Ideas for Your Own Online Contest

Online contests and promos are awesome ways to spur interest in your brand and products. It’s also a great way of showing your customers your appreciation for them, while attracting natural backlink generation. Regardless what industry you’re in, if you want your prospects to feel like they’re part of a community with the same interest, hold a fun contest where everyone can buy in.

Another benefit this brings is that, as small as a niche is, it’s still bound to draw in a great deal of attention. People will want to show off what they did and have it shared to the rest of the Interwebs. Hence, you have your audience doing the promotional work for you.

If you’re stumped on how you can start your own online contest, I’ve got a few ideas that might help you come up with something epic. Consider these:

  • Photo contests – Regardless what business you’re in, photos draw in attention to a blog post or web page. Have a photo contest that celebrates what your brand does for your customers. Example: If you’re running a business on baby-safe cleaning products, have a photo contest that declares the messiest looking baby as the winner. It’s a simple, but clever, idea because it appeals to parents. We all know how parents like showing other people pictures of their children, right?
  • Video testimonials – Hold a contest that caters to the most creative videos created for your brand. Testimonials are awesome, but if you can get your customers to make a song or do a dance number for your brand, you may have a set of viral videos at your disposal soon. Just make sure it isn’t related to the United guitar incident. :)
  • Industry related contests – This one’s pretty simple. Let me give you an idea: If you’re running a business that involves teaching people how to fish while selling them lures and rods, have a contest that involves actual fishing. Let them shoot a video with them using your lure and rod to hook in a big one. The video that gets the most votes from the same audience wins.

You can use several platforms for your contests, but I would recommend that your website or blog announces the winner and what they’ve won. After doing this, hold a press release, tweet on Twitter, and post a link on Facebook. That should bring in the traffic and a sense of accomplishment for your audience.

Keep in mind that your prizes should be something that they would normally pay for, not to mention something VERY valuable. This should give them enough motivation to work very hard for it. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


Until then,


Andy Jenkins

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