Who Knew: Yellow Pages Still Trump Search Engines

If you told me before I read a survey by Burke that yellow pages are still America’s most used and most trusted consumer business research tool, I’d tell you to stop smoking ‘em funny cigarettes.

Who Knew: Yellow Pages Still Trump Search Engines
Who Knew: Yellow Pages Still Trump Search Engines

But it’s true: in a survey that included 8,000 adult consumers in the United States, it was discovered that more people still use and trust yellow pages compared to search engines. Please note that by yellow pages, we’re talking about both the print and online varieties.


If you split yellow pages into print and online, search engines will have the widest reach and credibility ratings. Put together, tallow pages still trump all. Yes, that includes the combined might of Google, Bing and Yahoo. See the table below:


Yellow pages beat search engines


The lesson learned today: Legacy media still pays off. I don’t expect this to stay the case forever, but it can be a nice synergy to your emerging online business if you can get into it. Get listed in the yellow pages and watch your real-world popularity grow. As it does, the word about your business will inevitably cross over to forums, blogs and social networks. Trust me, I know.


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