Awesome Video Marketing Tips from the Boss

Films have played an important part of my life. It’s been in my heart so much that I let go of StomperNet for the sake of producing videos and teaching others how to make them. It goes without saying that all these efforts served as the inspiring force behind the Video Boss brand – my brand – which outlines the essence of video marketing.

Video marketing has without a doubt made life easier for Internet marketers. Heck, it wouldn’t be called the next best thing to SEO if it wasn’t for its effectiveness in the promotion of a product, service or brand.  Of course, many believe that such precision and success drawn from video marketing comes at a tremendous price.

I say, Meh. :)

Contrary to popular belief, marketing through video isn’t really something that you’d spend thousands of dollars on or burn millions of brain cells with. Let me explain through these simple tips:

  • Think of a rad concept – The essence of your video, the very thing that makes it appealing to your audience, is the plot or the idea encrusted within those few seconds of movement. It takes a dash of creativity and a pinch of resourcefulness to make a video that’s effective enough to leave a mark. If you’re still not able to think of an idea, then all you need to do is look at other examples. Take a look at Corning’s video for instance. It’s simple but effective enough to draw in a sizeable amount of views and following.
  • Arm yourself with THE tools – The Interwebs is a place where you can find awesome free tools for the creation and editing of your video. You’d be flabbergasted with how great your videos could look like too! What’s important is you get to review these tools through free trials or review articles all over the Internet. After this, feel free to create and promote.
  • Make it a series – What’s better than making a video that’s awesome enough to leave a mark to your audience? More of it, of course. Think about it. You create a video that caters to an industry and showcases a story. This story is carefully told in a series and each one ends with a teaser. What does this create for your audience? A sense of anticipation. In other words, the BUZZ. Keep your audience at the edge of your seats with a video series that’s both exciting and relevant to your niche. All it takes is a carefully crafted story and awesome timing.
  • Adopt a social strategy – Use your different pockets of social media to promote your videos. Facebook and Twitter are a given, so you need to be a little more creative than that. Ask your friends or business associates to share it too. Make them ask their friends to share it as well. The more people you get to share your videos, the longer the reach of your marketing campaign. That’s the power of social media – USE IT.
  • Put your video where your crowd is – Don’t settle for only YouTube. Go to other video sharing sites that people flock to entertain themselves. Of course, make sure that you put it in the right place. Some video sharing sites allow pornographic material and other related items into their site. You do NOT want this kind of thing attached to your video. So when searching for the right place, make sure it’s a place where decency  and professionalism reside.
  • Optimize your videos for the search engines – Optimizing your video title tags, video descriptions and video keywords make your video something that the search engine realm would appreciate. That plus a lot of likes and good feedback would give it an even more menacing presence that beats even top page results. As long as it’s relevant and useful, driving in leads and making your brand known would be easy as pie through the search engines. Just make sure the keywords you use have commercial and market value.
  • Track and test – After every campaign or incursion (into people’s minds and hearts), you need to count the spoils of war and find out if you’ve lost more than what you’ve gained. Tracking and testing variants of your video provides you with ideas in making videos that your crowd responds pretty well with.

That’s about it, folks. A few simple tips that disprove that video marketing entails a high price to pay. All you need is creativity and resourcefulness and you’re well on your way to launching an awesome video marketing campaign.


Until then,

Andy “the Video Boss” Jenkins


Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

  • Jim

    This is great

  • VideoCustomizer


    Very good advice, video marketing is now rapidly gaining credibility as a more purer form of marketing

  • Andrew Johnson

    Great tips Andy!

    I’m new to video marketing and I understand that I need to optimize my video title tags, video descriptions and video keywords, but will that be enough?

    You said that I also need a lot of likes and feedback, so should I try and start a following before I even attempt to rank my video?

    Andrew Johnson

  • Jon

    I went through your video boss course. One of the best investment ever. Nice advice!

    Thanks Andy!

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