Recommended resource: Free Blog Factory

WordPress is one of the single greatest pieces of software ever made, bar none, and I would argue against anyone who doesn’t think so. It gave practically anyone n the Internet a chance to establish a decent blog or website at no cost at all (except for hosting and a domain).


So why isn’t every Internet marketer on WordPress when the benefits of having a blog have been well documented? Some of the most common reasons I hear are the lack of time to learn how to set up and use it or the lack of financial resources to hire someone to do it. If for one reason or another you find yourself hard pressed to invest time or money for a blog, there’s hope for you.


It’s called Free Blog Factory and it’s a service that sets up a stylish, professional-looking and optimized WordPress blog for you at no charge at all. Too good to be true? That’s what a lot of people think, but this service has its way of generating its income without having to charge you.


The service of putting up the blog is free but you’d still have to get hosting from HostGator, where they are affiliated. This means that the act of you buying some hosting gets them some commissions. They also make money out of domain name purchases should you choose to get one from HostGator. These are things that you’d still have to pay for anyway if you set up a site yourself, so it’s a true win-win situation. There are no contracts that will bind you and your site to Free Blog factory, so you can step away from the service with a simple email – no questions asked – whenever you feel like it.


Here’s what I love best about Free Blog Factory:


  • Professionally made templates – You have a choice to use premium or free blog themes. I like how there seems to be something for everyone’s taste ranging from casual-looking ones to more businesslike skins.


  • Free video tutorials – If you’re new to WordPress and blogging in general, Free Blog Factory has a bevy of videos for you to learn from. You’ll go from noob to pro in no time with how they teach.


  • Built with SEO in mind – Google loves WordPress and it’s bound to love your blog even more because Free Blog factory made search engine optimization a prime consideration when they designed their themes. The code seems very clean and the layout and internal linking structure of the sites were set up to maximize crawlability of pages.


  • Comes with the best free tools – Free Blog factory has taken the liberty of choosing only the best and safest plugins for your WordPress blog. These plugins will extend the production capabilities of your CMS to give you the edge you need in beating the competition. And oh, they’ll also throw in Google Analytics to the mix so you can see exactly how well you’re doing in terms of traffic.


  • HostGator rocks – Hey, just because it’s a prerequisite to get hosted by HostGator doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. HostGator is an award-winning service that’s well known for its security, server speed, very rare and short downtimes and customer service. Even if you weren’t getting a blog built in Free Blog Factory, HostGator is the first place I’d suggest if you’re looking for a web host.


That’s just about it, folks. If you want an easy blog setup with no hassles and no costs, this one’s just the service for you. Keep creating good content and online success can’t be far behind.