you’ve properly defined your lists, it would still take up a lot of time to properly categorize and make any necessary adjustments for each of your contacts.

This is why I have nothing but praise for the people who thought up of autoresponders. In particular, I’d like to give some extra praise to a specific one I have in mind. Meet Send Pepper, an autoresponder system which is aimed at boosting small businesses for a pretty reasonable price.  So what’s so great about it? Like I just said, it’s a great application to use if you’re just starting out and you want to be able to stay in touch with your subscribers in a quick and easy manner.

I’ve compiled a list of features from Send Pepper and so far, they’re pretty awesome. Check it out:

  • “Try before buy” system – Trial systems are a great way to show off your product for free and hopefully get people to buy your product once you’ve convinced them that it’s worth it. Send Pepper goes the distance by offering potential customers a 15 day long trial. That’s actually a decent amount of time to get some valuable marketing and analytics data and see if the autoresponder actually works for you or not. If you decide to sign up for this application, you can then upgrade to the full version once the trial period has expired.


  • Three flavors to choose from – I wish I was able to think up of an interesting theme so that I could also use some witty names to define my pricing scheme. Send Pepper comes in three distinct packages: Jalapeño, Habanero and PRO. The basic flavor is your basic autoresponder that helps you keep track of up to 2,500 contacts. Habanero allows you some personalization by being able to create your own landing pages and send postcards that redirect them to your own personal URL. In addition, they also offer a 5,000 contact address book and can even do split tests on the stuff you send your subscribers. Finally, the PRO package gives you full API access and customization options like a shopping cart where you can automate up-sell or re-sell campaigns for up to 10,000 contacts.


  • Easy tagging system to segment your lists – Trying to define your mailing lists can be tedious work, especially if you have a lot of names to keep track of. Thankfully, Send Pepper makes this job easier by offering a tagging system for your contacts to help define what interests they have or what specific product they’ve subscribed to. You can create as many tags as you want to help streamline your filters and you can easily segment your mailing list in this way.


  • Easy-to-use webpage builder for landing pages – I just want to talk about the standard package’s option to personalize your own landing pages. Landing pages are a great way to draw people into a new product or collect customer information, so this is a great feature to include in an autoresponder system. Also, the interface is so simple that you don’t even need any extensive knowledge in HTML to build a decent landing page.


  • Integration with iPhone/iGoogle – I was easily impressed with this particular feature the most. It helps you keep track of your site’s visitors and see what pages they’ve just visited. You can shoot any of them a friendly email from anywhere based on their activity on your site. There’s a lot of useful information that you can take advantage of from this particular feature alone. What’s more, this great feature is included in the most basic package of Send Pepper.

If you ever need help figuring out how to run a particular feature, you can always visit the Send Pepper website and take a look at the many tutorial videos there. If you’re looking for a good autoresponder to help you kick start your business, then you might want to give this one a try. On a semi-related note, maybe I should change the theme of some of my products to something wittier. Vikings anyone? :D


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  • http://www.moneymakingtactics.com/ Mohamad Latiff

    Hey Andy, I expected an affiliate link to SendPepper after your recommendation but I can’t seem to find any. Maybe you deliberately did not put it there for a SMART reason. But it’s cool, I’ll look for it myself. :)

  • Patti Yeager


    You are the best..I have been following you for 7 years now and I just love you and the others!!
    I just wish I could afford you to help me “really” start my internet business..
    Thank You for the bottom of my heart..for sending me all this GREAT info..