How to Make a Viral Video – Viral Video Marketing

Spend a little time surfing around web-marketing forums and it becomes clear that the art and science of making Viral Marketing Videos is about as well defined as the purpose of an Escher Painting.

I see lots of guesses.  I see even more TERRIBLE advice.  The next time someone tells you that the key to getting your videos go to viral is to include your pets talking, you need to de-friend them.

The essence of viral marketing comes down to just 2 things:  Asking the RIGHT Questions, and Answering them efficiently. It’s really pretty simple if you know the process.  Watch the video, and you’ll see what I mean.

HowToMakeAViralVideo PDF

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  • Jay

    this is great and I took the advice to go with the quantity and not the fancy videos.
    Happy 4th in July.

  • James Davis

    Nice Video Andy,

    You told it like a “Boss”



    AKA The Fitness Blogger

  • Gary D. Collier

    Thanks for the detailed information. Ok, I’m not in a big money making area– but how is this for a specific concentrated burst of good stuff with a cool promise for people who are looking for ways to read the Bible better?

    • Andy Jenkins

      You tell me Gary – what are folks that are in your market looking to do better, faster, more completely, etc.?

      Once you know those questions, then make videos that answer them.

  • Vik

    Absolutely great video! Thanks!

  • John


    Great video. :) But no PDF of the mindmap? :(


  • Andrej

    Great stuff Andy! I can use this immediately. I learned a lot.


  • Bill

    The BOSS hits a home run again. Thanks Andy and could you add some of this in on the Boss training?

  • Sweetbearies

    Why does everyone want to make a viral video anyway? The last few I saw were okay, but I have seen so many better videos that are not even as popular. I think it is more important to make a clever video and to stop reaching out for popularity. An evergreen video will serve you well in the future, a viral video will only bring a few days of fame.

    • Joshua

      I hear what you’re saying, Sweetbearies, but I believe Andy agrees with your sentiment.

      What I gathered from watching his video is that in this case ‘viral’ means a video that is evergreen and provides a real solution to one’s problem and because of that will get passed around to thousands or more (the definition of viral!).

      I do agree that the word viral does immediately bring to mind the talking dog, laughing baby and other mildly amusing time-wasters.

      Following Andy’s technique, however, business/site owners can take viral in a much more productive direction.

  • Steve

    Wow, Andy – great info as usual. This should also be in the Video Boss Course. Thanks for sharing

  • Masta’ le

    i am looking for the very first video i seen of yours. just cant get enough of this info. excellent stuff i am going to definitely share this with my friends who are trying to get into the market place.

    AKA Masta’ Le expert on getting people on top of Google in record time

  • bruce jones

    super great video, tons of very clear info with a lot of very doable idea, thank you so much, Boss Man

  • Martin

    Great video, loads of top tips! Any chance of sharing the mind map? Please, pretty please!

  • Brett

    You suggest posting the video to YouTube then embed the YouTube video on the web site. Could you please explain why you didn’t follow that strategy with this video?

    • Andy Jenkins

      This video is almost 30 minutes long, Cuzin. It was NOT designed to be a viral video. It’s a full on training video for my subscribers.

      Watch the video again, Boss – make your Viral Videos 3 minutes long about a very specific tactical topic. This video on Viral Video Marketing is a strategic concept and engagement.

      Make sense?

  • Ray Baker

    This is the most helpful informative video I’ve seen for a long time. Well done! Although, I think Mr Crowther should be promoting your stuff, not the other way around. That’s a little light-hearted but I think you get my gist.

    Rarely do you see this level of exceptional free content. Most others would charge for this. I hope everyone who receives this comes to grips with the value there!

    Thank you for quality and the value of this contribution.

    ….good stuff!

    Ray Baker

  • Tom Curtis

    Any way to get the Mind Map from this video? This is hot!!!

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  • Patty

    Once again Andy you have compelled me to leave my information. because you give such good information. I have hundreds of ideas, now to put them in short, informative videos, Yep, one should go viral.

    Patty Jones

  • anita Wheeler

    As Renee said in Jerry McGuire “You had me on hello.” That’s how I always feel about you and your work! YOUR THE BOSS


  • Lisa

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks SO much for this information.

    Your work is P-R-E-M-I-U-M!!! And … I can’t wait until I can enroll in your VideoBoss course – really – I’m so excited about using your strategies.

    Thanks Andy – You Rock AND Roll!!!

  • Donald

    First Uncle Andy, I would have to say that I am your brother from another! Ha-ha.

    On the real, I appreciate all the free valuable content that you relentlessly share. I am constantly able to improve and renew my brand based on your information.

    Bottom line is that, “You da man!” And if you allow me I would like to be the man next to the man. That would be alright with me. Great video thanks for sharing.

  • Geri

    Thanks Andy! Another great video.

    I would have loved your “Boss” training, but now is the wrong time for me. I have NO time to do justice to it for the next few months. Hoping to catch it next year.

    Meanwhile, I’ll just devour what you offer so freely.

    You’re the best!

  • Lawrence

    Thanks so much Andy for another informative step-by-step video that takes the mystery out of the process of developing viral videos that will grow our businesses.

  • max

    Hey Andi

    Yeah great stuff. But plz upload your mindmaps somethere they would be very helpfull.

    thx max

  • John Robbins

    As usual Andy you over deliver, even with out your usual proffesional technical stuff you produce an awesome video, and more to the point great free content again. You are the man Andy, and I wish 2 things. 1 that I could reach the high levels that you effortlessly achieve, and 2 that I could afford to join Video Boss – brilliant I know but it came a month too late for me.

    Thank you Andy and God Bless you.

    John Robbins

  • antonia

    You share a wealth of information, always. Your experience is critical, your knowledge of media to drive the message is key. There is huge value and I appreciate all that you deliver.
    Thank You.

  • Andrew

    Great video Andy!
    Though it’s no surprise,
    You are the boss :)

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  • Don


    • Monkey

      Yeah. It’s cool!

  • steve “crest” douglas

    Hey Andy, finally got SB pro and t he rest of the suite – the days of tinny sounds are gooone! keep up the goods work pal, and the photo captions are brilliant :) STEVE

  • ganardinero

    Great video! Just the “Video response” thing in You-Tube was worth the view.


  • Ken

    Hi Andy,
    Thank your for this out standing information as ever you over deliver even in your free content. Ever since you made that Little Boss video, I have been hooked and look forward to what you have to teach, I was just about to start using youtube and did not have a clue how to go about it untill I saw this video. Look forward to more cuzin.

  • Ken

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for the fantastic content as ever you over deliver, I was going to start posting videos on youtube, but I had no strategy, I would also probably have over complicated my video. As ever you over deliver, ever since Little Boss I have been hooked and look forward to your content, thanks cuzin.

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  • Kids Songs

    Thanks Andy,
    You’ve given me some great ideas for my kids songs videos. I know music is not like selling most products, but some of your advice will work for me.

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  • Ge1234

    Do you have youtube too?

  • Kiwicandp

    What if it is a video that youtube is likely to or has censored?

    How to make it viral with reduced risk of censorship but still giving it a good chance to reach to non-directly connected viewers e.g. viewers connected by hosting service.

  • marvin

    Great stuff Andy. I am getting better at procrastination and i want to market with videos but I am working on my issue. Great content today.

  • Ferb

    Greate video, you giving out a lot of information and I’m sure it’ll go viral.

  • Jay Bergers III

    brilliant solid concise advice thanks ! my friend Rebecca Geiger thinks you are a Rock Star! I bet she is Right!

  • George

    …in short, make a Video Ads with a little bit of creativity…

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  • Margit

    Thanks for this valuable information! Very professional.
    M. Wright

  • Michael

    Many thanks Andy! So how on earth do I get a “natural” conversation kind of voice, when I am recording? This is one of the main things where I have problems and you do it so good ;-)

  • Mal

    I once made a quick comment video on someone else’s YouTube video, just pointing out a way that method could be improved by doing a simple task. For some reason I had over 300 views in a week.

    It was unplanned and until I watch your video Andy had not realized just how powerful that sort of video could be.

    Many Thanks.


  • FreedomFighter

    PDF doesn’t work boss