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Twitter and social media in general have sparked a revolution in the way we use the Internet. Just about everything now involves connecting with people online and sharing content, ideas, multimedia and general banter. Social networks have a strong influence in how consumers behave, making it a must for every Internet marketer to engage his prospects in these platforms.

With all the social networks out there today and most of your competitors jumping in on the bandwagon, it becomes a challenge for all of us to stay ahead of the pack in terms of community building. A lot of times, just managing one Twitter account can take an entire workday. Some marketers and companies have gone on to hire entire teams of social media specialists to gain better position in the social media marketing arena – but that begs the question of what about us little guys who can’t afford to pay an army of twitter users who will spread the word for us?

I recently found out about this cool little thing called the MarketMeSuite. It turns out that this app is the successor to the successful MarketMeTweet app that some of my friends have been using. MarketMeSuite basically performs a myriad of social media management and automation tasks in one package that used to require several free and paid software to accomplish.


If you’re trying to extend your reach in the social media plane with emphasis on twitter, MarketMeSuite may be just the thing you’re looking for. Here’s why I think it rocks:


  • Localized targeting – MarketMeSuite allows you to choose the geographical location and language of the people that you engage on Twitter. This allows you to allocate precious Twitter follow slots to people who are more likely to become your future customers and spread the word about you and your product.
  • Smarter follows and unfollows – Filtering the people that you follow into those who follow back and those who don’t can be a tedious job especially on a continuous basis. MarketMeSuite helps you instantly identify the people who aren’t following you or who aren’t buying into your campaign so that you can move on and find people who are more likely to convert.
  • Obsessive @Mentions tracking – If you’re the type who likes keeping a close eye on the kind of word that goes around with your name in it, this feature is just for you. MarketMeSuite can be made to send you emails whenever your name or brand is mentioned on Twitter. That way, you can monitor conversations and buzz about your business, allowing you to respond accurately in real time. The icing on this cake would be the automated RSS tweets that enables you to synergize your latest posts with your Twitter clout.
  • Crazy automation – You can schedule tweets, Facebook posts, replies and direct messages. What’s awesome about the automation process is that you can sync it with Google calendar to make sure you’re organized all the time.
  • Integrates with everything – Well, maybe not everything but it integrates seamlessly with popular apps like Zendesk, Klout, PeerIndex, Ping.FM and more. This is helpful because you’ll only need to be on MarketMeSuite to manage all of these side by side.
  • Works just as well on Facebook – While Twitter may be the first thing in mind when MarketMeSuite, Facebook also gets a lot of love here. You can manage accounts and fan pages using the automation tools, allowing you to schedule posts and engage your crowd with ease.
  • Plugins on the way – MarketMeSuite’s devs have pledged that they have strong plans of opening up their API so that users can create their own custom plugins to extend the suite’s functionality. Plugins are always good news, and things are just going to get sweeter from here on out, I reckon.

Those are just some of my favorite features from MarketMeSuite. If you’re into social media, this one’s worth checking out. It’s affordable and it comes with lots of fun extras. Tweet away!