8 Rules for Social Media Success (Video)

Friend, it’s all changed.  It’s changing every single day.

“Destination Internet” hardly looks like the quaint little geek-haven it did just a few years ago.  Sigh.  Ah..  The Golden Days of “If you build it, they will come”.

I blame social media.

Here’s the deal – What used to WORK, ya know, the “Conversation Starters” and “Interactivity Boosters” that got people to follow you or like your posts DOES NOT WORK anymore.  Yes, I am often drawn deeply into threads that want to know my favorite foods.  Sure, I’m happy to tell my followers what movie they should see this weekend.  And I don’t mind telling you that I’ve gotten many a spectacular Drink Recipe from the errant wall post.   But…

They’ve never made me want to buy anything from them.

I like stalking user profiles of your latest trip to the beach, where you show off the 3 centimeters of cloth that you claim is a Bikini, sure – i like that as much as the next letch.  :)

But it doesn’t make me want to buy anything from you. (Note:  Please do keep posting those photos, however.)

Yet, Social Media has become THE GO TO DESTINATION for consumers.  And most people are still treating it like a Locker-Room-Wall (Not that there’s anything wrong with that – it just… doesn’t make me want to buy anything from them).

I made a short video for you.  And basically, I stole all of the information from someone else, just so I could give you MY Opinion :)

It’s called the 8 Rules for Social Media Success - and if you dig it, and want more, follow the link under the video for some hard truths about how most online entrepreneurs are damaging their reputation with really really poor and not obvious use of Social Media Portals.

Watch the FULL VIDEO Here, Y’all!


Cheesy Movie Quote of the Day that’s Awesome : Be Bold, and Mighty Forces will come to your aid.

  • http://youtu.be/Ru2AtFt6C7Q maury

    Hey Andy! I’d like to thank you! With your “illuminated” information I made my first video… and… I’m finalist in a world wide contest (uauuuuuu) taken by Paolo Coelho… this is the one!


  • http://www.crestwhitestrips.co.uk steve “crest” douglas

    Nice one Andy – loving the video boss – keeping up just :)

  • http://www.accl-ltd.com Wayne Connors

    Hi Andy
    Keep up the good work, you are the BOSS

  • http://www.andrewredwards.com Andrew Edwards


    Great addition to Don`s video.

    I like the point about the IPad as it reinforces the messages about being very targeted, which is easy to forget.

    Andrew (Australia)

  • Diana Baker

    LOVE YOU ANDY!!! This is super valuable, I am going off to tell all my people about this :-) keep it coming!

  • http://www.digitalauthority.com/ Troy

    Great Video – Thanks Andy!

  • http://www.nicotinesolutions.com Lela Bryan

    Is the interactivity score judged on my like page or on my regular facebook page.

    So if I have a bunch of “friends” that I have on facebook and they are just sitting there will that detract from my interactive score

  • http://www.videoinaminute.com Lisa Gottfried

    I loved the manner in which you delivered this information. I could have it on and running in the background while I work on editing. Sometimes you just need a simple visual and someone talking it out. I walked away smarter than before. Thanks.

  • http://barnyardproducts.com/ Dave

    Great info.. Thanks Andy…love your stuff keep it coming

  • Werner

    Awesome — Cuzin … will you provide that mindmap as a download?

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  • http://www.jasonmoffatt.com Jason Moffatt

    My Facebook interactivity is through the roof. The moment I try to sell anything, it plummets.

    I’m also blessed to have a ton of absolutely great friends on there. It’s like high school all over but WAY better because I can go take a smoke in the park whenever I feel like it.

  • Andy Iskandar

    Dude, I thought you said the video is a concise summary of Don’s (Crowther) video? But it’s equally long! But thanks anyway, really appreciate it…

  • http://ro33ie.com Robbie Gee

    Hey Andy you really have got your finger on the pulse of what is happening NOW!!

    How do you have enough time to do all this stuff?

    I eat, sleep & S**T InterWEB marketing these days but there just aint enough hours in the day…

    Keep-up the good work BOSS MAN!

    RO33IE.com | Internet Marketing Made Easy

  • http://www.comvision.co.il mor

    Great Video! Thanks andy

  • Speers Auto Glass

    Loved your ideas, we have been following your emails and videos for sometime. We are now trying the ideas ourselves for http://www.speersautoglass.ca as well as http://www.autoglasswizard.ca both sites can benefit from videos showing the public what it is that we do better than the large glass chains like apple and speedy, after all in this competition we need to show customers what it is specifically that makes us different and let them decide. Video makes it easy to understand. tnx!

  • http://www.hollisgrain.com Jon

    Very bossy video, i mean, great, informative, top quality stuff, boss. I hope you create more videos, like this. I can no longer access the free videos for video boss, any chance I could get access to somehow? I just like to repeat what you tought us. Please just drop me a line if that’s ok.

  • http://www.themodernbusinessconsultant.com Monique Nelson

    I love your stuff. The Boss program is, for lack of a better term, BOSS! This video is also totally and completely BOSS.

    Here’s something I need to know though. I am close to terrified to run contests on Facebook because of their contest restrictions and because of the restrictions on sweepstakes vs contests vs blah blah blah. Basically, I don’t want to get sued, but I also don’t want to hire a lawyer to bankrupt me so that I can figure out what it is I’m actually allowed to do.


  • http://www.datingadvicedatabase.com Wes Man

    True that! About the Blog.

    Quality blog can accompany everything and can be of a help to almost any type of goal. Traffic, leads, conversion, lists and so on :)

    Not to mention it’s most of the easiest CMS to install and use!

  • http://corp.albertcorey.net albert’ “taxman”

    Hi your ideas are wonderful. I have been in the Cuz course and I have learned a lot.
    Where did you get your blog skin? And what do you think of ping.fm.

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  • http://whoisjohnrobbins.com John Robbins

    Hmm Andy it just gets better, any chance of seeing the Video Boss pre sell videos again?

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  • Andrew

    RE: Integrating social media properties.

    What tools do you use?

    What is your work flow system?

    Thanks a lot Andy!

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