“Oh Hai, I mind-mapped Ur Biznezz”

Quick Note: This turned out to be one of the most popular little blog posts I’ve done.  But… While I’m in the process of rolling out a new blog skin (finally – it’s only been 18 months), this post got buried.  Since I’ve started blogging wiff regularity again, lots of folks have been requesting it – so, here it is!

Greetings and Salutations (The weekend, she is a’comin!)

Armed with a magic 8 ball, Ouija board, and still tender scars of an advanced degree from the Votec School of Hard Knocks…

…I took a sobering swing at mind mapping out an Online Business.

This is what I came up with.

Mind Map of your business ImageAnd at first glance, yes, this looks kinda do-able (Thank you margarita(s) ).

Sure, it’s a little intimidating, like going to your 20 Year High School Reunion thinking that EVERYONE will have put on some weight and you’ll have nothing to worry about, only to find that the popular kids are still as thin, beautiful, and moronic as ever.

But if you’re looking closely, you’ll notice the little “+” sign at the end of every one of those nodes.

Let’s call them the “Plus Sign Buttons of Death” for now.

Pressing all of those PSBD’s, our friendly little mind map becomes a “Holiday Weekend Ruining” document of “I hate you Andy”.

Warning:  Please fasten your Depends undergarment before viewing next image.

Holy CRAP IMAGEFirst, a disclosure:  I have a 30inch Apple Cinema monitor (I’m compensating).  Even at the smallest zoom level in Mind Jet, said 30 incher still cut off both the top and bottom of this horror show.

Second, I “mailed this in”.  That means this was a brain dump from memory without much cognitive effort. Hollywood directors do this all the time.  And that means this vision of ultimate woe is woefully (har) incomplete.

The way I see it, you’ve got 2 reactions – 2 choices if you will:

Choice #1 – Cry.

Choice #2 – Rehearse the original (And classic) up-sell line ‘Do you want fries with that” in order to seek gainful employment elsewhere.

Or, there’s a BONUS choice (cause I’m a giver):

Bonus Choice #3 – M.E.S. up your business.

How clever.  I used an anagram.  (Cause that’s what you do when you lack “teh clever”.)

M.E.S. stands for:

Marketing – everything your company does to create a sale.

Experience – everything that happens to the customer after they give you their money.

Systems – every mechanism, application, vendor, or term-resource that keeps your company running, i.e. Hosting, Accounting, Shopping Carts, Telephony, etc.

When you M.E.S. up your business, you follow these three rules:

  • Marketing is operations “ACTIVE”
  • Experience is operations “ReActive”
  • Systems are ProActive.

If you’re confused, that’s okay.  I mean, most of the time, I feel like my peers are splitting the atom and sculpting with marble, while I’m sitting here baffled by the dry macaroni, Elmer’s glue, and glitter that I have to work with.

Allow me to cut to the chase: M.E.S. is a force-multiplying principle can mean the difference between real wealth and bankruptcy.

And it’s dead simple to use.

Dan Thies and I did a marathon Webinnizy that drilled down into MES, the “Moccisan Method” and 3 other  “Successful Outcome” strategies on our “Natural Leverage” webinar.

It’s totally FREE.

What?  I said “FREE”.  YEAH!

You can watch the playback (it’s split into multiple parts for my fellow A.D.D. stricken friends) RIGHT HERE:





There’s a metric ton of content here – I figure since most of the Northeast is under 37 feet of snow, some folks will need a something to do while nestled in the deep furrows of snow drifts the size of volkswagons.

We end our time together today with me wishing you a safe, entertaining, and soul-restoring weekend.  Remember to leave a few hours of drool-time for recovery, and no matter what anyone says the good vodka will STILL give you a hangover.

OH!  Almost forgot.

If you wanted to download a PDF version of the “MindMap of Ultimate Woe”, here’s the Link.

Download the MindMap of Ultimate Woe

Download the MindMap of Ultimate Woe MindJet File

Print it out – this way, if anyone ever accuses you of slacking off, just snap this into their face and say:

“This is MY ToDo list.  Where’s yours?  Yeah, I THOUGHT SO. Hater”

Andy “Still can’t comprehend why showers get dirty” Jenkins

P.S. If you want to know EXACTLY what I would do if I had to start over from scratch, then watch this video

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  • http://www.OurBusinessHero.com Keith Price

    Michael, the mmap link worked great for me. Opens up fin in Mind Manager.

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  • Dale

    Andy continues to raise the bar. Not just the free line but the level of content, Comprehensibility and Cashable. If only more people were so willing to share their knowledge more people would be successful. The unwritten, between the line hidden message that Andy is teaching here is very simple, if you share more you will earn more and as you earn more, the more you will be successful.

    Keep it up!


  • Kathy

    If that’s a mindmap of how we should do our offline biz – YEAS I want fries with that! Supersize me will ya? Give me a break, Ill go all weak at the knees and full of repugnance for you – Again!

  • http://www.onlinecharlestonrealestate.com/ Sandra Hopkins

    Andy thank you for the wake up call! How did you manage to gather all those info? Aren’t you busy enough? Sure you do have a lot of followers because your ideas are brilliant. Keep it up!

  • http://www.maverickwebvideo.com Mike LeMoine

    Hey Andy,
    Wow! What an awesome gift. Thanks man. Great stuff!


  • http://guidetosafesex.com Mitch

    Totally “MINDJET” blowing… thanks Andy. I’m off now to cure my ADD by repeatedly watching your videos by repeatedly watching your videos.

  • http://www.uspassport123.com/blog/ Nicole Smith

    This is awesome. I’d really try this one, gonna make my mind map as soon as I can. Thanks for sharing me this.

  • http://www.MessageVelocity.com Catherine White

    Thanks for sharing your experience! This MindMap is a great “checklist” to keep us on track without having to reinvent the wheel!

  • http://www.thepropertymanagementboutique.com Josh B

    As someone that does SEO all day and reads a lot of blogs, it sure is nice to run across a GOOD one for a change. I haven’t laughed out loud at a blog in some time. This is good stuff!

  • http://www.digitalauthority.com/ Troy

    F’n Eh! Dude you rock!

  • http://www.ragnarockfashion.com Signe

    You’re absolutely cracy!!!
    I don’t understand half the words. Not that I can’t translate them into my own language…I simply have no idea what they mean and what actions they want me to take. I’m going to outsource half this s…!
    But thanks – there’s a lot of things here I never would have thought of myself! It’s going to be good to get started :) (when I figure out where the Hell to start?!)

  • Miles Togoe

    like your style ! how about a video conference in SD ? I could only imagine what it might be like :)

    great music on Vid #1 – finding music seems to be the hardest thing – all these sites classify by genre (classical, rock, jazz) but we need stuff like lively upbeat (like yours), soft background, serious, ominous, evil, …. how does one pick these out with thousands of choices ?


  • http://www.ristrutturazionecasa.co Catalin- Ristrutturazione casa

    Paralysis of analysis, my dear friend, with this one you’ll have work forever:)))
    Well, I’m afraid even to open it to tell you the truth, just as “too much love can kill you”, too much of the “tree of knowledge” -as we know- can definetly kill you:)
    Thanks Andy, for the great share;)

  • http://www.freelancefotograaf.eu Patrick – Freelance Fotograaf

    Great post. And so quick after an exhausting bossathon launch.

    How do you pull this of? Do you work 20 hours per day or something…

  • Tom


  • http://www.firecreative-uk.com Debbie Evran

    I think I now understand WHY its better to find ONE niche that you can see yourself staying in for a while – and stick with it! Imagine those guys out there trying to do all this for multiple niches! Yikes! :-) Einstein would be proud of you Andy! :-)

  • pleurezyme

    july 2014
    geeezzzz ….. all I did was type into google maps, fay avenue, la jolla, ca and the map showed andy Jenkins as a landmark and a destination. You must be a real mover and shaker … kicking ass and taking names.
    Frank doesn’t even show as a destination ……… I’m impressed