How to Write Copy for Sales & Marketing Videos


Totally Ripped off


Let me explain the image you see to the immediate left…

For me, writing copy for sales and marketing videos is a special kind of hell.

  • Yes, I know I was a bad kid.
  • Yes, I know I’ve made some questionable decisions in my youth (and beyond).
  • Oh yes, I know I’ve overdrawn the funds from “The Bank of Karma” far beyond what any reasonable overdraft protection would allow.

But, for crying out loud, the range of self destructive emotions that descend on me when I’m staring at a blank page that’s supposed to be full of prospect-hypnotizing copy are beyond embarrassing. It’s like having a really bad “Fat Day”.

Lucky for me, I’m an internet marketer, so it’s not like I have to write copy very often…

Oh… wait.

As most middle aged adults do, I’ve developed some “coping” mechanisms to help me deal with the trauma of my daily tortured writing responsibilities.

Meaning… I cheat.  (Quick, Haters – screen capture this page so you have your next bit of grist for the mill – I’ll even bold the ‘admission’ part for you…)

Yes – I CHEAT (There – saved you a step.  BTW, how’s life in your mom’s basement?)

Here’s my thieving process:

  1. What I do is read or watch REALLY REALLY good examples of things that I WANT TO DO.
  2. I then mind map it out (‘Cause that gives me a sense of accomplishment, and maybe lessens the guilt)
  3. Then, I reverse engineer the “Why” (Those usually consist of my best guesses or my own juicy rationalizations)
  4. And BOOM – Now I have my own little check-list of awesome-sauce to pour over my next copy writing gig.

– Larceny complete –

Now, perhaps your asking yourself WHY such an enigmatic and talented Internet marketer like myself (LOL HAHAHAHAHA J/K) would share this morally questionable technique with you?

Why, it’s so that we can ALL share a jail cell TOGETHER

Well, it’s because I think innovation sucks.  It’s hard.  It takes a big brain, massive confidence, and a body fat percentage far below my own.

Honestly, when there are so many spectacular examples of what WORKS, and works WELL, floating around out there on the InterTubes, why not just Watch, Learn, and Do?  The other option is to figure shit out – and who’s got the time for that when the summer line up of block-buster movies is so damn awesome?

The image above is from my latest caper. It’s a mind-map/check list of the key points of copy structure from perhaps one of the most currently successful direct-response marketers there is.

His name is Dean… something. It’ll come to me.

Anyway, there’s a mind map in a PDF that you can download below – don’t worry, I’ll keep it between you, me, and the 7 other people that read this blog.

Open it up, watch the video, and follow along. My check list will make more sense once it’s in context (That and, if you’re gonna be an IP burglar, might as well do it right).

Click here to -> WATCH THE VIDEO (It’ll open in another window)


So, the NEXT time you’ve got a dingy white, blank screen languishing in front of you – the kind where the cursor is blinking in it’s accusatory “You could be watching Jersey Shore Re-Runs” kind of way….

… just bust out this mind map and let the most sincere form of flattery guide your fingers to greatness!


Happy Plundering!


P.S.  GRAZIOSI!  Just remembered – his name is Dean Graziosi.

He’s Italian.


  • William Siong

    What a nice information to have. Thanks Andy!
    As usual, you’re humorous hehehe
    Keep the bloggy thingy coming too!

  • Susan

    Write ON!
    I too suffer from that paralysis and find mind maps a great way to ease the pain.
    Thanks for the great ideas on making them even more useful.

  • Earnest


    I checked out the video this weekend and I was about to MAKE THE SAME THING! You saved me about 3 hours of work! Thanks bro!

  • Andrew Smith

    What a great help tool. I have just completed my first short 7 minute pitch video.
    I wish I had this to start.

    How could I/we persuade you to do a podcast or video to talk about your reasoning for this choice to topic headings.

    Best regards, Andrew Smith, Auckland, New Zealand

  • Joe Emmet


    As always, great information that most of us can use. Frankly (not the Kern type), I feel better knowing that you are human after all — I thought most successful IMers had a magic wand or something (although I have to admit, in your case I thought it was a couple of magic horns).

    Looking forward to studying this and adding it to my bag of AJ tricks.



  • ah Freedom

    Love it Andy. As annoyed as I am that the image is too small to be seen clearly, I’m entertained by your writing style!

  • Liam Hughes

    Andy, this is a brilliant post! Mind maps really are a secret weapon to overcome blank page fever!

    We would love to see this map (and any others you have) added to the mind map library at so the world can share the wonder of your work. We are perhaps the world’s largest source of mind mapping loot, freely available for others to plunder at will… You should fit in just fine!

    Plus, sharing a map on Biggerplate will probably help you earn some karma credit, which will come in handy the next time you are feeling devious.

    All the best

    Liam Hughes
    Founder and Biggest Cheater:

  • Elizabeth

    That video isn’t on the page anymore. Anywhere else we can find it? Thanks!!

  • bruce jones

    thank Andy, our best cousin, the video doesn’t play anymore but the mindmap is very cool, and will be put to use shortly

    keep em coming

  • Hbaric

    Video link no worky :(